Restarting with the DEAD chapter six

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As the doors closed, I waved mockingly. "Have a nice life!" I called cheerfully, and Yuuki and Yamada sighed in relief. Kohta had not been bullied by them, and they'd done nothing to Rei, so they were allowed to stay with us, under Saeko's watchful gazeā€¦



As Shido and his cronies receded into the distance, I heaved a sigh of relief. Yuuki sat with her arm wrapped around her knees, staring out of the window. She looked completely shocked, but I knew Takashi had done the right thing. Shido was unstable. He would most likely have taken over, and then thrown those of us he could not manipulate off the bus to die. It was us or them, and i'm glad i was in the 'Us' group.

Takagi muttered for a while, and then fell asleep. Hirano worked on adjusting his weapon. I was impressed at how much effort he put into working it. Komuro was listening to his music; Yamada pulled a sketchpad and box of pencils out of his bag and started to draw. I watched him for a while, and then closed my eyes for a minute...



I woke up, sitting still in my seat and listening to the quiet of the bus. Kohta had woken as well, and Ms Shizuka was teaching him how to drive the bus. He was doing pretty well, as far as i could tell.

Komuro's phone was tucked in his jacket pocket, which I could tell by the headphone sticking out of it. Rei had curled up next to Takashi, and I felt a little flutter in my chest. Could I be...Jealous? No, I decided, just hungry, as my stomach rumbled. I knew i was lying, though...

The sun was rising over the pillars of smoke that filled the skyline, and others started to stir. Ms Shizuka pulled over at a convenience store that looked untouched. Takashi asked for volunteers to go see if we could scavenge any supplies. I volunteered, and so did Rei. Takashi nodded, and the doors opened long enough for us to slip out onto the pavement.



Rei poked the door with her spear. It moved, and I pushed with my shoulder, opening it wide enough for her to slip in. We listened carefully, not talking, barely breathing, but all seemed quiet. I scouted on ahead, noting anything we could use, and any signs of damage. We met back at the doors in about five minutes, and retreated to the safety of the bus to report to our leader.

Takashi stood waiting. "Saeko, was there anything we can use? Did you have to fight?" I bowed, and said, "Negative on the fighting, but there were bloodstains. However, I saw only a little that might help us." Rei nodded and agreed that she had encountered none of them, but only a very little in the way of consumables.

"Very good, you two," Takashi praised. "Hirano, you're with me, and you, Yamada." The two boys stood and moved after Takashi. I pulled Yamada aside. "Do you have a weapon?" i whispered.

He shook his head, and I handed him a crowbar. "Here, until we find better equipment," i smiled, and he tentatively grinned back. Kohta, Takashi and Yamada stepped off the bus and entered the store. I jumped out and stood halfway between the store and bus, keeping watch for any sign of 'Them'. Rei joined me on the opposite side.

"Busujima-sempai..." she said. I turned my head, and saw she was frowning at me. "I saw the way you looked at him, last night. You thought I was asleep, but i had my eyes closed until i felt someone staring at us. It was you, and you were looking directly at Takashi." She glared at me. I blinked in surprise. I hadn't noticed her watching me. Realising she was waiting for a reply, i said, "why? I'm single, he's single, he's kinda cute, and besides, Rei, you already had him! You dumped him, so you had your chance. I like him, and i hope he likes me."

Rei went scarlet, but, before she could say a word, Yamada and Takashi came staggering out, carrying a large wooden board loaded with bottles of water and soda, multipacks of crisps, sandwiches, cakes, and fruit. It looked like they'd grabbed everything they could find, but they lowered the board to the ground outside, and then ran back in, Kohta trailing after them.

Yuuki Miku came out and started loading the supplies. Takagi grumbled out to help. I watched the boys bring another heavily-laden plank of goods. I pulled Takashi over, and whispered, "Hey, Takashi... if you find any peppermint gum in there, could you get it for me? As much as you can?" Takashi smiled, and agreed. He went back in, and Rei clenched her jaw as I looked at her.



I headed back into the store for the third time, hunting for one item in particular. I had a feeling that Ms Busujima didn't want anyone to know how much she liked peppermint. I blushed at the memory: her lips almost brushing my ear, her warm breath on my cheek. She smelled heavenly, but I couldn't work out what she smelled of...

I rummaged around fruitlessly, but found nothing except batteries, so I grabbed a carrier-bag and loaded it with a mix of sizes. I turned to take them out and spotted a door, half-buried behind cardboard boxes. I kicked them out of the way, grabbing my bat from beside the glass doors. I pressed my ear against the wood, and heard what I'd hope i wouldn't, but dreaded i would: moaning. There was someone, or something, in there.

Knocking on the door, I asked, "H-Hello? Is there anyone in there?" a voice answered, "oh thank God! Someone's there! Can you help me?!" it sounded like a young woman. "Is the door locked?" I asked, and the handle rattled. "Yes and the keys are missing." "Stand back," i ordered, and listened to the scuffling. "Ok, clear!" she called, and I slammed my shoulder into the side of the door.

Again! A third time, and the door fell open with a ear-splitting crash. A girl, no older than about 19 burst out, and ran off, out of the store, down the road, and away. I shrugged, and entered the room, which i could now see was a supply closet.

Looking about, I saw the words I'd been hoping for: WRIGLEY'S PEPPERMINT CHEWING GUM, printed on a huge cardboard box. Cheering, I ripped open the top, and my jaw dropped. There must've been more than a thousand packs in there! I snatched up several plastic sacks, tipping box after box of gum into them.

Thirty minutes or so later, i stood surrounded by happy members of my group, and Saeko almost wept for joy when she peeked inside the half-dozen black sack full of nothing but gum. She threw her arms around me and hugged me tight, and her breasts pressed firmly into my chest. I breathed in her scent as i wrapped my arms around her shoulders. She smelled of lavender and newly-mown grass, vanilla, and... Cinnamon.

I whispered, "Saeko, your perfume smells great..." she looked me in the eyes, and murmured, "thanks, but i'm not wearing any perfume. Or body-spray, or scented soap." I flushed. No way could any normal girl smell so good after an afternoon of zombie-bashing... all my thoughts crashed to a grinding halt as Saeko kissed me on the cheek.

I hugged her warmly, breathing in the scent of her body and hair. She pulled back, and asked, face slightly flushed, "Is it ok... if I sit with you today?" I nodded, smiling, and she leaned in and kissed me again, this time on the lips...