Restarting with the DEAD chapter 12

L.T: Wow! This is awesome! My Beta reader is the best man for the job! I love you, Dezzy-baby! Keep working with me to make this story something to be proud of, OK? Anyway, let's get a wiggle on!


I stroked her hair, and a faint smile flitted across her pale pink lips, the corners curling up minutely. I felt happy, for the first time since that awful day I'd seen Rei and Hisashi together. I wasn't alone anymore…



I strolled up the hall, my nailgun in my hands, looking for anything I could do. I'd eaten dinner, and had a bath, but now I was bored. I heard giggling and cooing from around the corner. Taking a peek, I stuck my head around the corner, only to draw my head back swiftly. Saeko and Takashi were making out on the floor! In what looked like a compromising position, too. A trickle of blood ran from my nose, and I hurriedly wiped it away, slinking back down the hall, using my 'ninja sneak'. For a big guy, I can move pretty stealthily if I need to. And after what I had seen, I definitely needed to move stealthily now.

Takagi was coming to other way, and started frowning at me.

"God, you're so stupid! There's no danger here, so put the damn toy down and relax, you overweight otaku! We'll hear them before they get in!" she turned and flounced off, and I watched her well-formed rear sail off down the hall.

Sighing, I figured she was right. Stowing the weapon in the boy's room, I headed onto the common room, a whole floor designed for fun. Books, a pool table, even a TV and DVD's. I decided to just watch a disk, and rummaged through the stacks of cases, hoping for something good.

I sat watching the flickering screen, volume turned low. I'd found a Blu-ray copy of one of my favourite shoot –'em-up films, and now 'Kill Bill' was playing in HD.


Two hours later (KOHTA'S P.O.V)

"Ah, that film always makes me feel good," I sighed, stretching, before heaving myself up, heading back to the boy's room. Yamada was still there, doodling in his sketchbook. Takashi was now on his bed, instead of on the floor being attacked by Saeko.

"Hey, Komuro," I grinned. "Looks like you were getting it on, oh 'noble leader!" I burst out laughing at the horror-struck look on his face.

"How did you find out?!" he gasped, turning white.

"Well, it wasn't that hard to tell, seeing as I nearly tripped over the pair of you!" I spluttered, "You were eating each other alive, on the floor outside the girl's room, hahahahahahahahahaha!" Even Yamada cracked a smile at that.

Takashi huffed, turning his head. I immediately saw something even funnier, and actually fell over myself, holding my sides to keep them from splitting. "Your neck!" I exclaimed.

"What about it?" he snarled. "You have… You have… YOU HAVE A HICKEY!" I howled with laughter, rolling over on the floor kicking my feet. Takashi's eyes narrowed.

"Right, that's it! How dare you make fun of your lord?! I shall punish you vigorously!" he proclaimed, like some crazy villain from a manga, then seized a pillow, leaping onto me and pummelling mercilessly.

"Yamada, help mee! Our leader has lost his marbles!" I roared in mock terror. Yamada threw down his pad and grabbed a pillow of his own, whacking Takashi in the head with it. Takashi retreated under the fluffy violence. I used the time to grab a cushion as well. The three of us attacked each other, laughing and shouting, forgetting the stress and fear we'd endured for the last three days…



"Uuuuuurgh, my head… what? Ah!" I started up, and felt… sheets, under my fingers. I looked around, and recognized the room. It was the one I shared with the other girls. "Takashi…" I whispered. He'd been there, and then we'd talked, and I'd tried to kiss him, and he'd ended up on top of me. I blushed at the memories, and winced. My head was pounding like a snare drum, there was only myself to blame. True, Ms Shizuka had given me the liquor, but I could have thrown it away. I had drank it instead and made a fool out of myself. Sighing, I slipped out of bed, almost bumping into the night-stand. I paused. There was a glass of water, and two pills lying on a sheet of paper.

