A/N: This is an idea that just wouldn't leave me alone. I know divorce fics are hardly a desirable topic, but I was curious to explore a future for these two ladies that didn't end up in rainbow and butterflies. Also, I thought it could be fun to explore their kids in a more grown up stage of their lives than we usually see in fics.

Just as a reference before you read, Maura and Jane are both 65ish. Their kids, Jenna and Cody, are 27 and 21. There will be flashback scenes in later chapters, so you'll see how Jane and Maura reached this point in their lives (and it won't be exclusively old lady Jane and Maura you see in this fic). I hope you enjoy :)

Jenna Rizzoli-Isles did not often raise her voice. She never had the need to, having been blessed with the same fierce intensity as Jane Rizzoli. She might have looked like her other mother, with her hazel eyes and honey-colored hair, but these features were deceivingly gentle, as she held herself in a dominating and aggressive manner. She hardly had to fight to get what she wanted – she was the sort of person who could accomplish what she needed to by her tone of voice, by the intensity of her gaze, or (much to Jane's chagrin) her God-given looks coupled with an awareness of just how to use that gift.

Today was an exception, as the florist had arrived forty-five minutes late, two hundred roses short. "Fix it," Jenna had hissed, her eyes frighteningly dark.

The florist had recoiled slightly, but only offered Jenna an apologetic shrug. It was exactly the reaction that undid the well-collected woman, uncoiling the tightly compressed springs that had been held at bay during the hectic morning. Anger could hardly solve her predicament, but the outburst bubbled in her throat, quickly frothing over.

She had become quite the mix of her two mothers, high-strung and competitive, restless if not kept busy, always ready with a sarcastic comeback. She had impeccable poise and organization as well, doubled with a penchant for fashion and taste for the finer commodities of life.

An event planner had proven to be the perfect job, challenging and demanding, while also allowing her to hone in on her refined taste. She had wanted nothing to do with the law enforcement profession after too many long afternoons spent cooped up in the Boston Police Department café. And she had seen one too many graphic photos of stab wounds and stomach contents pinned up to the fridge, as neither of her mothers could seem to keep home life and work life separate, and Jenna had nixed the medical field from her list of desirable career options as well. Regarding her choice in career, all she shared with her mothers was her dedication to the job. She had quickly made a name for herself, becoming one of the most desired wedding planners in the Chicago area.

Her throat ached by the time she was done with the florist, eventually shooing him away in aggravation. Without a solution, he was no longer of any use to her. Jenna inhaled deeply, pinching the bridge of her nose, letting her breath escape in short huffs. At least the outdoor venue provided her with fresh air. She had improvised her way through much worse, she reminded herself. And failure was never an option – one of the joys of growing up in an incredibly driven household.


The voice startled her. Her eyes snapped open, her shoulders rolling in aggravation as her intern, Clara, shuffled into view. Clara was small and squirrely, lacking confidence and predisposed to error, and Jenna was aware that she didn't help with that, though she hardly had time to care at the moment. "What?" Jenna undeservingly snapped.

"I-I'm sorry," Clara apologized, looking flushed and timid. She could never seem to grow accustomed to Jenna's formidable presence. "It's just that your phone has been going off like crazy for the past ten minutes. I thought, you know, it might be important…"

"I swear to God, it's Matt…" Jenna muttered crossly. He knew better than to bother her during an event. She held out her hand, accepting her vibrating mobile device. "Unknown caller," she muttered, deliberating for a fraction of a second, before swiping her thumb across the screen.


"Hello," answered an unfamiliar male voice. "This is Massachusetts General Hospital. Am I speaking to Jenna?"

The color drained from her face. "This is she."

"I'm sorry to inform you of this, but there has been an accident, and you've been listed as your mother's emergency contact."

Jenna licked her lips, waving Clara away and walking toward the edge of the pavilion. "Which one?"


Though Jenna had been the first to hear about the accident, and subsequently the one to inform the rest of her family, she was the last to arrive at the hospital, blazer swooped over her left arm, perspiration seeping into the underarms of her satin blouse.

She had been lucky enough to catch an immediate flight, leaving the wedding in the hands of Carlos, the most competent of her planners (though this development still left her far from pleased). She pressed her Louis Vuitton tote up against her side, a dull ache in her feet as her heels clicked against the newly waxed linoleum floor. She had packed lightly, due to limited time and vain hope that perhaps this all was not as grim as it seemed to be. She located the waiting room easily, finding it full of Rizzolis.

