Restarting with the DEAD chapter five

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Despite our sad losses, we'd come out with more survivors than I thought, and a teacher. "Mr Shido." I said coldly, standing in front of him….



"Well, this is a pleasant surprise," Mr Shido purred, his catlike eyes glinting. "Ms Busujima and Mr Komuro. I understand you two were the reason my students and I managed to board your vehicle. My thanks to the both of you."

Rei snapped, "they didn't do it for you, they were doing it for us!" she turned to me, her face defiant. "Isn't that right, Takashi?"

I stared at her, surprised by her vehemence towards this guy. What did he do to her that made her hate him so much? Ms Busujima ignored him, and sat in an empty seat and pulled a hanky from her breast pocket, using it to wipe the blood off her bokken.

I just shrugged at the tall, nerdy-looking man, and slumped on a seat of my own, pulling out my phone. Rummaging in my other pockets, I paused, and then tugged out my earpods. They'd been a gift from Hisashi, for my seventeenth birthday… I plugged the connector into my mobile and set it to shuffle, and the song 'Don't fear the reaper', by Blue Oyster Cult started playing, and I smiled mirthlessly. It fit the mood, after all.

The skinny teacher sat down, and asked, "Who's the leader of your group, then? Is it Ms Busujima?" Saeko didn't even look up, as she said, "I am not. If anyone is, it's Komuro. He came up with the idea to distract the undead on the spur of the moment, and even managed to distract them into going the wrong way, to boot."

I pooped one of my headphones free and shook my head. "Nah, not me. We just work together, in order to live." The creepy teacher smirked. "Well, that's not good… in order to survive, we definitely need a leader." His eyes narrowed. "A leader who bears everything. With valour! With confidence!" Rei glared at me. You'll pay for this!" she whispered furiously. "I guarantee you'll pay for making us wait! If you'd only hurried up, he-" she pointed at Mr Shido, "- wouldn't be here!"

I just ignored the pinstripe-suit-wearing gaytard. I mean, who the hell still wears pinstripe suits?!



I finished cleaning my training sword, and looked around, putting names to the faces of new arrivals. There was a ginger-haired girl, Yuuki Miku, who was rumoured to be a slut, and spent most of her free time flirting with boys.

Also newly arrived were Kawamoto and Taniuchi. Kawamoto, the redhead, was supposedly bisexual, while Taniuchi had dark blue hair and glasses.

Kurokami, a slight boy with cheek-length messy black hair, was a coward and as spiteful as they come. Miura and Yamada, I didn't know. And Tsunoda, the last of Shido's pupils, was often in trouble for violence. He was in anger-management classes.



I just sat back and let my music wash over me. I was exhausted. As Ms Shizuka drove along the motorway, that guy with the dyed blonde hair stood up. "HEY! Why are we going into Tokunosu?! I don't wanna do that; we should've just found a safe place in the school, or something!" Everyone ignored him, and he subsided.

About ten minutes later, Ms Shizuka flattened one of 'Them' lurching across the road. The pseudo-blond leapt up again. "Like I said, if we go with Komuro and the others, it'll be too dangerous!" Kurokami piped up, "Yeah, he's got a point! I kinda agree with Tsunoda."

'Tsunoda… I'll be wary of that one,' I thought to myself. Ms Shizuka slammed on the brakes. "Ok, y'all, that's it! I can't drive safely if you keep making such a racket!" Tsunoda flushed, and muttered something under his breath.

Behind him, Saeko spoke. "Why don't you tell us what you want to do, instead of whining about what we're doing wrong?" he looked furious, and gritted his teeth. "I just can't stand this guy!" he snarled, pointing at… ME?! "I really hate 'im!"

I paused my music. The current song was 'Highway to Hell, which ironically fitted with our location. "Why? What did I ever say or do to you?! I don't even know you, for cryin' out loud!"

Tsunoda clenched his fist. "YOU KNOW!" He yelled, and ran forward. He got exactly two steps before Rei swivelled out of her seat and belted him in the gut with the side of her pole. Tsunoda gaged, hawked up saliva, and collapsed on his side, coughing and hacking.

"Asshole," she muttered, standing over him, spear-butt on the ground. Mr Shido, (who kinda reminds me of that snake-looking bad guy from an anime I watched a while ago) stepped slowly towards us, doing the 'slow clap' thing. You know, where you clap slowly to indicate sarcasm when someone does something.

He started speaking as he stepped over the blonde dumbass' body. "Bravo! Simply outstanding teamwork. I'm impressed. I commend both of you." Rei and I looked at each other, and I rolled my eyes. "At any rate, a conflict like that only proves my point. We need a leader. We do! Surely neither of you wants such a difficult responsibility on your shoulders."

