Tyrone sat on the iron bed in his dungeon cell. He had to wait until tomorrow ad he knew he would not be able to sleep. So he would just count the numerous amount of spiders and insects on the wall. If he heard someone walk by, he would hut his eyes and try to hold his breath. When a guard heard about the captured monster, he just had to see him.

"What? I thought it was a monster not just some guy!" The guard whined.

"He must have changed back." The other guard said. They both walked away. Tyrone sighed with relief.

The day and night went by slowly. Tyrone continued his method of keeping himself awake. Finally though, as Link had promised, he returned to his cell. He was ready to help Tyrone escape.

"Ready to go?" Tyrone stood up. Link pulled out several keys. He shuffled through a few until he came to a gold one. He inserted it into the lock and pulled open the iron gate. Tyrone stepped out and smiled. He was finally going to be free.

"Zelda is waiting outside. She wants to say goodbye to you." Link added quickly as he stepped outside. Zelda was standing there as promised.

"Are you ready Tyrone?" Zelda asked. Tyrone nodded.

"I think so." Tyrone said nervously. The three started walking to the dock. They talked about various things like, what Tyrone was going to do when he got to the island or how he was going to make a living. It was only about ten minutes to the dock. Tyrone almost cried when he saw the massive ship that would take him to peace.

"Well Tyrone, that's your destiny." Zelda said as she looked up at the giant. "I know you will be fine."

"Yah Tyrone. I know you will be fine." Link added. Tyrone started walking toward the ship.

"I..I want to thank you guys for helping me. No one has ever cared enough to go to this extreme to help me." Tyrone started to get teary eyed. Link patted his shoulder.

"No problem Tyrone." He said. Zelda gave him a hug before he turned away to sneak onto the ship.

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" A voice bellowed. All three of them turned to see Drake standing there in full armor. "You, Tyrone Teck are under arrest for the murders of several peasants and attempting to kill princess Zelda." Tyrone started walking backwards. He felt a terrible fear unmatched by anything. Drake turned to Link "And you, mister Link, are under arrest for planning this whole escape up! You worthless peasant.. I am going to personally make sure you will never see the light of day ot your precious Zelda against." He grabbed Link's arm and threw him down. "Take him.."

"ROOOOAAAAARRRR!" The hylain knights turned to see Tyrone as a giant beast. He was different though, he stood ten feet tall and he stood on his hind legs. His muscles were massive and his eyes were full of hate. "Drake, you have caused enough trouble for my friends. You can mess with me, but not with my friends!" Tyrone growled. Drake withdrew his sword but almost instantly had it knocked out of his hands.

"In the name of the King, I command you to cease this at once!" Drake yelled. Tyrone shook his head.

"Note this time!" Tyrone roared. He grabbed Drake bye his shoulders. He struggled and cried to his men for help. They were all to scared to move.

"Put me down this instant!" Drake screamed.

"You're the boss!" Tyrone laughed. He dropped Drake and let him fall a foot. He than grabbed him by his shirt with his first claw. "See you soon Sir Drake, head of the Hylain knights!" With all of his might, he tossed the leader of the knights into the mighty sea. He flew a good fifty feet before crashing down hard onto the water, breaking his neck, and killing him.

The other knights scurried away in a frenzy. Tyrone watched them bump into eachother as they shed their weapons and armor. He slowly sunk back down into his normal self. He smiled and shook himself.

"Well, that was interesting." Tyrone laughed. Zelda helped Link up and the both walked over to him.

"Tyrone, you had better leave." Zelda said quickly "The boat is setting sail and the knights who ran off have probably already told my father."

"What about you both? The king will still arrest you Link and your father will be furious Zelda."

"Don't worry about us Tyrone, we will be ok." Link said. He took Zelda's hand.

"I will miss you Tyrone." Zelda said. She gave him one last hug as did Link.

"I will miss you both..." Said Tyrone "But it's not good bye. We will see each other again." Tyrone looked over at the sinking sun "I know we will." Tyrone smiled and turned to board the ship. As it started to depart, Tyrone called to them both: "I AM FREE!" the ship sailed off..

The end


Link and Zelda returned to the castle were Zelda's father awaited her. Link under went trial for aiding in the escape of Tyrone Teck, but was set free by Zelda's demands. Three days later Link purposed and Zelda accepted. They lived together peacefully and had one son.

After ten years of living on the island of Kanto, Tyrone returned to see the king and queen of hyrule" Link and Zelda.