Cody slouched back in the waiting room chair, his large frame practically engulfing the seat, looking more like an oversized teenager than the adult he seemed to have quite suddenly become. His face was sullen, his movements agitated as tapped his foot against the floor. His headphones were jammed into his ears, and Jenna could hear the faint hum of his music even from her distance a few feet away. Angela, despite her bad hip, paced in discontent. She held a rosary in her hands, the beads clanging against each other as Angela wrung her hands together, worry lines evidently creasing her face.

"Jenna." It was her Uncle Frankie who rose to greet her, swooping her into a tight embrace. For a moment, she felt very small, and she was startled by the influx of tears that itched in her throat.

"How is she?" Jenna's voice was feebler than she expected.

"Still in surgery." Frankie's tone was morose.

Jenna placed her tote next to her brother, slumping down in an un-lady like manner. "Do you know exactly what happened?"

"How much did the doctors tell you over the phone?" Frankie took the seat opposite of her, leaning his elbows against his knees.

"Motorcycle accident – I didn't even know she owned a motorcycle." Jenna's tone was half-annoyed, though she immediately felt guilty.

"A recent purchase," Frankie informed her, and she felt a little better to see that he didn't seem at all amused by this either. "She bought it secondhand and has been working to fix it up in her free time - only God knows why. Unfortunately, it looks like her first ride is also going to her last…"

Angela's head snapped up, her eyes sharp. "Don't you start talking like that."

"Geez, Ma, I only meant that her bike was busted up pretty bad," Frankie defended. "I'm sure Jane Rizzoli will live to see another day."

Angela huffed lightly. "And when she does, she'd better not try to pull a stunt like this again. A motorcycle at her age!" She shook her head indignantly before resuming her pacing.

They were silent again.

"How long until we hear something?" Jenna finally spoke.

"They aren't really sure how long it's gonna be," Frankie replied. "She wasn't conscious when they brought her in, and her leg was crushed pretty bad….and, well, they weren't sure how damaged her spine might be…" His voice cracked as he finished.

Angela closed her eyes, gripping her rosary tighter. Cody burrowed deeper into his chair.

Jenna swallowed. "So, uh, no Uncle Tommy?" A change of topic seemed to be in their best interest.

Frankie answered yet again, looking relieved as the tension eased ever so slightly. "He was here earlier, actually. But no one's been able to get ahold of your mom, so he decided to stop by her place."

Jenna's eyes shot up in surprise. "You really think Mom is going to want to be here?"

Frankie shrugged. It was difficult to know where either of them stood these days, especially regarding each other. They had both become rather aloof, and when they did mingle with the rest of the family, it wasn't really a topic anyone was eager to converse about. "She deserves to just know at least. I mean, they were married for twenty-five years after all…"

It was a fair enough assessment, and with Jenna back in town and Cody home from school, it seemed inevitable that Maura would find out, regardless. Jenna was just having difficulty imagining exactly how Maura would process the news. With a sigh, Jenna leaned back in her seat, pulling out her phone, which she had not had a chance to turn on since her flight had landed. As soon as the screen flickered on, she was assaulted by a myriad of messages and missed calls. Her head pulsed as she scrolled through the list, making her feel a little dizzy, and in an uncustomary manner, Jenna tossed her phone back into her bag.

She turned to her brother instead. "So you've been quiet, kid," Jenna slapped Cody's knee, startling her brother.

He sat up straighter, running a hand through his dark, curly hair. When he gained composure, he shrugged crossly, though he pried a headphone from his ear, addressing his sister. "Your hair looks awful."

"What?" Jenna was too surprised to reply with a biting remark, bringing her hand up to her recently acquired bob. "It's just more manageable." She spoke in her defense.

Cody shrugged again. "I liked it better long."

Jenna pursed her lips, about to make a comment about his unruly mop, when a nurse appeared into view, approaching the family.

Angela stopped pacing, the rosary wavering slightly in her unsteady grip. Cody yanked his other headphone out of his ear, leaning forward in her seat. Frankie and Jenna rose simultaneously. Frankie planted himself beside his mother dutifully, clasping a hand over her shoulder in reassurance.

But Jenna took a step forward, her eyes demanding, trying to read the nurse's impossibly stoic face.

"She's out of surgery."

A/N: I promise both Jane and Maura will be a part of this, despite them not really showing up in this first chapter ;) Also, some feedback on this idea would be great. Thanks so much for reading :)