Restarting with the DEAD

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Well, I seriously have no idea what's going on, I thought to myself, looking over Takagi's shoulder through the door frame at the other students running down the hall. We'd heard an announcement from the principal a few minutes ago, in which he seemed to be fighting something, and losing. Now we watched as a boy from the class just down the hall limped in our direction, blood trickling past his fingers, clamped to an ugly bite in his neck. "This can't be happening... this isn't happening... right, mommy?" the poor guy muttered. Looking up with wide, staring eyes, he yelped, "It's not, righ-!" His sentence was cut off by a hand slamming into his face.

The creature that had grabbed him lunged close enough to rip into his flesh, and Takagi and I darted past the feeding frenzy, down the hall and away. "TAKAGI! Wh-where do you think you're running to?" I yelled, and, flashing me a glare over her shoulder, she snapped out, "And what exactly was your brilliant plan?!"

I looked aside. "I was gonna talk to the teachers in the faculty room, and then go to th-""That's pointless," she butted in. "what do you think a bunch of stupid teachers can do about it?" she paused for a second at the door to the open-air skywalks, then darted through as I reached her. "But, Takagi! It's kinda...because of this, I should-" Takagi paused on the skywalk, and, without looking back, growled, "I've got a question for you." What is it?" I asked. She turned to look at me, those amber eyes staring into my brown ones. "Do you want to die? Or do you want to live?"

I dithered for a while, looking at her, then at the body of Wakisaka-sensei, who'd been bitten, but seemed dead. "Well... I, um..." Takagi drew my attention. "They had the same idea as you. Let's see how it works for them." I could see several boys and girls, crowded around the faculty room door as one boy rattled the handle and pounded the wood. "SIR! LET US IN, SI-!" he never said anything again. With a crack, the door burst open and he was grabbed by the head, just like that poor guy from earlier. I recoiled, whimpering, before looking away. Takagi snapped, "You want to live, right? Then stick with me!" I just nodded like one of those little bobbing-head dogs you get in cars, until my glasses slid down my nose. She turned on her heel and called, "let's go, chubby!" and we started running again.



Rei and I sat with our backs against the wall, as the zombies tried reaching through our rough barricade. We stared at Hisashi's body, its face covered by my handkerchief. The bloodstained bat lay nearby. Rei stood up, and asked for my phone .I pulled it out of my pocket and handed it to her, as she explained that her father had given her a secret emergency number to call. As she dialled, I stood nearby, watching and listening. The connection beep sounded, and Rei cheered, "It got through!"

Her face lit up, only to fall moments later, as:

'Hello? Takashi? Is that you?'

Rei spoke. "Daddy? We're at school, and there's be-"

'Takashi? You must've got this number from Rei. Is she okkkk-K, iss she wwww-With you?'

Rei started screaming into the handheld. "DADDY, WHAT'S THE MATTER, CAN'T YOU HEAR ME?!"

'Listen carefully; the whole city is in "DADDY!"Panic mode right now-BLAM! You understand? The city is already in panic mode, you need to evacua-'

All we heard next was the 'call disconnected' beeps, and Rei lowered my cell, looking at it like it had betrayed her in some way. "NO SERVICE?! BUT I JUST CALLED HIM! I don't understaaand!" She wailed.

"REI!" I snapped, and she turned to me, tears streaming down her blood-spattered face, her eyes glistening as she sniffed. "Takashi," she whimpered. "My dad... he didn't know that it was me at all. He didn't even KNOW me! Sniff"



"Takagi? I know it's against school rules, but do you have your cellphone on you?" I asked quietly. She retorted, "I'm a straight-A student. Besides, even if I had one, who would I call?" "Well, the police, maybe?"

She snorted."God, you're so STUPID! Look how serious this is! There's no way people haven't called them already, but yet we haven't heard a single siren." I just crouched there, my lips quivering. "So... this is... happening all over?" Takagi sniped, "gee, ya think?! I'm sure the police have been dealing with things already, but look how things are!"

