"To find old Memories is to craft new Memories. To lock new Memories is to unlock old Memories. To find and unlock, to craft and lock… that depends if I want to even believe them at all."

The stars of the study of the retired Keyblade Master glowed brightly as he was reading one of his books to pass the time quietly. He was a skilled sorcerer at best: patient, careful with his craft, and stern. He was an elderly man in blue with a starry hat, dark eyes, and a gray beard that reached to his elbows. One thing he was not, however, was forgetful.

As he was reading, a woman in blue with dark hair opened the door and poked her head inside the study. The man lifted his head, looking at her before nodding once, allowing her to enter into the study. The woman carefully pushed the door open all the way before entering with an enveloped letter in her hands, bringing it forward and holding it in front of him.

"It's from your former student, Master Yen Sid," she spoke as he closed the book and accepted the letter. "He says it's very urgent and he wants you to make a response to his wife once you read it."

"Thank you, Merryweather. I will make note to make a response to the Queen," he answered to her, politely dismissing her. With that, she curtseyed and exited out of the study, her blue tinted wings twitching out of concern before she closed the door behind her.

Upon Merryweather's exit, Yen Sid examined the envelope carefully- no doubt from the King, his mouse-shaped stamp is on the envelope- before opening it carefully and pulled out the letter inside. Then he began to read it to himself.

"To Master Yen Sid,

I have news on Sora's whereabouts. He's currently in Twilight Town and in a deep sleep, ready to regain his memories. According to DiZ, a good friend of mine who's working with Sora's friend and a colleague, he needs to get the only person that could hold onto his memories in the meantime. He told me that he's prepared a digital version of the town to keep this person occupied in the good life until Sora's ready to wake up. This way, the Nobodies won't suspect anything.

However, to my knowledge, he's set up two versions of the digital Twilight Town. The one I told you about is for the person containing Sora's memories; the other is actually different. DiZ told me that this one is harmless- a 'Newborn Nobody'. He hasn't told me what exactly it is, but he's kept it a hefty secret for some time now. What he did told me, however, is that he wants the Nobody to be protected from the Organization's sights until it's ready for training to wield the Keyblade.

Send word to my Minnie to send out two companions for the Nobody where they can meet in Traverse Town to accompany it. I hope that one day, all worlds can be safe and that Light would become free.


King Mickey"

Upon reading the letter, Yen Sid used his magic to get out a piece of paper, some ink, and a quill to make a response. He knew that this was urgent and that a proper response was needed to handle the situation needed.

"A Newborn Nobody… how curious," he mused to himself, wondering if anything like that could even exist. Nonetheless, he took grip of the quill and dipped it into the ink pot before writing a response.

"To the Queen,

I have received word from your husband about the Keyblade wielder's current condition. He is in Twilight Town in DiZ's care for the moment. All he needs to do is to house two subjects into two different virtual deceptions the town he has created to protect them from Organization XIII. One of them being a carrier of Sora's memories; the other is a Newborn Nobody of unknown origins. The latter would be brought to my care to start its training as a Keyblade wielder as soon as possible.

The King has requested that two of the castle's residents must be sent to Traverse Town to accompany the Nobody in its training. As for Sora and his companions, they are in safe hands for now.

The Keyblade wielder will wake soon. Another will be reborn.


Master Yen Sid"

With that, he used his magic to carefully fold the letter and placed it inside the envelope, closing it and placing a star shaped seal to keep it closed. Using concentration to focus, he then closed his eyes and left the letter floating before causing it to disappear with a flash of light. All he needed to do now was to wait for a response from the Queen.

Little did he know that she would get the letter sooner than later…

At the curved and bright Disney Castle, home to the Queen as she is waiting for her husband to return and her lady-in-waiting to keep an eye on her, the letter was found by the castle's dog. He had a golden yellow fur with a green collar and a bone-shaped nametag that simply spelled out "Pluto", the name of the dog. He spotted it and inspected it with his nose before picking it up with his teeth and rushing over to the library of the castle, where the Queen was at. Normally, she would be in the throne room, but since she feared the creatures of corrupted hearts, otherwise known as the Heartless, would come here, she would not take any chances.

