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The green jeep pulls up outside a little country style store as the three inside jump out, "Ok Honey, go get yourself a soda with Charlie." America hands her a ten dollar bill and watches her leave leaning on the jeep smiling at the small girl. Before turning to Sylvia, "So where are they now?"

Her phone lights up as she scrolls, "Hmm…Looks like they're going up near California and he's kind of pissed about it too." She texts something fast before looking back at the older men, "So did I miss much of the story?"

"I can't believe you called him a little shit." England stretches before looking back towards the open highway, "Why didn't you just tell him no and leave it at that." He turns back at Pennsylvania, "Wait how'd you know?" she just winks and lets out her father's laugh.

Folding his arms, America smirks, "Cause I never let them get off that easy. I may not look it but I'm very protective of all my girls."

America watches from above with three Generals, "Dude this is going to be good." America smiles at a screen next to him showing the remaining members of both teams on the massive field below.

The Generals nod, "Yes Sir. They've been waiting for this for the past two months. But it looks like the Red team is going to win again this year."

Just what America thought, that little shit was on the blue team and losing men fast. He shakes his head, "General Louis, I have a feeling this will only last a few more hours." The older man nods in agreement, 'better luck next year…if you're even around next year.' He sees Daniel fall on the field and he forces a laugh down.

He leans in close to see the Marine stand again, "General they do know the rules right?" When the man nods, America turns back around at the man, "What the Hell is he doing?" Something deep in his heart feels something's wrong and he races from the post towards the field leaving the confused Generals back at on the observation deck.

He races down the stairs just arriving as Daniel helps a tall man off the chaotic field, "Sir! Please he's really hurt." The other man is holding his bloody head moaning in pain.

America lifts the man into his strong arms and carries him off with Daniel in tow, "I need a Medic! Now!" He turns to look down at the man, "What happened soldier?" He's taken aback when the man doesn't answer his face an ashen white, "Fuck! MEDIC!" He lays the man down wrapping his head with his favorite bomber jacket, Daniel never leaving his side, "Daniel check if he's breathing."

"It's shallow, Sir. I saw it he fell on a jagged rock and cracked his head open." He pulls off his jacket and rests the injured man's head on it before checking his pulse and his breathing again. Now both surrounded by Marines. "Come on Jack, stay with us Man."

Both are covered in muddy blood as the Medics carry the man away, "You lost." He watches Daniel nod slowly from the corner of his eyes, "Go clean yourself up you have a question to go ask." He turns and walks away from the confused man.

It's dark inside the small rustic home deep in the woods a single light is casting a long shadow on a tall teen across of an oak table, "So are you going to admit it or are you going to make this hard on yourself?" Nothing but silence, "I know you did it…answer me you bastard!" He's been at this for three hours and he's not leaving until his prey answers him.

He hits his desk the sound echoing down the hall followed by a small squeal. Kansas grabs her brother's arm just outside the massive door, "Who is he talking to?" Tenny gives a knowing smile before opening the darkened room.

"The Fuck! Don't you knock-oh hey Tenny what's up?" Montana looks up giving a toothy smile through a mess of light brown hair, "Is that Kansas behind you?" He reaches out and hugs his older sister.

She looks behind him at the large grey squirrel sitting on a small chair below a large light, "Uhhhh?" It looks right at her red eyes gleaming, "What's up with that squirrel?"

He turns back to the small animal, "That demon spawn dared to litter." He goes back to the squirrel and gets right in its face, "Admit it you little bastard I saw you do it." It spits in his face and he goes to strangle it.

In a flash Tenny's ripping him off the creature, "No Montana, it's not worth it." Tenny pulls Montana away from the laughing animal, "Come on, it ain't worth it." He drags his younger brother out of the room and closes the door.

"That little bastard, I told you them furry rats are nothing but trouble." They can all still hear the small squealing laughter coming behind the door. "Evil, evil creatures. I'll be back Grey." He motions them to follow him down the hall, "So what's up brother of mine?"

Kansas looks back towards the door very confused before racing to catch up to her brothers, "You wanna come Monty?"

"Dude that was yesterday?! Why didn't someone come and get me?" Montana shakes his head on hand in his hip pocket the other he runs through his hair, "Man I missed it? I blame that fucking squirrel."

Inhaling slowly Kansas removes a long sunflower from her pocket and smacks Montana in the back of the head, "Really?! What is it with you and those poor creatures?" Tenny can't help but start laughing, that's the little sister he knows and loves. She turns her flower towards Tenny, "Keep it up Tenny I swear."

He puts his hands up defensively, "Yes Ma'am." He quickly changes the subject, "Anyway Monty you coming?"

"On one condition…" Montana lets out a laugh, "Bro you got to clip that thing you call a beard off your chin. Man I don't know what that is but it's got to go."

Kansas tries to hide her laughter as Tenny strokes the little tuff of red, "Damn boy that's harsh." He thinks for a moment, "Yeah alright." They turn at a sudden loud crash coming back towards the dark room, "The Hell-"

Montana is already running towards the door reaching for his pistol, "You motherfucker!" He rips open the door to find a large whole in the wall and the grey squirrel watching from a nearby tree before disappearing, "One day you little bastard!" He turns back towards his confused siblings, "I told you they're evil. Little littering bastards."

"Yeah they are now give me the gun…" Tenny takes Monty's .38 and sticks it in his back pocket, "My truck's parked out front." His siblings give his a wicked grin, "Fine, damn you know how long it took me to grow this out?" They fold their arms, "You two are evil." Tenny walks towards the bathroom with his siblings laughing in tow.

Moral of the story Squirrels are pure evil.

Montana: I second that Miss Kitten, that's the third time he's blown a hole through one of my walls.

Kansas: O_O'