As we headed down a flight of stairs, I had another idea. "Maybe we should call the Self-Defence Force, or something." "I wouldn't expect much from them," Takagi said dryly. "I know they can't conduct any defence or public security operations without the Government's order, but-"

"That's not what I meant!" she snapped, sticking her cute button nose in the air "then what did you mean, exactly?" I replied, shuffling along the wall I was leaning against and bumping into her. "ARGH! They're just like the police! What do you think would happen if people were eating people in all the cities out there?! Listen; There are a hundred and thirty MILLION people out there! How many of them work for the Self-Defence Force?! And what if the same things have been happening inside the Self-Defence Force?!"

"Uuuuuurrrgggh..." we both looked at the stairs, and saw one of the zombies coming down after us. It seemed like our raised voices had attracted its attention. "Quick! We need to go!" Takagi snapped. "Uh, OK!" I yelped, and ran after her.



As I ran down the hall, followed by that lardy otaku, I thought to myself, 'JESUS! The only reason I have to stay with this dumbass is because Komuro isn't here! I am such a nice person!'



As the body of one of the infected students rose from the school infirmary bed it was resting on, a thin, nervous-looking student holding a broom gasped. "Okada?!" flustered, he dropped the broom, fumbled around, and grabbed a drip-stand. Grasping if firmly in both hands, he growled, "Damn it... Raaaargh!" charging forward, he slammed the base of the makeshift staff into his friend's head again and again, each time yelling, "FORGIVE ME! FORGIVE ME! FORGIVE ME! FORGIVE ME!" as he yelled and clubbed, the busty figure of the school nurse, Shizuka Marikawa, wobbled into view.

"Uuuh... what should I do?" she asked in her sweet, high-pitched voice, before jiggling over to a glass-fronted cabinet and opening it, reaching in to grab as many medicine bottles as she could with her gloved hands. "I can't get hold of the police, or the fire department. I can treat'em, but once they're bitten, they're bound to die! And once they die, they'll resurrect!" she tucked her left arm under her left boob, raising her index finger to the corner of her full, pouty mouth. "This is exactly like that George Romeo movie I once saw." Just then, the student staggered to his feet, still clutching the drip-stand, panting heavily. "I don't think it's time to be impressed. Let's just get outta here, Ms. Shizuka!" "Hold on a second. Let me take all the stuff I can carry." As she stretched for the meds on the top shelves, the boy snapped, "Just do it quickly!" he started as the sound of cracking glass cut through the air. Behind him, one of the (former) students had lurched head-first into the window, sending cracks in a snow-flake pattern into the window, bringing it to the edge of shattering.

A second later, and a dozen or more smashed through the flimsy barrier, spilling into the medical bay, arms reaching and slack jaws champing, ready to sink their maws into human flesh.

The boy dashed in front of Shizuka, staff raised. "Ms. Shizuka!" he yelled, and then dropped the staff as one of the walking dead lunged at him and sank its teeth into the side of his neck. As the thing savaged him, he screamed, "MS. SHIZUKA! GET OUT OF HERE QUICK!" The ditzy nurse backed up to the glass wall on the other side of the room, pointing at the oncoming hordes. "I'm sorry, what was your name again, please?" The student looked over his bloodstained shoulder, still fighting to hold off his assailant with nothing more than his hands. "What?" he croaked, then a second horror fell on him and the pair bore him to the ground and tore into him.

The rest of the undead fiends staggered past their companions, heading for the mega-mammaried doctor. "Goodness!" she murmured, and then flinched as the nearest thing raised its arms to strike.

But the blow never landed. With a single violent smack, the monster slumped sideways, neck broken. With another crack, her mysterious saviour dispatched another, leaving it crushed on the floor. Swirling, skirt and long hair flying out like wings, the second-year girl swung at her next target, sending it careening backwards into a cupboard, rattling the contents. Ceasing her assault once this last hellspawn lay slain, Shizuka saw the weapon the strange girl wielded. Nothing more than a bokken, gripped firmly in her right hand.

