Restarting with the DEAD Chapter 8

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Breaking the kiss, I smiled beatifically, patted him on the butt and sashayed off to my seat, swaying my hips as I walked. I smirked internally. It was going to be an interesting day tomorrow, I thought...



As Saeko shimmied off, I blinked in shock. 'Wha? Did she just…kiss me, AGAIN!?' Shaking my head, I pulled the handle and washed my hands, drying them on some paper towel, before going back to my seat. Saeko was already sitting next to the window, and I slumped down next to her, before turning to her. "Want to talk?" she started. "Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about stuff. Yes, what shall we talk about?" I nodded at her bokken.

"First, how did you know how to fit those blades into the edge?" she smiled wistfully. "Well, you saw that I smoothed the blade with a lathe first? My father … he's a Kendo school owner and teacher; you've probably seen him on T.V. His name is Kage Busujima. He made this sword for me when I started learning Kendo. He taught me how to take care of it, too. And as for the blades, I just felt that it was the best way to improve my combat potential."

She smiled sadly, and then shook herself. "But enough about me, how did you make that so easily?" She gestured to my axe-bat, lying at my feet. "My uncle's a mechanic. Before I started at Fujimi, I worked for him in the summer. I loved it… the smell of oil, and hot metal… He taught me how to make all sorts of things, leaves, feathers, hook, chain links… I learned how to solder, weld, cut and polish… heh, who'd have thought I'd be using my uncle's training to kick zombie ass?"

Swivelling in my seat, I beckoned Kohta over. He slipped past Takagi, and sat in the row in front, looking back over at us. "Yes, chief?" I smiled and high-fived him. You don't have to call me that. I might be the boss, but I only did it to stop that wack-job crazy teacher taking over, that's all. Anyway, that's one lethal piece of kit, Hirano. How'd you know how to make it? You dad an engineer or something?" he shook his head. "No, he's a jewel-merchant, and my mom's a fashion designer."

I spluttered. "Serious? Wow… that's something. My dad's a salesman, and my mom teaches in an elementary school." Hirano motioned to the gun. "I just thought, 'now, how can I make this even deadlier,' and a barrel felt right, as well as a lighter stock, that wooden one weighed more than this aluminium one." He sighed. "Too bad we don't have any real guns…"

I looked over and saw Rei tying a long-bladed knife to her spear tip, then a second and third. She glared at Saeko as she did, and I flinched inwardly. There was something going on between the two girls, and I knew I'd be in for a world of hurt if they started trying to carve each other up. We had enough shit to deal with. First day at school, and fricking zombies show up. What happens if I went to the shops? Escaped dinosaurs get behind me in the queue with a craving for eggs?

Smirking at my overactive imagination, I grabbed a pack of crisps from our small hoard, then a can of coke. "You want anything?" I looked at Kohta and Saeko, who shook their heads. I popped the ring-pull on the soda, taking a swig. The sugar hit, and I felt more normal. Opening the crisps, I pulled a few out and crunched into them. I cursed as the taste of salt'n vinegar filled my mouth. I HATE salt'n vinegar! Swallowing, I forced myself to eat the rest of the bag. 'No sense being picky,' I thought, washing them down with the rest of my coke. Soon, I'd probably kill for a pack of ANY crisps.

Crumpling the empty bag, I shoved them into an empty bin-bag, then wiped my lips on the back of my wrist. Hirano smiled headed back to his own seat. I sighed. Saeko cocked her head to one side. "What's up?" I cut my eyes at her, and snorted. "Not much, just realised I've only got one book on me, and I've already finished it. I was gonna take it back to the library yesterday, somehow, I don't think they're taking renewal requests."

She giggled, and my heart thumped in my chest. I liked the sound of her laugh. IT made things seem a little better. Just as she opened her mouth, Ms Shizuka exclaimed, "Oh, NUTS!" I stood. "Excuse me; the 'fearless leader' has work to do." Striking a goofy, superhero-like pose, making Saeko chuckle again, and lope off up the bus to talk to the dippy nurse.



"What's the sitch?" I muttered, before I saw it myself. The fuel gauge on the dash was almost empty. As if on cue, the engine rumbled, like an old man clearing his throat. "Ah… We need to stop," I looked at Shizuka, and she nodded. Pulling the new atlas we'd taken, I found our current spot, and told her, "Another half-mile and we'll be able to get some gas." She smiled. "Thanks, Komuro, you're a real leader," she switched her focus back to driving, and I asked, "Need a drink?" she shook her head, not taking her eyes from the road.

