Restarting with the DEAD Chapter 7

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I hugged her warmly, breathing in the scent of her body and hair. She pulled back, and asked, face slightly flushed, "Is it ok... if I sit with you today?" I nodded, smiling, and she leaned in and kissed me again, this time on the lips...



I pulled back from Takashi. I couldn't believe i'd just kissed him! And it had been my first kiss... i touched my lips, then turned and strode onto the bus with a bag of batteries that Takashi had found, then came back for more. I noticed Hirano gnawing on something green, so I went to see him. He whipped round at my approach, and i could see he'd been eating celery.

He goggled at me for a moment, and then swallowed. "You... You won't tell anyone, will you?" he pleaded. I smiled. "No, i don't see why anyone else needs to know, but I wouldn't mind a piece, please." He pulled another stalk from the bunch, and handed it to me. I bit into the crisp vegetable, grinding the stringy flesh between my teeth.

"So, Saeko-san," the boy muttered through a mouthful, "see any tech in there we could use to upgrade our arsenal? I'm beginning to run out of nails and gas for my baby." He patted the nail-rifle affectionately. "Sorry, no. But I did see a pile of road atlases in there. I could grab one and see where the nearest hardware store is. I bet Yamada and Takashi would like some new toys. Hey, who knows? We might even find a chainsaw."

I left Kohta chewing thoughtfully, stuffing the last of my celery stalk in my mouth. Hopping off the bus, i returned a few minutes later with an atlas, and Takashi swiftly pinpointed our location. "We're here, and the nearest tool place is riiight aroouuund... here!"

He jabbed at the map, and I saw that we were not too far from it. Kohta could get his nails, and I think Takashi and the others were in high spirits about it too. We had food, we had water, and we needed only two things. Better weapons, and a place to hide.

Ms Shizuka put the bus in gear, and we rumbled down the highway, and I claimed my seat next to Takashi, much to Rei's displeasure...




We found the shop, not far from the Tokunosu turn-off, and stopped right outside. From the bus, we could see that the store's windows were smashed, and that there seemed to be no signs of anything moving. Takashi opened the doors, and he, Rei, and Takagi slid out and through the open storefront.

I pressed the button and the doors whirred shut. "Wait, what are you doing?! What if they need help?" Yuuki Miku, sitting at the back, asked. "I rolled my eyes at her. "Would you rather I left the doors wide open and invited 'Them' in for tea?" she shut up, and I watched, before Takashi stuck his head out of a shop window and beckoned me over. Popping the doors, I joined him in the wrecked store.

As I crunched softly over broken glass, I saw scattered bits of tools and other equipment lying everywhere. Whoever had looted this place had destroyed whatever they didn't need. What a waste. I bent down and picked up a large circular-saw blade, then a metal-saw that had somehow survived intact. Kohta was already carrying a sledgehammer head and several metal sheets.

Takashi led me to the back of the shop, where a locked door stood barring the way. "It's metal," he gestured at it. "D'you think you can pick the lock again?" I knelt down, pulling the bobby pin from my pocket. In a few short moments, I'd..."broken it." And that was my only one, too.

Shaking my head, I stood up. "No luck?" Takashi looked at me. I shrugged and turned to leave, but tripped. I knocked into the metal-plated door, and an audible 'click!" came from it. Staring at Takashi, I reached out and took the handle. Lowering the handle, I tugged... and the door slid open smoothly, on oiled hinges.

When i saw the contents of that room, my jaw dropped. Behind me, Takashi gasped. I stepped in, looking in awe at all the stuff we could use. Blades, handles, points, everything we could ever need to craft some truly lethal custom weapons was right here, in this room... I stepped towards a lathe, and began running it over the slightly roughened edges of my bokken.

Takashi locked his metal bat in a vice and began cutting a deep slit in the top. After he'd cut down about a foot, he slotted the circular saw-blade i'd picked up earlier, sliding it into the cut.

Looking around, he found a blowtorch. Picking up a spool of wire, he ignited the burner and began soldering the blade into his bat with steel wire. The heat was ferocious, but he kept soldering until the blade was firmly locked in.

Kohta came in, and almost screamed with joy. He grabbed racks of nail-gun clips, cramming them into his pockets, and loading his arms with gas canisters. Running out, he came back a few minutes later with Yamada.

