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Chapter 39 – Talks

3rd POV

Aster was annoyed, very annoyed and at the same time very blissfully happy. A thing that he had come to learn only Ja -Hellebore could do. It had been a week since North had even allowed him to travel home and then it was only with his and Sandy's help, much to his mate's dismay.

But the second they left it was different; Jack stayed and tended to him like a caring mate would do but to the point of near insanity. Aster couldn't even sneeze without Hellebore going into a near meltdown to find tissues or herbal remedies. Aster couldn't also complain because he knew without a doubt that if the positions were reversed he'd be just as bad if not worse because Hellebore was a never ending energy bunny.

"Aster, I'll just be outside tending to the gardens, I brought you some eggs to paint. If you need me just call, do you want a drink before I go, or something to eat maybe?" Jack rambled off, his hand nervously raking through his snow white hair as his eyes darted around the room.

"Mate, relax. I'll call if I need ya, I still have the three glasses you brought me and a plate of food. Go, relax, ride the wind and tend to the garden tomorrow another day won't hurt." Aster pushed, he just really wanted some alone time and more so for Jack to get some fresh air.

"Don't wanna break that promise to Jamie now do ya?" He really didn't want to pull that card but his first believer was something special to Jack, and the promise of Snow Days needed to be made; he knew how much Hellebore hated to break promises.

That was another thing, the difference between Jack and his Hellebore. Jack he couldn't stand, the boy was destructive and joyful, childish… where his Hellebore, the Pooka he cared for back on his home planet, though hidden was still there. He could see it in Jack's mannerisms, the way he spoke sometimes. Thinking on it Aster cared deeply for Hellebore and for them to be together, for Hellebore to return to his rightful body he will need to come to care just as deeply for the new version of him and he can't deny that there isn't something there.

Jack looked torn before sighing, "You are right, I won't be long okay…. Just… don't hurt yourself okay… I'll be back soon." He stammered out before grasping his staff tightly and taking off, leaving a chilling breeze in the room.

"I hope you realise your mistake Sera." Aster spoke tiredly after a minute of silence, his eyes snapping to the shadow in the room to see Mother Nature. Her eyes pained as she looked out in the direction Hellebore left.

"I regret Aster, regret with every fibre of my being." She whispers before turning to Aster, cringing at the bandages; sensing the wounds her father no that monster caused.

"Then reverse it!" He shouted angrily. "He aches, he aches so much that it hurts me. His hope is dwindling and it hurts." He screamed at her before curling over and grasping his stomach as the wound jostled.

Seraphina was instantly by his side, her hands a glow as she healed him, relived him of that pain. "I cannot do that, the magic is not my own. Only your own and his can break it and only when your feelings are true, you know the mating magic is the purest and strongest of them all." She explained apologetically.

Aster grinded his teeth together in rage before shoving her away from him. "Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell me I wasn't the only one left? I could have kept him safe!" he hissed furious.

Sera's eyes snapped to him, her dress and hair flaring in fire in her own annoyance. "You couldn't protect him from Pitch Black! He was trying to kill Hellebore before Tecomanthe and your Dam saved him! He wanted Hellebore dead and we had no idea why bar that fact, you were in hibernation. You could not protect him then!" She boomed out, the room rising in temperature before dropping as she returned to her original form after a few calming breaths.

"You could have told me." He whispered bitterly as he rubbed his mating mark. "I felt him die."

Sera looked down sadly at the warrior Pooka. "I am sorry, but you would not have stopped looking for him and the world would have become unbalanced, you were needed." She whispered before a gust of wind pushed her.

"LEAVE!" Hellebore screamed, his face twisted in rage. "I want you gone! You have no welcome here, leave my mate be!" He hissed, sending a strike of ice towards her. She easily brushed it away, knowing it was just a warning shot and looked at her winter son sadly as he stared at her with hate.

"I will take my leave," She states before casting a look back to Aster and disappearing into the earth.

"Jack… Hellebore!" Aster called as he saw his mate heave, his body rigid as he calmed his rage.

Agony filled ice blue eyes locked onto emerald green, "I need to leave… I just… I'm sorry Evergreen…" He whispered, a sob catching in his throat before taking off out of the warren once again; a soft cry of agony catching Asters ears as he left.

Rage, rage was all he could feel. Rage and guilt, shame… His paw snatched the glass near him before he pegged it at the wall in his wrath, watching the porcelain to shatter and crumble to the floor.

He will fix this, he needed to… He wanted his Hellebore back, he also wanted to know this new Jack, without the anger the spirit had caused. He wanted to know the reason behind 68'. They had spoken yes, they had spoken of Gallifrey and their time together. Jack had even mentioned his sister from when he came to Earth, but he wanted to know more. He needed to know more.

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