I picked up the two tablets, popping them in my mouth, and then swallowed the water. I immediately feel a little better.

I saw that the paper had writing on it. Lifting it to my face, I squinted at it and read:

"Dear Saeko,

I'm sorry about taking advantage of you.

You were drunk, and I couldn't resist kissing you when you came onto me.

If you don't want to talk to me for a while, I get it.


"Oh crap." I whispered. He'd gotten the wrong idea and it had probably scared him off. I clenched my fist as I thought. I'd kissed him, and I wanted to kiss him again. "Dammit!" Grabbing the key to the room, I stormed out. I needed to hunt down Takashi, if only to explain things.

After a few red herrings , including one time when Rei told me she'd seen him eating in the ground-floor restaurant, I finally tracked him to his room, and pressed my ear to the door and listened to the ruckus inside.

"Take this, you!"

"Get out of my face, dick-biscuit!"

"I could whip both of you, you n00bs!"

I drew back from eavesdropping and slammed into the door, shaking it. As I prepared for another charge, the door opened, and I was smacked in the face by a…Pillow? I peeled it off my head, glaring at the culprit. Yamada smirked. Don't think we didn't hear your footsteps, Busujima! We were waiting for you!"

"I have just woken up," I snarled, striding into the room, "I have a headache, and you hit me… in the face… with a pillow… TAKE THIS!" I screamed, giggling as I battered Takashi with my feathery weapon, and he covered his head, laughing into his arms,

"Get her! She's a traitor; she's attacking your glorious leader!"

Yamada and Hirano saluted. "Hai, Leader-sama!" they chorused, then rushed me, pushing me back as I tried to pound Takashi some more.

He staggered to his feet, and commanded, "Bow to me, and I shall spare your life, wench!" He grinned in anticipation of my surrender, and I threw my pillow at him, in a last act of defiance, knocking him flat on his back.

He landed awkwardly, and I heard a thump as his head smacked the floor. Gasping, I dropped my other pillow, and ran past the others, kneeling at his side, shaking him. "Takashi? Get up, Takashi, get up!" he didn't move. Yamada ran out, calling for Ms Shizuka, and I fell across his chest and sobbed loudly, tears washing over his face.

The ditzy nurse came trotting in, wearing nothing but a towel. Yamada wasn't following her, but I had more important things to worry about. "Is he… going to be ok?" I looked up at her.

Ms. Shizuka lifted the back of Takashi's head, carefully inspecting the large bump I'd accidently put there. "Hmmm… Seems like he just got knocked out. Look, he's coming to!"

Takashi's eyelids fluttered open, and he seemed pretty alert. "What happened? Are there still zombies trying to eat us?"

I gasped, and Shizuka smiled dizzily. "Yep! You were only out for about ten minutes!" He ruffled the back of his head as he stood, wincing as his fingers brushed the sore spot.

"Oooow… That stings! I really pissed you off, didn't I, Saeko?"

I sniffed. "Yes! This is why I'm upset!" I threw the note at Takashi. "You didn't take advantage of me! If anything, it was the other way! I wanted you to kiss me, and I want you to keep doing it! Come here!" I snapped, and grabbed him, pulling him into my arms, kissing him fervently. His eyes closed, and Ms. Shizuka aawwwe'd as we stood in the middle of the room, Kohta flushing and looking away.

"Get a room, you too!" He muttered, and I smirked at Takashi. "Sounds like a plan! Ms. Shizuka! We're going to stay in the same room. I'll take care of him. I hit him, so it's my responsibility."

Kohta spluttered like a chimney, and I winked at him. "Thanks for the suggestion, Hirano!" I escorted my new boyfriend from the room, back to the lobby, and grabbed a key from the remaining options. I was nervous and excited. I'd be staying in the same room as a boy, and I liked him so much… I was already falling in love, but still noticed Rei, glaring at me as she passed us by, heading who-knows-where, as long as it wasn't to bother us…