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3rd POV

Four figures stood in the midst of melting snow and destruction. The smell of death, fear and brimstone was thick in the air as the world around them died. The battle that had been warring for what seemed like years had finally finished and in its wake was the eradication of the Pooka's.

"It is a loss the universe will forever remember." The voice of Old Man Winter sighs as he glanced around him at the barren world.

"Indeed, my father has truly lost himself to the darkness." Seraphina whispers brokenly, but none could miss the wrath that brewed under the tone.

"E. Aster will be placed on Earth. There is nothing left and yet he still hopes." Tsar informs as he tries to look at anything but the destruction before him. He was the last Lunar left of his family, only just losing his parents before the final fall of the Pooka's.

"He is a mighty warrior. Hope is what many of the humans need. I am afraid placing him in a world that you trapped Kosmotis in is a bad idea, but it is needed to be done; there needs to be guardians to protect the children." Ombric sighs softly, his eyes tired and all-seeing.

"Sand…" Seraphina trails off, her eyes glossing over before her body flew to a pile of snow. Her eyes wide in wonder and amazement; followed by horror and worry.

"What is it?" Tsar asks as he floats to her side. Seraphina ignoring Tsar promptly moved her hands frantically, moving the snow away as quickly as possible. Gasps echo the silent as vibrant blue eyes stare up at them blearily a slow th-thump of a heart reaching their ears.

"A snow pooka. Another has survived. What is your name, can you tell us?" she coo's softly, her glowing hands running over the quivering frame.

The pooka looked up confused, panic and then relief flooding him as he saw the kind eyes of a woman and not that of a fearling he managed to escape and survive an attack from. He knew that his clan was gone, along with many others and from his spirit he knew there were none left on the planet.

"He-hel-llebores Jack Frost." He managed to gasp out through his pain after the words settled and registered. Though he mainly went by Jack.

"I am Seraphina this is Tsar…." Her words gone by the sound of a painful ringing in his ears, his vision darkened and the last thing he saw was panic in the woman's eyes.

"We need to place him in a healing hibernation. He has extensive injuries." Seraphina whispers after the panic settled and she could do a scan of his life force. "Tsar, Winter, Aster will not take this well and his life is in danger, we must cloak his form from others." She informed them with a frown.

Ombric hummed as his eyes unfocused and many scenarios and visions of what may come flashed in his mind. Many leading to the death of the winter pooka but many others lead him to his true soul mate.

"May I suggest that we place a spell for his true form to be revealed when he discovers his true love and be recognised in such as a return?" he states calmly, hovering ever so slightly to look down at the pooka. There are many things that the young pooka – Hellebores or Jack – would accomplish in the future.

"Did you see something old friend?" Tsar asks, his eyes alight with curiosity.

Ombric raised his head a little with a smirk but dared not to say, "That is for you all to see when the time comes. You will know when he is needed to be awoken Tsar, for now we must place him in the realm on his way to earth. All will be revealed with time." He states while giving his friends one last smile and disappearing in time.

Yes, the winter pooka will surely be the salvation to those come the future. There will be hard times in which will cause pain but the reward in the end will be most pleasing… Ombric thought as he remembered the image of the two pooka's together.