Upon seeing Pluto with the letter, the Queen stood and walked over to receive it from him. Although she was sadden that it was not from her husband as hoped, she was at least relieved that it was from someone that knows him.

"Thank you, Pluto," she spoke to Pluto as he made a bark in response, allowing her to open the envelope to read what she had gotten.

She realized that there is hope yet and hurried out of the library to take risks that the Heartless would be waiting for her. Luckily, there were not a single Heartless there for now; instead, there was her lady-in-waiting, Daisy, and a Royal Knight with silver armor and a red outfit underneath waiting for her. A year ago, the castle's Mage and Captain of the Royal Knights had left to travel with the wielder of the Keyblade and have not been heard from since then. This had caused concern between both Daisy and the Royal Knight, who was the Captain's only son named Max. For Daisy, the Mage was her boyfriend; for Max, however, his father had been gone for a long time without warning and without news if he was alright.

"I just received word about the King from Master Yen Sid, my friends," the Queen spoke to them as she held the letter in her hands. "He told me that Mickey has given word of the Keyblade wielder's current whereabouts. He told me that a close friend of his has taken him in and that another wielder would be training under Master Yen Sid. However, he wants the wielder to be protected and have a couple of friends sent to Traverse Town to meet up with them."

"I'll go, Your Highness," Max stated as he stepped in voluntarily. "I know I'm not supposed to leave yet. But since Dad left, I had gotten worried for him. Maybe the new Keyblade wielder would know where he is." He never said this before- mostly because he thought of his father as an embarrassment. Yet in this time of crisis, Max only needed to worry for his father's whereabouts like a son would.

"What about you, Daisy?" the Queen asked her friend, to which the lady-in-waiting responded, "Minnie, I have to stay here to help you out. Besides, I'm not much of a fighter anyway."

Then a voice with attempts of being brave piped up: "I'll fill in for the second part, Your Highness." Though Max and Daisy jumped in surprise by the piped-up voice, the Queen, on the other hand, was not worried a bit.

"Thank you, Gus, for your decision," she kindly stated to a flying creature with a bushy mustache and an aviator scarf. He was Gremlin Gus, one of the Gummi Ship flyers and the castle's mechanic, who was welcomed into the castle along with his kind after their world was destroyed. Since then, they became obedient into controlling the Gummi Ships.

"It is the best I could do, especially with the King being absent for the moment," Gus responded as he bowed at the Queen.

"The King requests that you and Max must go to Traverse Town to meet with the next Keyblade Wielder immediately," she instructed to both volunteers carefully as they listened carefully. "Or at least until Master Yen Sid gives word of their presence at the Tower. However, it needs to be your responsibility that the two of you protect the wielder."

She turned to Max and asked him, "Sir Max, are you equipped with defense like your father?"

He answered back with confidence, "Yep- I mean, yes, Your Highness."

She looked at Gus and asked him as well, "Gremlin Gus, is there anything you could do?"

He answered to her, "Besides fly the Gummi Ship? I could try to keep the wielder on the right track, like my friend did with Sora."

"That will be all right with me," the Queen responded with a nod of approval. She then looked at the two and stated to them as Daisy joined her at her side, "I would have to recommend the two of you to start preparing immediately and wait until for the next word from Master Yen Sid on what to do next."

They stood- for Gus, he floated- in attention and nodded in understanding on what the Queen told them. Max, on the other hand, made a new suggestion.

"Why not going to Traverse Town now to save time?" he asked the Queen.

She frowned and looked down with uncertainty. The last time there had been news about Traverse Town's condition, only the temporarily visitors of destroyed worlds returned there, leaving the town infested by Heartless. That was it; now she feared that it would become a ghost town of Heartless. Having Max and Gus go now, she feared, would prove to be a daunting task for their survival.

"Right, sorry about that," Max apologized to the Queen upon noticing her distress, knowing that he shouldn't ask that question.

Inside a basement room under a mansion, a man in red was typing codes into the multiple and brightly lit computer screens as a figure in black watched. These screens, the latter noticed, provided the only light in the dark room, if not dimly. The codes, on the other hand, provided secrets to what the man in red called to be his "greatest work yet". Whether or not he was right has yet to be determined. He knew that keeping the Keyblade wielder and his companions inside of their pods to retrieve their memories would give them time to grow, yet their memories would be nothing more than running wild. He just hoped that the little witch would hurry with her work and not dilly-dally.

