Restarting with the DEAD chapter 10

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She bucked slightly, and I broke off the kiss. She tried to move in for another, but I gently held her away. "What's wrong? Don't you like kissing me?" she murmured, looking hurt. "It's not that. I could happily live attached to your mouth, until I died of oxygen deprivation at least, but… if this goes any further, I don't think I'll be able to hold back…"


Z-DAY +3


"Oh…" I froze. I felt something digging into my thigh, and prodded it. Takashi let out a strangled gasp. "Either you have a pen in your trouser pocket, or you're really happy to see me," I smirked.

"For your sake, you'd better hope it's a pen," Takashi deadpanned.

I had trouble holding back a chuckle. Takashi smiled, before hugging me.

Smiling, I laid my head on his shoulder. "Saeko… let's just stay like this, for a while…" He closed his eyes and started stroking my hair, brushing his hand through the tangles and smoothing them out. Just as I was getting really comfortable, Ms Shizuka started swearing. A rattling sputter echoed around the bus, before it ground to a halt.

"Well, DARN!" she wailed.

Takashi sighed, gently letting go of me. He shrugged on his jacket as he stood up. "What's the problem? Why are we stopping?"

Ms Shizuka stopped cursing and announced nervously, "The engine… something's wrong with it…"

Takashi thumped the button for the doors and grabbed his modified bat. "I'll go take a look. I'm pretty good with machines."

He disappeared round the side of the bus and I felt that I should join him until out of the corner of my eye, I watched as Rei stood up. "I'm going to go keep an eye on him, make sure he doesn't get attacked." She hopped off the bus after him, and I frowned.

What was she hoping to get out of this? She'd already pissed him off by dumping him, so why was she so clingy?



God, that kendo girl is such a whore, I thought, swinging my trident. It was the broomstick Hisashi had given me, but I'd tied three large kitchen knives to the end. Takashi was already crouched in front of the open engine panel, his sleeves rolled up and several bits of metal lying around him. A monkey-wrench, and spanner, and mallet, and some other tools I didn't recognize. His face was frozen in a grimace of concentration, and I felt a flutter in my chest.

He was still a very good looking boy. All that dark hair and intensity made him a very good catch, but his indecisiveness had ended our relationship.

I thought back, and realised that I'd been the one to push him away. "You wouldn't understand", I'd told him. But I was the one who didn't get it. It was my fault. I wanted him back. He'd always been there for me, but I had let him down, and now he was getting closer to that purple-headed skank!

"Takashi," I bent down next to him, and stared at the mass of pipes and wires, coils and several somethings I didn't recognise. "What is it? Can you fix it?"

He straightened up. "Miyamoto-san. No, I can't fix it. It's completely busted. I think it's the fuel-lift pump, or maybe the injector pump is misfiring. I think it's got air bubbles in the pistons, so it's just not getting any gas." He closed the panel with a soft 'snick!' and picked up the rest of the tools.

I sighed. He'd never been that formal before. Maybe it was too late- No! I shook my head. I couldn't think like that! Until they started dating, I still had a chance! I planned to corner him later and take him back…



I closed the doors once Rei and I were back on-board. "OK… listen to me! I took a look at the engine, and it's fucked. Yes, that is a legitimate diagnosis, Takagi! We have no choice but to grab what we can and get the hell outta here. We need to find somewhere safe for the moment. Any suggestions?"

Yamada raised his hand. "We could check out the Okura Hotel, it's not that far from here."

Tilting the map to check the distance, I smiled. "That sounds perfect! We'll draw straws, to determine who rooms with who when we get there, shall we… put the pad away, Yamada! I didn't mean a picture of a straw!"

The entire group cracked up laughing as Yamada pretended to sulk. Everyone filled a carrier-bag with the last of the food and water, and left everything that we didn't need. I chose the last four books I hadn't finished. Saeko took a few, and I packed the charged Samsung batteries into my jacket pocket. We filed off the bus, and I asked Yamada to show me the way, and he led us towards our new sanctuary, like a modern-day pied piper… XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO


"Wooooooooow," I heard Yuuki gasp. "This place is huuuuge!"

