The Fateful Reunion

Latias look out at the sea, thinking of a certain man. She wanted him to come back very soon, for she had something planed for him. Something that would change her life and the men she loved life. And if anyone did love him, they were to late, for she had all ready given him the first hint that she loves him.

It was a normal day in the region of Unova as three people walked through the white forest to continue their journey to the nearby port in order to board a boat to get back home to Pallet Town. The group consists of two men, and one woman. One of the boys had black hair, wearing a black and white shirt and blue jeans. His name was Ash, and he was very happy to be going home.

" Just over this hill and should be in sight of the port!" Ash exclaimed, running over the hill.

" Ash, why must you be so childish, the port won't be for a few more hours walk." Iris exclaimed, always quoting how Ash was a kid.

"For your information Iris, the boat is leaving in a couple of minutes, so we better run!" Cilian yelled, running after Ash.

"Wait for meeeeeeeeeeeee!" She then yelled, chasing after Ash and Cilian.

Soon they were insight of the town port. Still sprinting, they rushed into the port building (which was on the other side of the town), flashed their tickets, and went to the dock where their boat was. However, the boat was not there. It has already left for town of Pallet, leaving 3 unhappy people and two also unhappy Pokémon.

Latias looked out at the sea. She thought of that man, and then she heard a thought of Ash. A smile formed on her face with happiness, as she knew (via the thoughts of the one she loved) that in order to get home, he would either wait for another boat (which was going to come in the next week), or take a boat that goes to Altomare that then goes to Pallet Town after a few days.

" Excuse me sirs and madam, but are you in need of a ship? Our ship goes to Altomare, and to Pallet Town after a few days." Said the captain of the S.S. Lugia, not wanting to see sad faces.

"Yea that would be great . . . . Wait did you say Altomare? I've always wanted to go back . . . err I mean go there!" exclaimed Ash, not wanting the others to know what happened there." Because if you did, then how much are the tickets?"

" Just hand in your old tickets and that should cover the ride." Said the captain.

They handed in the tickets, and went on the boat. Altomare wasn't far from Unova, only taking 2 hours. As they went on the boat, Iris was a little bit confused. Did Ash said wanted to go back, or go there? She was going to find out one way or another. Cilian didn't really think that. He always wanted to go there to visit the museum and see the DMA.

Latias (who was a little bit exited to see Ash again) flew around the garden at a very fast speed, wanting to see him again. But then she heard the thoughts of the girl that was traveling with Ash. If she wanted to find out about what happened, he might spill the story about what happened there. She needed to think of something so Ash didn't spill the story so she wouldn't know what happened. After about a minute, a plan came to her mind. However, she needed to tell him the plan. Using all of her psychic power she focused on Ash.


With only 1hour and 30minutes to go, Ash was looking out at the sea, waiting to visit some old friends. It has been along time since he saw Lorenzo, Bianca and Latias. Just the thought of Latias made him smile. She was the only girl he loved. Even though she was a Pokémon and he was a human. But nothing can separate true love.


Slipping out of his thoughts, Ash quickly looked around to see who said his name. He looked around and saw no one around.

'Ash, it's me, Latias. I'm using telepathy to talk to you. If you want to talk to me, just think of something and I will hear it.

'Latias, what is it?' asked Ash, wondering what she needed him.

'Ash, I know you are coming to Altomare, and I read the thoughts of the girl traveling with you. She wants to know what happened last time you were here. Please don't tell her the story. It might be better if she did not know what happened. I have a plan to stop her.' Latias exclaimed, telling Ash the plan. At first she thought she was crazy, but then he knew the right Pokémon for the job.

'Got it. It might be crazy, but I know what to do.' Ash said, knowing who he needed and what to do.' I will talk to you soon.'

'Bye Ash. And good luck, even though I know you will not need it. I will meet you in Altomare' Latias said, knowing that the plan would work.

With only 30 minutes to go, Altomare was in sight. The city was the same as Ash last saw it. He was quite happy to go back. While he was watching Altomare get closer, Iris was about to ask him what he knew about the city. As she got closer, she noticed he had a different poke-ball on his waist. Did he always have that and I've didn't see, or did he bring it here for another reason? She wondered. It didn't matter. It was time to ask the question.

"Ash? Tell the truth. I know that you've been here. Tell me everything." Iris harshly told Ash.

"What are you talking about? I've never been here." Ash calmly said, while moving toward the railing of the ship and going to grab 2 things from his waist. "Iris stop moving towards me before I fa-"

Just as Ash was about to say fall, he fell towards the ocean.

"Ash, Nooooooooooooooooooo!" Iris yelled, getting Cilian's attention.

"Cilian, Ash fell down there! We have to get him!"

"Iris don't panic. It looks like he is ok. Have a look for yourself" Cilian said, pointing at Ash, who was riding on his totodile's back.

