Restarting with the DEAD chapter four

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"FUCKIN' RUUUUUUNNN!" I bellowed, and we legged it in all directions, Saeko and I sprinting to the left, everyone else to the right. By the time we realised, we were separated... and possibly left to die...



Komuro ran next to me, occasionally lashing out with his bat at one of Them who got too close, while I saved my energy for when I needed it. "HEY! Where are the others?!" I called. "Went the other way!" he yelled back. Frowning, I darted forwards, leaping over the back of one of Them who'd lunged at me, landed, and spun to deliver a punishing crack from my red oak bokken.

Komuro whistled, and then nodded approvingly. I smiled angelically at him, and we continued running, trying to find a way to back-track on ourselves, evade the dead, and re-join our allies, before they were devoured.

Komuro beckoned me over, and we ducked into the girl's locker rooms. There were clothes everywhere. Some people had tried to get their phones and wallets, or might have hoped to change out of their P.E costumes, but I smirked internally as Takashi blushed, studiously looking at the ceiling as he locked the doors.

I whispered, "Why are you staring at the roof?", then had to bite my wrist to stop myself bursting out laughing when he muttered, "there are all those frilly, lacy, pink…THINGS all over the floor!" The poor guy's face was bright red, and he looked like he'd swallowed a hedgehog.

"God, I feel like such a perv," he groaned, as he tripped on someone's bra. I snickered, and he flushed. "Well, at least you don't have to worry about detention," I answered lightly. He nodded distortedly, as he began tiptoeing over the piles of skimpy underwear, eye locked onto the windows at the far end of the locker room.

I smiled as he gestured to the glass panes, and slid over to join him, and sighing as he futilely tried opening them. "Locked." I began fishing in my breast pocket for a bobby pin, which I'd put there the day before. Sliding the end into the window lock, I began wiggling it aimlessly.

Komuro smirked. "You can't seriously be trying to pick the lock with that, can you? I mean, sure, if this was Fallout 3, maybe, but-" I flourished the pin at him, then opened the window and curtsied to him, smiling at his flabbergasted expression. "If you keep your mouth open like that, a bird will nest on your tongue," I sang, breezing past him and looking out.

There was not a sign of Them anywhere. Komuro tapped my shoulder. "I think you should go first," he muttered. "Hmmm?" I replied. His face went beetroot again. "If I go first, you'll show me your…y'knows, when you jump out." I had to hold back another giggle. The boy was surrounded by panties, and he was squeamish about seeing mine?!

"Fine," I sighed dramatically, shaking my head when he heaved a sigh of relief, before vaulting onto the windowsill. I turned, blew him a kiss, and then dropped, landing silently on my feet, bokken raised for action. Takashi landed behind me, with a faint thud.

We waited, but nothing happened. Taking the lead, I headed back towards the staff parking lot, but we froze as we heard the sound of- "an engine!" snarling in frustration, Komuro kicked a brick, and we sprinted in the direction of the noise, dashing pell-mell through the sports grounds, and came out a hundred metres from the gates.

The bus was already revving, and an unearthly wail echoed behind me, like hell itself was raging about losing its victims. The horde we'd dodged earlier was lurching after us again, and They seemed more desperate to catch us than ever.

"GO FOR THE BUS!" I howled, turning. "I'll hold them off, and you turn that thing around and pick me up, 'k?!" Komuro tried to protest, but I shoved him bodily in the direction of the vehicle, and he took off.

I breathed in, the air tainted with the stink of blood and fear, and smiled. Gripping my bokken, I slid into my stance, and waited. A breeze fluttered my long blue-black hair, and the horde slowed, as if they sensed me. "If you won't come to me," I murmured, "THEN I'LL COME TO YOU!"

I jetted forward in a flat sprint, covering the distance in a blink. The nearest one tire grabbing me, but I slammed the edge of my blade in his forehead.


Another clawed his way to the front of the herd and snarled, and I broke its jaw, then struck it across the temple, spilling teeth everywhere.


They began coming then, every single one of Them in the school, it seemed like. They clamoured and screamed, but I made no sound. And then, I began… to dance. And with every step I took, another thing fell, laid low by my hand.


Four. Five, six. Seven, eight, nine-ten-eleven… I counted silently, adding these to the dozen I'd taken in the school. Twenty-three… They kept coming, and I kept dancing.

As my sword claimed a fortieth unlife, I heard the rumbling of the bus getting louder. "MS BUSUJIMA!" I turned, and saw Komuro and Rei. He was leaning out of the open door, and she was holding the back of his trousers. Hirano was popping off nails, finishing what I'd started.

I stretched out my free hand, and Takashi grabbed it, pulling me onto the bus and in through the open doors. Ms Marikawa slammed the doors shut, and we screeched around, and in a move that would have had her arrested, she fishtailed through a second group I hadn't seen.

Screaming "They're not human anymore… They're not people anymore… THEY'RE NOT ALIVE ANYMORE!" She rammed the bus into the gates, busting the locks, and skimming down the road to freedom.

I dropped to my knees, panting. I'd never been this way before… had I? Shrugging my stiff shoulders, I rose to my feet in one fluid motion, scanning the bus to see if everyone had made it.

The leader of the group we'd rescued, Takuzo, and his girlfriend Naomi, hadn't. He'd been torn apart when he'd tried to fight too many of Them, and she'd run back to die with him.

Despite our sad losses, we'd come out with more survivors than I thought, and a teacher. "Mr Shido." I said coldly, standing in front of him….