I would like to thank a few people right off. First, Casey for helping me with the details at one in the morning. I have no clue whether or not she's looked up the story, but thanks for bearing with me just the same. Second, to Harry for being my near main reviewer. ::glomps:: I've been able to email him and he's sparked a little creativity that helped out. So he gets a little credit in making this. ^^

The song I found off of www.theria.net. A LOT of my inspiration and information came from that site. It's highly detailed and I base my findings on that. There's a lot of awesome pics, and I suggest you check out the site for anyone who likes Ronin Warriors. She's got Gundam Wing and a few others. Theria's got plenty of stories.

The Japanese, if it's even correct, I got off of a site I located on the net. Being highly inexperienced in the language, though a drive to learn, I went with what I saw. That's why there's an italicized version and anyone that DOES know the correct please let me know so I can fix it.

I know it didn't end like anyone wanted it to. There was no kissing involved and no dating. This was the FIRST anime story I've written that has no such thing of either. lol I've already got a sequel in mind, so fear not! The ending is SO not over! I'm doing a manual writing of the story I was going to work on and I'll start the sequel very soon. But since this story is done, it's up for those that want to enjoy it on my page. FFNET will only hold this for a time before my site gains a little more voice, since that place is no longer reliable to me. I'm sure we ALL know of the problems with that place... :;sighs::

Revised AN-

Oh BOY did this thing need to get revised!! ::anime falls:: I only started this cause I was bored one day and read some of the story. The caps got me annoyed and I felt I had to go back through and redo it. Lucky me...I found a few plot holes in my search. ;; But now those are corrected in technicality. The language in both Spanish AND Japanese are also fixed. I can't believe I had some of the Spanish wrong, but that's the human mind for ya. ::shakes head::

I intend on working on the sequel to fix that, because although that is only a year or so old, I didn't START it that soon. So I fully intend on going back through that as well. I'd so love to get the third story out - as I still have a general plot line in my head after all this time, but with FAD, school, work, and an untitled IY story that is taking up the REST of my time...I'm lucky to even get to play my Hack Sign game. ^^;