Restarting with the DEAD

L.T: ok, I've put my Naruto-fic on hold, while I work on this one, so if you're waiting for that, please hold with me, m'kay?

This is a Highschool of the DEAD Fanfic, so grab hold of your pants and Kiss Your Ass Goodbye!


Huh, slap-slap-slap…huh,slap-slap-slap…huh, slap-slap-slap…

The sound of panting breaths filled the air, coupled with running feet slapping concrete, rang loud. Three people, two boys and a girl, all in their mid-teens, dash across the rooftop of Fujimi Academy, heading for the Astronomy Tower. The Girl has long, red-blonde hair, with two 'antennae' that never lie down, no matter how she styles it. That's Miyamoto Rei, my ex-girlfriend and captain of the spear martial-arts club, running alongside her boyfriend, Igou Hisashi, my best friend and almost a brother to me. He's got steel-gray hair, cropped into bangs at the front, with a white rag tied around his right upper-arm, already soaked with blood. He's a black-belt in Karate, but it hasn't helped him. Just in front, you've got me; Komuro Takashi, brown eyes, black hair. Medium height, medium build. Just your average highschooler, until the world ended. Hisashi and I made it up the Astronomy Tower stairs, but Rei stayed back to whack one of the things chasing us. She stabbed it with the broom-handle she carried, but that…thing, it… it didn't die. It just pulled the make-shift spear from her hands, and slammed it into her stomach, slamming her into the wall. As she slumped winded, Hisashi snatched my baseball bat from me, shouted, "REI!" and ran at it, smashing the bat hard into its skull and finally putting it down for good. As he helped Rei back up, I stood at the top of the stairs, looking over the roof, and murmured, "What the fuck…WHAT THE FUCK'S GOING OOOONNNNN!" You see, what we're fighting, they're not humans any more…they're zombies…


Rei sat at Hisashi's side as he coughed and spat. He'd been bitten by one of Them, and it was only a matter of time before my best friend, the guy I'd walked to school with, watched baseball with, talked about stupid thing with… it was only so long before he'd turn into one of the monster now roaming the halls and grounds of Fujimi, searching for other people to bite and infect.


I'd been the first to see one of Them. I'd been moping in my usual spot, after Takagi Saya had chewed me out, when I'd heard the front gate rattling. I'd watched as some strange suit-wearing dude kept walking into the gates, over and over, before two of the teachers and a couple janitors came to investigate. The male teacher, Teshima-sensei, just went straight over to this weirdo, grabbed his collar and yanked him hard into the metal, and the female, Hayashi-sensei, screamed as the suit guy bit Teshima on the arm, and let go.

Teshima-sensei just screamed and rolled around on the ground, before falling still. "What… What the-?" I whispered, then watched some more, eyes wide as Hayashi-sensei knelt at Teshima's side, probably talking to him, then he lunged at her, and I swear, he bit her, and she fell down and lay still, but staggered to her feet like she was drunk or something, before the pair of them starting lurching after the jannies, who dropped their brushes and ran.

I was sure I was hallucinating, or, tripping, but I figured, what the hell? The worst the sensei could do was suspend me. I ran straight to Rei and Hisashi's classroom, barged in and yelled at them, "We need to leave! Something just happened at the front gate." Rei immediately tried to argue, but I back-handed her across the face. Not hard, but enough to shut her up and get her attention. "People just died out by the front gate, and you wanna sit here bitching about it?! Are you suicidal, or just plain stupid?!" Hisashi was listening, and nodded. "I'm with you, bro'," he muttered, and Re followed us as we darted down the corridor to Hisashi's and my lockers. I grabbed my Mizuno Corp. Aluminium slugger from my locker, and Hisashi twisted a broom head off its handle, before passing Rei the haft to use as a spear. "What about you, Hisashi?" "Nah, I'm a black-belt in Karate, I'll be fine." Shrugging, we ran for the roof, slamming through the doors and coming to a dead stop.

One of our teachers, Wakisaka-sensei, was just, swaying and groaning about fifteen metres away, but when we busted out the doors, we turned toward us and started shuffling faster. Rei lunged at him and pinned him in the chest with her broom-handle, but he just kept coming. "Wh-wha-?! But… I stabbed him in the heart!" Rei wailed, right before Wakisaka slammed her in the side with her own weapon and started reaching for her. Hisashi charged at him and grabbed him in a sort of headlock, while Rei frantically yanked at the spear.

Slowly, impossibly, Wakisaka's head turned through 180 degrees, and he moaned, before clamping his teeth on Hisashi's arm and biting through cloth and skin, drawing blood. "AAAARRRGH!" Hisashi slammed his palm into the teacher's skull, but couldn't get free. Rei looked over at me, tears streaming from her eyes, and yelled, "TAKASHI, HELP!" 'Great, your boyfriend's in the shit, and suddenly you need me again,' I thought bitterly, but raised my bat, as Hisashi finally tore himself free from the crazed man. I studied Wakisaka's behaviour briefly.

Slow, seemingly invincible, only grunting and groaning, biting people. "Oh, shit, he's a ZOMBIE!" I roared, before dashing at the thing and splattering its head over the floor with a single heavy swing.


And that brings us here, with Hisashi coughing up blood, Rei denying everything that's happening, and me completely bricking it. Zombies, a burning city, and no plan at all. Hisashi coughed again, and then called me. "Takashi…" I looked over. "Help me up, 'kay? I want you to help me … throw myself over the railings. I'll die when I hit the ground… better that than becoming one of…these things." Rei immediately started protesting, but broke off with a shocked whimper as Hisashi started screaming and clutching his chest, then writhing on the floor in pain, before lying still, one hand out at his side.

"H-Hisashi? Get up, Hisashi, you're ok, right?" Rei cried. I pushed myself up, bat in hand. Rei turned and looked desperately at me. No, Takashi, He's fine, he's not sick!" she screamed, causing more of the roof zombies to bounce of a makeshift barricade we'd built earlier. Hisashi's finger's twitched… then, he sat up, and Rei smiled through her tears "see, I told you he'd get better!" turning to Hisashi's moving corpse, she froze as he pushed at her, and dragged himself to his feet, and I sprang forward with a burst of speed, yelling, "Outta the way, Rei!" "NNNNNOOOOOOO!" she wailed as Hisashi's zombified body threw its head back and howled in an unearthly, primal clamour. As he stopped howling, I brought my bat round down as I leapt, and it crunched into the beast that wore my friend's face, silencing him forever.

The old world had gone, and a new, darker one had taken its place. In the old world, I was just an average schoolboy. In the new, I had killed my best friend's reanimated corpse. This is the world... of the DEAD…