Saya butted in. "oh, and I suppose you're offering to take the job?" Shido smiled at her and smarmed, "I'm a teacher Miss Takagi, and, while mature, all of you are barely in your teens. That alone makes it clear who is qualified to assume such a role! I have experience! Why, just moments ago, I saved all of these brave students! What d'you say, guys?"

A pause, and then every single one of those idiots; Tsunoda, Kurokami, Miura and Kurokami, the three girls, and Yamada, began applauding his ass! "There! It's been decided! The majority seems to have made the choice quite clear, yes?" he smirked like a lizard. "Or can anyone recommend why I should not take charge?" Kohta looked like he had something to say, as did Takagi. Rei seemed positively mutinous. "I will stand for leader!" I exclaimed, rising to my feet. While I didn't know much about this weaselly-looking dweeb, I didn't want him taking over. I turned to Hirano. "Kohta! Have you any reason why you would prefer me to lead over Shido?" the teacher tried butting in, "excuse me, that's Mr Shido-" "Button it, you nutcase! You had your turn, now it's mine!" I said fiercely, and Rei smiled.

Kohta stood up. "That jerk often saw me getting bullied about my weight and hobbies, but he didn't stop it! In fact, he encouraged it! THAT BASTARD RUINED MY FUCKING LIFE!" There were tears of fury in his brown eyes. Again, the stupid teacher tried to interrupt. "My dear Mr Hirano, I had no idea it was that bad! You should have-" fsst-splack! I lowered Kohta's makeshift rifle, glaring at him, before handing it back. "Shut the fuck up! Kohta, if he opens his mouth one more time, make him swallow a nail!"

Kohta grinned evilly, and Shido gulped, before shutting up. I turned to Takagi. "Anything to add, Takagi?" she stood. "When he was bringing all these fools here, one of them tripped and couldn't stand. Probably a sprained ankle. Anyway, when the kid grabbed his trouser leg, Shido said something to him, and then kicked him in the face, ON PURPOSE!"

Shido paled, but held his tongue, the threat of the nail sticking out of the seat back next to him and the promise of more if he spoke keeping him remarkably quiet. The others began muttering in shock. Rei was the last one to speak. "Shido's father is a corrupt politician in the DIET, and my father was investigating allegations to that effect. Shido was ordered to hold me back a year to make my dad back off!"

I glared at Shido. "Rei, that's a serious accusation. Do you have any proof?" she nodded, and pulled off her shoe, peeling away the insole, to show a small cavity in the heel. I pulled out a sim-card, popped open my phone, and replaced mine with the new one. Instead of contacts, a single icon popped up when I restarted it. I touched it, and read through a few pages of text.

Handing the phone to Saeko, I asked her to read a page or two out loud. Standing up, she enunciated clearly, loud enough for everyone to hear, "Wednesday the fourth July. I received a case file from the desk sergeant today. I have been tasked with investigating corruption charges levelled against Ichirou Shido." She looked over at me, I nodded, and she continued.

"Saturday fifteenth July. I received an anonymous note in the post at the station this morning it instructed me to cease my investigation, or else I would suffer. I know that Shido is dangerous, but I am constantly surrounded by my men. There is nothing he can do to me."

Shido raised his hand, and I nodded. He spoke up, "all of this is mere supposition, and there is no proof of my 'crime' against Ms Miyamoto, so therefore-"I cut him off. "Saeko, read the next entry, this story is just getting good." She smiled, and opened her mouth. "

Friday, thirteenth of August. I am calling off the investigation. I was right to assume that Shido could not touch me directly, so… he went after my daughter. I should have checked Rei's school, but I didn't know that Ichirou's son taught there. He was instructed by his father to hold my little girl back a year. How can I tell her, that it's all my fault?"

Rei was weeping openly, and the rest of us were glaring at the sweating teacher. "Out." I snarled. "But, Mr Komuro-" he sputtered. "OUT! AND TAKE YOUR STUDENTS WITH YOU!" I bellowed, and he shrank back. The students who'd followed him set up a clamour. "No!" "I didn't do anything!" "Please!" I held up one hand, and silence fell like a blanket. I raised my right hand and pointed. "You, blondie. Off." Tsunoda was grabbed by Saeko and the boy Yamada, and hurled bodily off.

Kurokami, Miura, and the two lesbians followed. Shido was the last. Howling and protesting he was bundled off at gunpoint, and they stood in a huddle, whimpering and glaring. As the doors closed, I waved mockingly. "Have a nice life!" I called cheerfully, and Yuuki and Yamada sighed in relief. Kohta had not been bullied by them, and they'd done nothing to Rei, so they were allowed to stay with us, under Saeko's watchful gaze…