Turning to face Shizuka's bodyguard, she strode up to him and knelt, laying her hand on his un-injured shoulder. "I'm the captain of the kendo club, Saeko Busujima, a sophomore. What's your name, kid?"

He looked up at her, and then coughed a small stream of fresh blood. "I...Ishii...Kazu."

Saeko nodded, then said, "Ishii, you did a great job protecting Doctor Marikawa. I commend your courage. You do know what happens to you once you get bitten? Do you want your parents or friends to see you like that? If the answer is no, I will end your life as painlessly as I can, but I've never killed anyone before."

Ishii gasped, mouth falling open, then whispered hoarsely, "P-Please...Please do that," smiling at Saeko to show his gratitude.

Saeko stood, picking up her wooden sword. "Wait, what're you gonna do?!" Shizuka butted in. Saeko held her hand out, stopping Shizuka from coming closer. "You're the school doctor, I got it. But stay out of it." Raising her sword high in a backwards curve, she held it there, like a wave, ready to bring it crashing down. "This young man is going to die with honour. And I'm going to make sure that he does." The sun shone on Ishii's face as he slumped against the desk, and he closed his eyes. The end came swiftly. Saeko brought her lacquered hardwood blade soaring down, a falcon diving upon a mouse, and blood painted the window in a shimmering ruby arc.

Shizuka stood, staring at Ishii's body as the blood fanned out. Struggling not to cry, she was jolted from her shock as a metal cupboard door gave way, and a pair of zombies staggered out into the wrecked med bay.

Saeko faced them sword ready, and a dark look slid over her face.



As I looked around the D.T. workshop, I could see loads of tools still dumped from when the panic hit. "Ok, we're her. What do we do now?" I wondered out loud. Looking around, I commented, "although I do see some things that would come in handy-" "JUST SHUT UP, YOU CHUBBY GEEK!" Takagi snapped. "Lock the door so they won't come in!" I hurried to slide the door shut and bolted it from the inside. "Ok, I locked it!" I reported, joining Takagi at the workbench, where she had collected an assortment of tools. "You're gonna use them for weapons, aren't you?" I asked. She glared at me and sarked, "You're one of those basement shut-ins, one of those military nerds or gun geeks, aren't you? Come on, at least you've seen this thing before, I mean, it was in a Mel Gibson movie!" I leaned forward and scooped up one of the tools. "A nail gun. And it's gas!" "Hell yeah! We wouldn't be able to carry it around if it was one of those compressor types, right? God, so you're fat AND stupid!"

I tried to be nice. "So, you like movies?" She snorted. "Don't be ridiculous! I'm a genius, so I know everything!" she froze as a loud thump jarred the door on its hinges. I rummaged in a box. "We've got an extra tank, and then nails. We're all set!"

Takagi yelled at me. "Why are you so calm, cool and collected? THEY'RE COMING! THEY'RE IN THE HALLWAY!" I ignored her, fiddling with the nail gun. "Weighs about four kilograms, as heavy as some old assault rifle, but I can't stabilize my aim this way. Need to attach a sight to it." "HEY YOU! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?!" Takagi yelled, making the things trying to bust down the door even more excited. I saw some wooden measuring sticks out of the corner of my eye, and an evil grin spread across my face. "Heh heh heh heh…"

Takagi stared at the door, with fear in her eyes. "Hi- Hirano?"

I was busy. I sawed one end off the measuring stick, broke the top two inches off a pencil, cut a block out of an eraser, and got to work with the duct tape. Just as I was taping the last bits in place the doors caved in, and the zombies spilled into the woodshop classroom, and Takagi… screamed.