Yamada blinked, and then smiled evilly. He grabbed several axe-heads and a wooden pole, slotting one blade after another onto one end. He tilted them at different angle as he fastened them down, making a brutal bladed mace.

Takashi's axe-bat was cool enough to hold, and he swung it a few times, getting the feel of it. I had cut a thin channel in my bokken's edge and had fixed sharp craft-knife blades into the groove, enhancing my destructive power.

Kohta was giggling maniacally as he stripped off the wood and tape stock, fashioning one from metal instead. He cut a thin tube, taking a four inch piece and attaching it as a barrel extension, then gluing several clips together in pairs. One clip had glue on the bottom, and then he pressed an unglued bottom to it, making a double-loader clip.

He grinned as he finished his work, and we nodded confidently as we gathered the last of our supplies. Leaving, we walked straight into a group of 'Them' crowded around the bus. Stopping, I counted. There were twelve of them, and only three of us. I stepped forwards silently, and slammed my bokken sideways into the neck of my first target. The blades embedded in my sword cut through the flesh like paper, and its head rolled off. It fell with a wet 'splat!'

"UUUUUUUHHH!" the other eleven turned, and three of them were pinned through eyes and foreheads by Kohta's nailgun. Yamada crushed a skull with his maul, and Takashi... I actually saw him slice one of 'Them in two with his axe-bat! In less time than it took to say a prayer, we'd eviscerated the small cluster of fucks. It felt AMAZING! I'd never felt so alive, or so powerful! It was like being a wolf in the sheep-pen!

The doors opened, and we piled on, basking in the glow of a well-earned kill, and revelling in the power of our new toys. Ms Shizuka slammed the accelerator, and we sped out of there like a bat out of hell.



As we rode along, I felt an uncomfortable sensation around my groin. I excused myself from Takashi's side, and went to the onboard toilet cubicles. I locked the door and hiked up my skirt. There was a large wet patch on my panties! I thought I'd wet myself, but the smell coming from my privates wasn't the stink of urine. It was... I coloured. How did I get aroused?!

I tried not to, I really didn't want to do this, not now, but I couldn't help myself. My hand peeled my slightly sticky underwear off my body. My shaven pussy gleamed in the light from a small bulb set into the ceiling.

I stroked over my mound, my breathing coming in short gasps as I slid a hand under my shirt, cupping a breast. I loved my breasts. They were large, firm, and full, yet they didn't sag. Teasing my nipple, I slid my index finger, then my middle, inside me. My knees buckled, ad i slid to the floor, lying against the door and pumping vigorously, my palm brushing over my clit.

As I played with my dripping slit, I started thinking, letting my mind wander back to the fight. I thought of cutting through the stinking once-humans, and my vagina throbbed. I was turned on by visiting death upon the hordes of the damned.

And as I imagined it, a picture came to the front of my mind, unbidden. Takashi, eyes wild, teeth bared in a snarl, hair in disarray. As if in slow motion, I saw him cut through that horrible drooling undead bitch, and I whimpered as I felt the strongest orgasm of my life rip through me, leaving my limp body shaking on the floor...



"Uuuh..." i moaned as i came to. It felt like I'd blacked out for a minute or two. I was standing up and pulling my panties back on and wincing as the wet spot made contact with my skin. I jumped slightly as Takashi's voice filtered through the door. "Ms Busujima? Are you still in there? Only, I need to use the lav."

I turned the tap and quickly washed my hands and face, cleaning some of the blood off me while i was at it. Drying my skin, I opened the door. "Sorry, i was just a little drained by how much we've accomplished. I guess i still haven't adjusted to the new world yet."

Takashi smiled sympathetically at me and put an arm around my shoulders. "It's ok; I think we're all still a little shocked. Go sit down, and I'll join you in a bit." Patting me on the shoulder, he turned to go in, but I pulled him round and kissed him. Not the short lip-to-lip contact from earlier, but a real kiss, full of passion.

I was buzzing with emotion inside, but I did my best to hide them. Breaking the kiss, i smiled beatifically, patted him on the butt and sashayed off to my seat, swaying my hips as i walked. I smirked internally. It was going to be an interesting day tomorrow, i thought...