Restarting with the DEAD

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"DAMN!" i turned, leading Rei towards the foot of the stairs. The lights had flickered about ten minutes ago, and now, they'd completely gone out. Although it was the middle of the day, dark clouds were already hiding the sun, and it was verily quiet inside the school, with only an occasional, distant scream.

"Takashi?" Rei whispered. "I don't like this. What if they come?" I smiled. "Then we run like stink," i muttered back, then crept to the end of the hallway, like I was a character from a video-game, trying to sneak past the guards. But, this was real, and if i was seen, I'd die, be eaten, and come back.

Rei watched me nervously, but when I reached the double doors, I couldn't see a single one of 'Them'. Shrugging, I beckoned her over, and we kept walking, along the deserted hall, looking in every classroom for any survivors, vain hope though it was. We saw bodies, though, but they weren't moving. It seemed as though a few of them had been killed, but by who, we didn't know.

While we were searching the last of the rooms, a loud 'punk-punk' noise rang from the faculty room area, and Rei looked to me. "COME ON!" I hissed, and we scuttled towards the sound, hoping against hope that we'd find others.



SSS-PLACK! "And another one bites the dust!" I crowed, relishing the power i had leashed to my hand, the power to kill. Takagi was less impressed. "STOP KILLING THEM, DUMBASS! How will we learn about them if you shoot them?!"

I frowned. "Well, if I don't kill them now, they'll kill us. I don't think you want to spend the rest of your life roaming around eating people..." "OH, SHUT UP!" She snapped, her pink hair spinning as she glared at me. "Um, I'm running out of the nails! Could you pass me a fresh clip from the bag?" Takagi stamped her foot. "AND HOW'S THAT MY PROBLEM?!" I pointed. "There's why."

She looked back, and screamed. One of the face-eaters snarled at her, and she tripped over the satchel strap and landed on her butt. Firing off the last of my nails, I grabbed the only remaining clip, jacking it into the chamber.

Just as i was about to fire, I heard running feet, and a whole bunch of people came up from opposite sides of the hall. From the far right, Ms Shizuka and another young woman, and from same side left, a brown-haired guy with someone who looked like his girlfriend.

The kendo girl called, "I'll get this side!" the guy grinned, and bellowed, "Then I've got this one! Charge!" the trio of fighters, Ms Marikawa not included, tore into the back of 'them' like a rugby scrum, or the monday lunch scrimmage.

I stared at them, wishing i had a camera. This would make SUCH an epic FaceBook update, i mused nostalgically. They were sending them flying! Especially the dark-haired sword girl, she was a whirling dervish, cutting down anyone in her path.

As I turned, I saw Takagi's legs, sticking out from a broken trophy case, with a huge pool of blood in front of her. I was about to yell, when i realised the blood was from that zombie I'd been supposed to shoot.

Saya had grabbed the drill from the tool-bag, and powering it up, had plunged the long tip straight into its forehead, cracking through the bone and into the grey, gloopy brain, which was now dripping from its nostrils, like jelly, or snot.

As the drill's battery whined down, the bit stopped spinning, and Takagi let the drill fall, still embedded in the creature's head. She was totally covered in blood.

"Oh my god..." she whispered. "This was new this morning. Now... now, mom's going to need to have it dry-cleaned..."

I stood up, lowering the modded nailgun. Takashi and Rei introduced themselves, and the dark girl was Saeko. "I'm Kohta Hirano, just FYI," i said, "and that's Takag-uh!" i got side-swiped by the pretty nurse's boobs, and ended up on the floor. Not that i minded, of course.



'Hmmm, Ms Busujima looks like she can take care of herself', I thought, eying her blood-stained bokken. She was obviously a well-trained and skilful fighter.

"We're gettin' outta here! Any of you want to come with us?" i said, and Saeko, Ms Shizuka, the other guy, Hirano, and Takagi all nodded. "We're with you, Komuro," Saeko smirked, shouldering her sword, "But first, we've got to know more about what's happening. I suggest we barricade ourselves in the faculty room, and see if the news can help."

"Also, the school minibus keys might still be there; the bus is parked where it normally is, and the door doesn't look damaged." I agreed, and we all piled into the staff-room, and pushed tables and chairs against the door. Rei flicked the T.V on, and the news programs that ran 24/7 started.

"-pidemic is spreading with alarming speed. We've lost contact with our reporters in china, London is maintaining control, but in Paris and Rome, we've received word of looting and riots. This unknown disease is believed to be a new and more malevolent form of rabies, with causes the victim to go mad, biting anyone nearby."

"The bitten seem to faint, and then recover shortly, only to bite others. It is advisable that you stay in your homes, and lock the doors. If you are out on the streets, head for the nearest municipal shelter."

"Oh, God..." whispered Rei, staring at the screen. A reporter stood in downtown Tokunosu, talking to the camera, while body bags occupied a trolley nearby.

"The body-bags behind me are filled with the bodies of some people who were attacking the relief crews, by trying to bite them. They were shot and killed by police, and will be autopsied at- OH my god, they're shooting!"

On-screen, the body-bags were sitting up and writhing like maggots. Two policemen opened fire with pistols, but were swamped by more, coming up from behind. The reporter screamed, and the camera went over, before cutting out. Saeko turned off the T.V.

"We can't just sit here," she said. "We need to get out to the minibus, and we can only do that if we work together. Takashi, you seem to be a strong fighter, so you and I will be the front. Rei, you take the back with Kohta, he can support you. Takagi, stay in the middle and Help Ms Marikawa. Any questions?"

We all nodded, and got into fighting formation. Saeko stood back, and i eased the door open. Nothing moved, and we snuck out, down the stairs, and the lot of us grouped around the stairs to the foyer. We could see a small group of students fighting off the nearest freaks, but they'd be overwhelmed in minutes.

I darted ahead, pasting one of the zombies up in the brain with my bat, laying it flat out. Ms Busujima vaulted over the banister and smacked another two, while Hirano shot several, and he never missed, not even once. Quietly, Rei asked, "Were any of you bitten?" and their leader, a boy about my age, shook his head. "I muttered. "We're getting out. Come if you want."

Turning the doors, I froze. "So fuckin' many of them," i murmured, before slowly tip-toeing into the centre of the entrance hall. Behind me, I heard Rei stifle a cry. Picking up a discarded trainer, i bunged it into the lockers at the far end of the hall.

In eerie silence, the entire horde shuffled after the sound, bumping into each other. I beckoned the group, and they followed me and Ms Busujima, swift and silent. Saeko and I ran ahead to open the doors, aaaannnd, that's when it all went pear-shaped.

The guy at the back knocked his drip stand against the metal banister, and the ringing sounded throughout the school. Lovely acoustics, but I didn't really feel like it was time to appreciate the music. "FUCKIN' RUUUUUUNNN!" I bellowed, and we legged it in all directions, Saeko and I sprinting to the left, everyone else to the right. By the time we realised, we were separated... and possibly left to die...