"Cilian, why did you have to say that?! I'm sorry, but I have to leave. I have something to attend to. I will meet with you guys at Pallet town. See you then!" Ash said, going underwater while putting an aqualung in his mouth. He already told his tododile where to go. Everything is going to plan. Or so he thought.

"Emolga, come on out!" Iris yelled releasing a white, black and yellow flying fox." Emolga, I need you to follow Ash. When you find out where he is going to, come back to us. Got it?" Emolga nodded and followed Ash, being careful not be spotted.

After about 15 minutes of swimming with his tododile, Ash found the tunnel he was looking for. He only came with his bag, the clothes he was wearing, his tododile, snivy and charizard. Once he reached the end of the tunnel they went up and he returned tododile.

"Latias? Are you here?" Ash asked, hoping that she was here. As soon as he finished saying that, an invisible force tackled him down.

'Ash you're back! I missed you so much!' Latias clamed, slipping out of invisibility and nuzzling him.

"Latias I missed you too. Quite a lot in fact." Ash answered back.

'What do you m-' Latias was about to continue, but then Ash kissed her on the lips. They kissed for quite a long time, only breaking apart only for some air.

"Latias, ever since I left this place, I've missed you quite a lot. I don't know why, but ever since you've kissed me right before I left this place, I've always missed you. Latias I have only one thing to say right now: Latias, I love you." Ash said, who was missing Latias this whole time.

'Ash, I love you too.' Latias said, kissing Ash.

Sadly for them, Emolga saw the whole thing. She wondered why he chose a pokèmon and not a human. She quickly flew off to find Iris and tell her the news.

Iris and Cilian were just getting off the boat when Emolga came.

"Emolga, did you see where Ash went?" Iris asked.

"Emo! Emolga!" She said, meaning she had found him.

"Show us where he went!" Iris yelled.

Emolga went down a small passageway, and the others followed her, wanting to find Ash.

Ash and Latias were having a great time playing in the garden. But it all changed when Latias heard the thoughts of Iris.

'Ash you have to get out of here! Your friends are coming! If they find us, you will be in huge trouble!' Latias said.

"But where do I go?" Ash asked back.

'We can take the waterways. I'll keep them distracted while you use your pokemon to get away.' Latias answered' I will join you in a bit'

"Got it. Tododile lets go!" Ash said, releasing him from his poke-ball.

"Hey Ash. What's up? Tododile asked.

" Nothing mu . . . . Wait, I can understand you! Latias, how did this happen?" Ash asked, wanting to know how he got this ability.

'I'll tell you later, just get out of here! They're coming in here right as we speak!' Latias exclaimed, as they Iris and Cilian came into the garden. Iris had both Axew and Pikachu in her hair, as Ash had left him behind.

As Ash jumped into the water, Latias became invisible and got ready to attack the two intruders. Pikachu, knowing the place quite well, wondered why Ash was running away.

'Pikachu? It's me, Latias. To tell the truth, Ash and me love each over. He is now going back to Pallet Town. I'm now going to teleport myself to Pallet Town after I deal with you 4 for interrupting us!' Latias yelled in his mind.

'This is for coming in this secret garden!' Latias yelled in everyone's mind, before becoming visible and firing a mist ball in their direction. When the mist ball fired, everyone ran out of the garden as fast as they could.

'Pikachu, if you want to come with me, come into the garden now!' Latias said in Pikachu's head. Pikachu quickly went out of Iris's hair and into the garden. After he went in the garden Latias appeared and he jumped onto her back. Then a bright light appeared they disappeared.

Iris and Cilian were confused. First Pikachu just runs off into the garden and didn't come back, and when they got into the garden, they weren't there when they looked. Although they were gone, Iris knew where to find Ash. She released her Dragonite and told him to find Ash in the waterways. He obeyed and went to find ash in the waterways.

As Ash swam with his tododile to Pallet Town he was curious of a couple of things. He first wondered how he could understand pokemon. Could me kissing Latias done it? He thought to him self. But then her voice came to her mind.

'Ash, in case you are wondering, I do believe us kissing was the reason you can understand pokemon. But I don't know how it came to be. Maybe you can ask professor Oak about people being able to understand pokemon. Without saying my name or the fact that you kissed a pokemon.' Latias said in his head.' By the way, I'm in Pallet town with Pikachu. I will come teleport to you so I can teleport you to Pallet Town.'

'That's great. Thanks Latias' Ash said. Suddenly, he was teleported to Pallet town and on to his bed, with tododile sitting near him.

"Um . . . How did we get here?" Tododile asked, being very confused.

"Don't worry about it. Latias teleported us here. I wonder where she is?" Ash answered back.

As soon as he finished saying is, the invisible force of Latias, who made herself visible, kissed him.

'Ash, I want you to never leave me.' Latias said.

'Don't you worry about that Latias. I will always stay by you side.' Ash said.

Oh boy. Bayleef is going to flip once she hears this. Tododile thought and he set of from Ash's house to the Lab to tell the other pokemon.