Thick glasses sat on his nose, dark hair sharpened to a cropped cut. Shouta sat backwards on the nurse's rolling chair in a white lab coat, smiling his heart out the same way Haru did as they made small talk. "Why are you here of all places? What happened in Yokohama?"

"Nothing, nothing! Finals already ended back home. You'd be surprised what a school lets you do of you're dressed right..." Shouta replied, tugging at the white fabric around his initial clothing. "The nurse is out to lunch. He asked me to stay and keep an eye out in case anyone came in. Who would've guessed the first one to come in would be you!"

The red head felt stupid for letting a boy he's known now for at least 10 years see him in this state. "Yeah, but why are you here? Does your sister even know?"

"Dad's up here this time of year for business. Sis thought it'd be best to come out for the summer than mooch off of her another year. So how's it been since auntie made you move out with your grandmother? It looks nice out here."

"... Hectic." Haru wanted to say more. He really did. But in all the years that he'd known Shouta, he'd been able to suppress his wolfish instincts in the city. There hadn't been an incident where he'd accidentally switched sides without thinking; not like out here. In the year since he transferred, there was so much to tell. But the last time Yuki found out that someone else knew, she almost bit both his and Nagisa's head clean off. "And you?"

"Boring. Dude, seeing you gone made me realize how little friends I have. Mamimi is off in her own little clique while I'm stuck eating lunch off in the back of the classroom. The only reason she ever hung around me was because you were there-" The nurse's door slid open.

In the doorway stood the only true blonde Haru'd ever known. Haru half expected the foreigner to come in bouncing like a puppy, but he just... stood there. "What's wrong?" Haru questioned.


Sonne strode over to Haru's bedside and roughly grabbed his peer's arm, holding a deathly stare in either eye. "Lets go."

Haru pulled back on his own arm, Shouta standing up in an attempt to help. "What the hell?! What's wrong with you today?!"

"Haru, who is he?" When Shouta raised his hand, Sonne snapped.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Haru could see the way Sonne's eyes clouded over. It looked like he was completely ready to turn into a wolf at any given moment. Haru stood up in between his two friends as if to put some distance between the two, but fell back on the bed after losing vision for a moment from dehydration.

In the split second he took his eyes off of the two, Sonne lunged for the dark haired boy, landing a hard right on Shouta's left cheek, straddling the boy as soon as he was off of his feet. "I DARE YOU TO SAY THAT AGAIN, YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

Another punch was landed on Shouta's mouth, blood drizzled on the blonde's knuckles. Haru was in too much of a daze to get a grasp of the situation, watching everything flash before his eyes before comprehending they were fighting- well, sort of. It was more like a one sided thing, Sonne being this amazing fighter while Shouta was the punching bag.

It wasn't until Nagisa ran into the room out of breath like she'd ran all the way over here that he came back to his senses. Haru jumped onto Sonne 's back, prying the small muscle machine off of the urban dweller before he had the chance to kill him.

"GET THE HELL OFF OF ME!" Sonne thrashed around, kicking Shouta every chance he got. "HE'S A RAT, A DEVIL! A WOLF IN SHEEP'S SKIN! A SICK BASTARD!" Before Haru had the chance to settle the qualm, several teachers (nurse and gym teacher included) rushed inside the room after fighting off the crowd of students that managed to gather at the door.

The office was so quiet, it bothered everyone. Nagisa, Haru, Sonne and Shouta all sat in a row lined against the wall. Sonne and Shouta were placed on opposite ends in an attempt to relieve some of the tension, Shouta being completely bandaged up from all of the blows he received. As witnesses, Haru and Nagisa's parents didn't have to be called in. But the meeting wouldn't start until both boys' parents came in.

In the meantime Haru and Nagisa were talked to, questioning the bystander's point of view. Both responded to the authorities of not knowing what set their friend off, and that he normally didn't act like this.

Shouta's father was the first adult to enter the room. He and Haru exchanged "hello"s, the older man taking his place across the room and crossing his legs as if he were glaring down at his son.

"It's been a while, huh, Haru."

"Yeah, uncle. Is auntie doing fine?" Haru responded.

"Fine enough to keep nagging me at every hour." Old people banter. Haru couldn't help but smile at his old aquaintence's words. Sonne clicked his tongue.

In a matter of minutes a tall brunette man wandered into the room, untrimmed stubble and hair pulled back. More or less the spitting image of Sonne, save for the height. He looked as easygoing as Sonne acted on most days, except now the blonde was sitting in the corner pouting.

"Qu'avez-vous fait cette fois?" Immediately both of Sonne's friends seemed baffled by the strange tongue the man was speaking in as he addressed his son.

"Ce n'est pas ma faute..." And even more so that Sonne could respond just as fluently. As Sonne slouched in hid chair like a child, the men greeted each other like they were old drinking buddies, Sonne's father emanating a lax aura around the room relieving some of the tension.

The brunette turned to greet the two children sitting by his son. "Thank you both for looking out for this troublesome son of mine," he smiled with a piece of barley hanging from his lips. The man's accent was barely detectable, both teenagers looking at him dumbfounded.

In all this chaos, Haru was surprised it was Sonne's father that had come as a legal guardian and not Hana. And if his father was around, then why the hell was Sonne mooching off of Haru's family?

When the vice principle entered the room the pressure was back on. She was dressed to stiff for the atmosphere to be anything else. "I suppose both of you already got the notice I sent you about your children?"

The tall man smiled. "Why else would we be here?"

She looked ready to pop a vein or two at his careless remark. "Yes, well then, Mr. Nuit. It would seem that your son has ruthlessly attacked one of our students-"

"He doesn't attend this school." Shouta's father was first to interrupt.

"Excuse me?"

"My son does not attend this school. He snuck in today like the smartass he thinks he is and got his assistant handed to him for that."

"We do not encourage that kind of language at this school, sir." As either parent spoke, she became more agitated. "And that does not excuse the fact that one of our students started a fight with another minor."

Sonne's father spoke up again. "C'mon, can't you let this one slide? It's not easy being a student abroad, y'know. I'm sure he didn't mean to do it, just that he couldn't find another way to vent his frustrations. Besides, he's a first-time offender. I'm sure you can find it somewhere in your heart to let him off?"

Her eye twitched. "I hope you understand that I wouldn't normally do this. But seeing as how you being in a more favorable attendance can mean the difference between you being enrolled or not, I will let you off with a warning, Nuit." Sonne glared at the stuffy woman. "But the next time this happens, do not think you are safe from expulsion."

Shouta left with his father in just as much of a pouting state as Sonne after the tall man forced his son to bow in apology. When Sonne shook off his own father, he stormed ahead of his makeshift pack, just as ready to attack something as ever.

"You'll have to excuse that headstrong boy of mine."

Nagisa responded. "Oh, no, Mr.-"

"Clare is fine."

"Clare... He doesn't normally act like this... did he tell you what got to him?"

"Quite the contrary, it's more like he's always been like this. When he was smaller, he'd go and pick every fight he could with everything. A short fuse, that kid. But I guessed that that was the result of a feminine hand being out of the picture."

"Did she leave you after she found out you were a wolfman?" the red head asked, slowly following Sonne's path.

"No. She died giving birth. Prettiest creature you'd ever seen."

"Creature? So Sonne's a full werewolf?" she asked with wide eyes.

"Didn't he tell you? Sonne is 3/4th wolf. His mother was a golden shewolf, and he was born an raised as one. More of a solitary creature, that boy. But it doesn't matter the part- 3/4, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, etcetera. As long as you're part, you are a wolf, and nothing can change that."