Restarting with the DEAD chapter 11

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"Takashi…" she sighed. "I want to talk, tonight. Meet me here after dinner, and we'll look for a place to speak… I love you…"



"Haaah…" I sighed, swallowing another mouthful of the strong, dark liquor. Ms Shizuka had somehow managed to knock over a liquor store, and now, I was working my way steadily through my third bottle. The busty nurse had figured out why I kept staring at Takashi. I'd had my arms filled with various bottles of alcohol, and was ordered to drink them all. I shrugged as I set a table and two chairs up on the flat hotel roof. Opening the first bottle, the smell hit me, and I gagged. It was so strong, I almost dropped the bottle. I shrugged, and took a swig. Immediately, I started coughing, and leant against the table to recover. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't taste bad; in fact, I quite liked it. Downing another huge mouthful, I sat in a chair and watched the sun set… I was waiting for Takashi… I would tell him about me…



Saeko had told me to meet at the hot-springs, but when I got there, all I found was a note. As I read it, a warm feeling passed over me. It said,

Come to the roof.


Pocketing the note, I headed off to the stairs that led to the roof. Upon opening the door, I found the girl I came to meet.

She was sitting on a chair at a table, with what looked to be several empty liquor bottles on it, wearing a lilac tank-top and white shorts. She was totally smashed, sitting on a chair with her head in her arms, but she was still recognisable. I'd never seen her like this before. Where had she gotten the booze? A cool breeze drifted around me, as the sky darkened. The moon was rising, and its silvery light turned Saeko's hair a shimmering blue. She seemed to have trouble sitting upright, and I sighed. Why me? She's drunk as a post-apocalyptic skunk, and I have to deal with her. I started as I heard a muffled sob. She was crying…

As I sat opposite her, she lifted her tear-stained face, focussing on me, and, in a slightly slurred voice, began to talk. "Takashi… You know you wanna date me, right? Well, Imma need to tell you 'bout me. Y'see, I'm not as nice as you think… I nearly killed someone, four years ago…" Her voice grew steadier as she talked.


(Flashback of the DEAD!)

"It was late at night, four years ago. I'd just finished at the Dojo my father taught at and he'd stayed back to finish up some work. I told him I'd go on ahead and left.

It was so dark, and the only light was from the moon, and a few streetlamps. The smell of snow was in the air, because it was nearly Christmas…The night was cold, but I'd been working out a lot, so I didn't wear my jacket. I was carrying my bokken, this very one, in fact. When I passed the alley on the main street, the only person around was a man. He wasn't particly tall, or strong, but he was bigger than me…

He grabbed me, pushing me against a wall, and tried to molest me. His hands…God his hands! They were everywhere on my body, groping at my chest, and pinching my butt… even rubbing my crotch.… The strange thing is I wasn't frightened. I let him think I was only another victim when in fact I was luring him in, I knew I had the upper hand, and when the time was right, then… I hit him. I broke his bones, spilled his blood… it was bliss! Absolute, total pleasure! That's me! That's who I really am! Nothing more than a bloodthirsty, crazy girl… I can understand if you don't want to be with me anymore…"



I couldn't believe it. Saeko, a sadist? But, she looked so demure, like she wouldn't hurt a fly! It was impossible, and yet… the ring of truth in her words was unmistakeable, I thought wildly.

"Saeko, you really think that you're going to put me off with that?! I've felt the same way, ever since this happened-"

"You became this way because of this. I was like this before… I think it's getting worse…" She fell from her chair, hugged her knees and looked so utterly desolate, I couldn't hold back a tear. Reaching out, I laid my hand on her arm. She looked up with a gasp. "Takashi, you…?"

"I'm staying, Saeko. I don't care about the past… now is all we can plan for. We need you… I need you…"

A tear rolled down her cheek, and she threw her arms around me. "Oh, TAKASHI!" She wept. I held her, as she howled out her misery. Kissing away the tears and pain, just letting her know I was there for her, that she wasn't alone…



As I pulled myself together, Takashi looked me in the eyes. "Saeko, are you feeling a bit better? I know I can't understand why you think you're some kind of monster, but I'll be at your side for as long as you need me." He folded his arms around me again, and I just knelt there, leaning into his firm chest, humming as he stroked my hair and rubbed my back.

Freeing myself, I stumbled to the table, and picked up one of the bottles. Turning it upside-down, I shook it. "Aaaaah, it's empty!"

Lurching over to the railings, I took drunken aim, and pitched the brown glass bottle off, giggling insanely as I knocked one of 'Them' over. Takashi took my elbow and brought me over to the door down into the hotel. Smiling gently, he helped me get down the stairs, seeing as I was drunk enough to fall over at any time.

On our merry way back to the second floor, Takashi nearly careened into Rei, who was in much the same condition as I. She looked woozily in his direction, and clapped her hands happily. "Hey, look! Three Takashi's! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… whoops!"

Rei's legs went out from under her and she fell flat on her back in the hallway. We stepped over her, and, as Takashi led me to the room, I heard Rei giggle, "Heheh, Sae-kooo! I saw your panties! They're purple with green trim!" Takashi flushed, and I nearly fell over laughing.



After what seemed like hours, but could only have been minutes, I dropped Saeko off outside her door. I knocked on it, and then turned and walked… straight into her arms.

The drunken onna-bugeisha fastened her lips to mine, and started trying to suck my face off with a passion. Prising myself free from the limpet-girl, I spluttered, "Wha-mmph?!" Saeko's mouth locked onto mine again and I gave in. If she wanted to kiss, I'd let her kiss, dammit! Besides, in the state she was in, she'd probably end up making out with Yamada or something. Her arms folded around my back, and she gave my butt a squeeze.

"Takashiii?" She purred.

I gulped. "Y-yes, Saeko?" she leaned close, and overbalanced, falling to the floor and taking me out with her.

As I opened my eyes, which I'd shut when I was falling, I stared straight into Saeko's gunmetal indigo eyes. "Takashi, I know you like me, but is this really necessary? You could have just asked, you knooow." I looked down, and my hand was resting on her bare breast, her shirt having ridden up in the fall. She started yawning, then lunged at me, pinning me down and curling up on my chest. "Uuuh… Takashi, the answer, it's 'yes'. I will be your girl…friend…zzzzzzz…"I just lay there, trying not to move, as Saeko stuck her thumb in her mouth and murmured something unintelligible. I mentally facepalmed. This girl was now my girlfriend?! Oh, joy, the fun we'd have… I smiled at her sleeping face, free of worry and fear, just an ordinary high-school girl… I stroked her hair, and a faint smile flitted across her pale pink lips, the corners curling up minutely. I felt happy, for the first time since that awful day I'd seen Rei and Hisashi together. I wasn't alone anymore…