A nail embedded itself in the forehead of the leading creature, and it dropped to the floor, unmoving. I still had that insane smile on my face, and growled, "GOTCHA!" Takagi looked at me in awe, murmuring, "Hirano?!" as I fired again…



"Are you ready?" I asked Rei, holding the nozzle of a fire-hose and part of the pipe. "YEAH!" she yelled, as I focussed on the flesh-huggers currently breaking through our fence. "NOW TURN IT!" Rei turned the wheel, and water sprayed out in a wave, and I danced like a drunken monkey, trying to control the hose.



THUNK! THWUCK! Two more zombies dropped, a single nail in each skull. As I kept picking them off, I yelled, "You see the drill, and the nails over there? Will you put them in a bag or something?" Takagi's temper flared, and she screamed, "EXCUSE ME?! YOURE NO GOOD TO ME! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN ORDER ME AROUND?!" I turned my head, with a psychotic glare, and then my face relaxed into an angelic smile. "Pretty-please with sugar on top?" Takagi stared at me with a healthy dose of fear, and then sighed in defeat. "alright." She groaned.



"TAKASHI!" Rei screamed, as I struggled to control the nozzle. "I'm ok!" I replied. Under my breath, I muttered, 'I didn't like most of you fucks before, and I sure as hell don't like you now!' The hose fell where I aimed it, and I roared, "TAAAKKE THIIIIISSSS!" The hose sent a tidal wave of raging white water straight at the things trying to eat us, and blasted the barricade, and the zombies, backwards, down the stairs, and out of the fight for a while. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"



Takagi snapped, "What are you doing? Here, hold this too," shoving a bag into my arms. "Uh, okay," I replied, staring at the water I'd seen pouring down the window. Turning, I said, "um, Takagi? Can…can I ask you something?" she turned and frowned. "What?!" "Well, why are you with me?" I asked.

Looking out of the door, she sarked again, "why? It's because I'm such a nice person." Sighing, I mumbled, "yeah, I can see that. Oh well." I ejected the clip, and rammed a fresh nail clip home, cocking the home-made rifle.

For the first time, Takagi smiled at me, before actually PAYING ME A COMPLIMENT! "Wow, you're on the ball all of a sudden. Something click in you, or what?" I turned, that crazed mask sliding onto my face again. "I think I've found my calling!" I replied. As I leaped into the corridor, Takagi yelled, "BEHIND YOU!" I turned, and, with three perfect shots, I nailed (pun definitely intended) the trio of walking corpses lurching towards us.



Rei and I stepped gingerly down the wet stairs, and I commented, "A fire-hose. Nice!" Rei smiled at me, and replied, "I thought the water-pressure would be strong enough. Don't you remember, during the fire-drill in junior high, Hisashi and you got-" I twitched, and she stopped reminiscing, and looked away. "Yeah. I remember." She changed the subject, to my relief. "I think it should be ok now." I looked sidelong at her. "How I admire your optimism. You sure about this?" She handed me my Louisville Slugger, and our fingers brushed. I pulled mine away, and gripped the handle. "Let's go."

We set off at a dead run, and I lashed out with my bat. "Hayeah!" slamming one zombie down, while Rei rolled over my back and skewered another. I shoulder-charged another out of the way, sending it crashing into the one behind, then plunged down the stairs…

"Where do we run to?" Rei asked, as we paused for a second to catch our breath. I looked back at her, smiling. "To my house. We'll go there and get supplies we need, then meet up with other people who haven't turned yet. Work together and get someplace safe. Sounds like a plan to me!" Rei smiled back. "Yeah, you're right! And now that I know my dad's ok, we can- OH! We should call your house too, make sure they're alright!" I replied, "waste of time, nobody's home. 'Sides, my dad's outta town, won't be back 'til next week. And my mom's a school-teacher, so she won't be home 'til after five. 'Sides, they get on my nerves."

Rei giggled, "Heehee, well, they're parents; it kinda comes with the job," as she followed me on down the staircase…