I smiled with pleasure as the trio of boys barricaded the door from the outside. The doors opened inwards, so they shoved a large van across the doorway, and climbed over the bonnet. "There, that'll keep'em out! " Takashi wiped his forehead, and I kept stealing glances at him out of the corner of my eye. He really was a very handsome young man, and he was definitely packing down there…

Blushing at the memory, I joined the small group by the check-in desk, where Takashi had found a box of pencils and several sheets of paper. He tore them into small strips, and we wrote our names on the pieces. Ms Shizuka produced a small cloth purse from somewhere, and we folded the scraps up and filled the purse. Takashi shook it, and looked at the key holder. "Ok, in room two-seventy-nine, we've got Takagi and Rei. In room two-eight-one, Ms Shizuka and Yuuki. Saeko will room with you as well."

"Yamada and Kohta, you get room two-ninety, and I'll share with you."



I lugged my bags up to room Two-ninety, with Saeko's stuff under my arm, for me to drop off in room 281. She tried to get me to let her carry it, but I was determined to be a gentleman. She eventually gave up, and followed me, waiting unlocking the door and ushering me in. she disappeared to 'Check the perimeter', and I decided to help her out further by putting her belongings away.

As I opened her bag, a small pile of frilly, lacy, purple underwear toppled onto the bed. I picked them up, and my mind fell into the gutter, and I left it there while I pottered around, making the bed, putting stuff in cupboards, and generally tidying up. After I'd finished unpacking Saeko's things, I grabbed a towel and headed down to the hot-springs, located outside in a walled area.

Before we'd barricaded the hotel with the van, Kohta and I had done a though sweep of the building, and at one point, we'd come across an outdoor hot-spring. Kohta covered me while I inspected the wall. It was solid, and didn't look like it'd give way any time soon, but, it was an OUTDOOR bath. Sound attracts 'Them', so we still decided to keep quiet.

Taking off my shoes and socks, I breathed in the thick steam that hung over the water. Folding my shirt, I piled my jeans and boxer on top and put them on a shelf, turned and made my way over to the spring.

Slipping into the steaming water, I sighed as the tension eased out of me, submerging myself in the hot water. Once I was used to the heat, I paddled across the lean back against the rocks.

Finally, I was really getting to relax. My eyes felt heavy so I allowed them to closed and drifted into a daze. A few minutes later, but to me they seemed like hours, I heard the door slide open and shut. Raising my head, to see who'd come in, but couldn't as the mist was too heavy.

All I saw was a faint silhouette. Slumping back into the warm water, I smiled. As the figure stepped into the water, I thought, 'Looks like my peace and quiet is screwed'.

That was until a minute later, when, as if on cue, the mist had lifted, and I saw who'd entered the baths with me. "SAEKO?!" I spluttered, flailing and choking as I swallowed a mouthful of water. She gasped, and dived forward, naked, and I saw nothing more, as the water closed over my head and the world turned black…



"TAKASHI!" I wailed, plunging into the springs, reaching for his hand, and heaved him onto the side of the baths.

After getting him out of the water, I started pressing on his chest, and he started coughing and spitting up water, rolling onto his side. His face reddened, and I saw where he was looking. "No, don't look!" I whimpered, closing my knees and covering my pussy. His eyes lifted, and he stared at my chest. I blushed. A naked man was staring at me, and I was naked too! He reached out, and stopped.

He looked into my eyes, and murmured, "Is this real?" he looked half-drowned, and I nodded, taking his hand and bringing it up. His eyes widened as I gently placed it on my right breast.



I STARED IN WONDER AT Saeko, who knelt there, holding my hand to one of her breasts. I simply absorbed the feeling. My fingers pressed into warm, firm, soft flesh. A small bead drilled into my palm. Her nipple. I gently squeezed, and she threw her head back and let out a soft moan. It was a very sweet sound.

I kept softly kneading the breast in my hand, and her body shuddered. I leaned up on one elbow and fastened my lips around the other nipple, and Saeko moaned, cradling my head to her breast, her faced red and flushed, but happy. "Takashi…" she sighed. "I want to talk, tonight. Meet me here after dinner, and we'll look for a place to speak… I love you…"