Summary : Stacy Sheridan dream of being a cop started young.

Chapter 1 – Making of

Disclaimer : I do not own T.J Hooker though I wish they had all the season out on DvD

Being a cop meant a lot of things to Stacy Sheridan growing up in a family with a cop for a father meant some nights when it was her mother giving her the late night story and the night when then officer Dennis Sheridan read to his little girl still wearing the bright silver badge pinned to his shirt. It gave a new dream to the little girl who instead of dreaming of castles and princes had a desire to catch the bad guy and save the day for herself instead of having the prince do it for her.

Her desire to become a cop grew more has she became older and when she finally entered the academy she went through it without worry about what her family though, she met T.J Hooker along the way who became a second father figure her.

Then her days as a black and white came to when she graduated the academy and headed off to join the many others who became rookies for the LCPD and was soon paired with the smooth talking cop names Jim Corrigan.

It was a start for Stacy to prove to both her father herself and others that the life of the cop was what she choose and was going to stick with no matter what.

So she would wake up each morning put on her uniform and tell herself everyday she was out there walking or riding the beat that it was the making of a Cop that was happening.

Hope you enjoy just a sinppit I had in my head ,More better stories to come