"Do you know the whereabouts of Sora's Nobody at the moment?" the man in red asked the figure in black.

"Not to say I do- he could be here," the figure answered humorously. Then he asked the man in red, "What about the Newborn Nobody, DiZ? What's its condition?"

"The Newborn is sleeping for the moment, but the vitals are functioning and aware. A sleep like that seemed forever in a day. No matter; it will wake when it's ready."

"But when we found it, you acted as if you saw it before…"

DiZ looked down at the keyboard and lingered for a moment. The figure could be correct, as much as he didn't want to admit it. Yet there is work that needed to be complete, so he brushed the lingered moment off and continued with typing in the codes. He used one to check on the status of a figure laying in the dark ground. In the status, the pulse was steady and its breath was stable. In another status of another figure, things were appearing bleak. DiZ lowered his head in thought before turning to the figure in black.

"Find his Nobody and bring him here alive," he instructed to the figure. "Do whatever you need to do to accomplish this task."

"What about the Newborn?" the figure inquired.

"Leave the Newborn Nobody to me. Once it wakes, the town will be ready. However, there is no question that it will live the life that I created for it, with or without its original memories… if it even has memories to begin with."

Without question, the figure turned and left the room, heading out from the library, leaving DiZ in the room alone. He mused to himself if he could have said the last part a little differently, but shook it off.

A computer voice then notified to him: "Revival at 95%." He looked up to see the Newborn Nobody's status on the screen, smirked, and pressed a button, allowing the codes to take shape around the Nobody. He knew that it would wake soon.

Inside the infinite of the darkest space, a body floated down without anything or anyone to catch it. It was a female of the age of 14, wearing nothing but white undergarments and a silver gray helmet on her head. This body was forever floating without any support yet was not dead. She was still in a deep slumber, triggered by an amount of time given for growth of only the body.

Within this empty space was an infinite podium, where the body gently floated onto it and then landed after its time in the emptiness. The podium was blank white and keyhole shaped, nothing to represent her memories- or at least if she even had memories.

An unknown voice beckoned her: "Wake."

She slightly lifted her head, yet the weight of the helmet urged her otherwise to lower it down again.

The voice beckoned again: "Wake. You have slept enough."

The figure lifted her head, her body following as she sat on the podium on her knees, looking down on the ground and her knees.

"You are in your consciousness, where you can't tell if you are good or bad. Thoughts of having moral codes escape your mind, yet you yearn for the truth. Ah, you do not know that?"

The figure didn't respond verbally or with her head.

"Good. That is expected of you. It's your nature, of course."

She only lifted her head to the emptiness before lowering it again.

"You're nothing more than an anonymous face. Always will be. However… you can change that."

In listening to what the voice said, the figure lifted her head and paid attention to what it had to say. As this happened, the helmet began to break off of her head with a silent crack at the top.

"In your rebirth, you will encounter people and objects that are unknown to you. Some will protect you, others will want your life. In that rebirth, you'll know the truth. The truth that lies within your hidden memories. However, the task to uncover lost memories will not be an easy one."

As the voice spoke, the crack reached to the base of her neck and to the top of the helmet's dark lenses as she looked down again.

"To find lost memories, you must create new memories from your presence. Resisting the chance to craft will cause a shift in your path of identity. However, there is a price to be paid for your chance to create those memories. The price will be left in your hands whether or not you want it. To find is to craft, to craft is to find…"

Once the crack reached to the front of the helmet, it then broke off in twain and fell to the blank podium. From the fallen of the split helmet, a set of long platinum blonde hair reached down to the ground, a few strands sprawled on her hands and knees.

"But now is the time for you, little one, is to end this infinite slumber and start anew. It is time to wake."

When the voice beckoned this, the girl lifted her head and opened her eyes of light pink, staring into the endless void.

In the dim room, DiZ noticed that the figure on the computer screen was twitching her fingers slightly and created a steady face to himself as he typed in codes for another stimulation in the computer.

"Time to wake up, little one, and have some fun with your friends while you still can."