I shrugged, and wandered back to where I sat, leaning back and closing my eyes. Rei called, "what's going on, we in trouble?" I sighed, and stood up, addressing the rest of my group. "O.K, listen up! We're going to stop in a few minutes to fill the bus with gas, so don't worry. I'm going to scout around with a volunteer, see if I can find anything to occupy ourselves. CD's, books, whatever."

The bus ground to a halt, and the nurse stood up. I asked Yamada and Rei to guard her as she filled up the tank, and I asked again for a volunteer. I was rather surprised as Hirano, Saeko, Yuuki Miku, and Takagi raised their hands. I pondered my choices, but chose Saeko to go with me. Rei's fist clenched as she heard my choice, but she said nothing. Yuuki hugged me. "Be careful," she whispered in my ear, and he nodded as she let go to give Saeko the same treatment.

I opened the doors, and took off at a steady pace to the shops on the other side of the street, my axe-bat in my hand. Saeko followed next to me, and I hummed quietly to myself as we walked. If it wasn't for the blood and broken glass everywhere, it would've almost been like walking to school with a girl. I spotted a phone shop with the doors missing, and beckoned. We slipped in soundlessly, staring around at the piles of phones, batteries, and chargers heaped against the walls. I rummaged through the stacks, pulling out a couple of solar chargers. I tossed one to Saeko, and kept rummaging, picking up a few batteries for my Samsung, and several other makes in case anyone else had a mobile.

Leaving, we headed next door. To my delight, the shop was a bookstore, and hadn't been looted. I snatched a bag off the check-out, filling it with manga. Saeko smiled and picked out a few of her own favourites. I filled another bag with all kinds of other books. Love stories, sci-fi, fantasy, biographies, you name it.

Shouldering our finds, Saeko and I walked back to re-join the others, chatting quietly about our favourite books. She liked romance stories, with certain kinds of science fiction and medieval fantasy. I preferred more action and fantasy, with a bit of romance thrown in. I knew it would've got the piss taken if I'd admitted it at school, but I kinda liked the romance stuff. Saeko seemed unfazed when I spoke of my passion for cooking. As we stepped back onto the bus, she said, "I think you sound like a decent cook, Komuro." I raised an eyebrow. "Only 'decent', Ms Busujima? If I get the opportunity, I'll show you just how 'decent' I am!"

"Challenge accepted!" she laughed, and the bus pulled away with a full tank, while the girls cooed over the romance novels I'd picked up, while Hirano immersed himself in a copy of 'Modern Military Rifles', with a stack of others on his lap.

I stuck the solar charger's lead into my phone and attached the body to the window. The 'charging' screen blinked up, and I smiled. I could still listen to my music.



I disconnected the charger from my phone. Every couple hours, I'd switched the battery, and I had four full charges, enough for two or three days of continuous mp3-playing. Saeko had fallen asleep next to me, her arms wrapped around my waist, and the rest of us either slept or read. Kohta was driving now, but I didn't say anything. I'd let them concentrate.

I just sat there, waiting for sleep, but not getting anywhere. I just thought back over the last couple of days. The outbreak, Hisashi's death. Killing. Escaping alive and unharmed. Now. I felt something silky running through my fingers. Looking down, I saw that, while lost in my thoughts, I'd started stroking Saeko's long purple hair.

She stirred, and raised her head, bumping against my hand and I jerked it away. "Were you… stroking my hair?" she murmured, amused. I flushed. "I think it's only fair exchange," I pointed out. She looked confused. "What do you mean, Komuro?" I gestured to my chest. She followed my indication, and blushed when she saw the damp patch, where she'd rested her head on me and drooled. It was … adorable, to see her pale cheeks fill with a faint pink tinge.

"Oh, God… I'm sorry." She wiped at my shirt, and I smiled. "It's nothing to worry about. It's only drool, and besides…" "Besides what?" she looked into my cognac-coloured eyes, and her gunmetal blue orbs widened slightly. I swallowed faintly. "It was… it was really cute…" I tailed off. Great, now she'd think I was some kind of weirdo with a fetish for getting snotted on.

Instead of screaming "PEVERT!" And running away, she blushed again, and smiled. "You… really think so?" "Hell yeah! It makes you look even more beautiful than you already are!" I blurted, then immediately clamped my hand over my mouth. Saeko's face lit up then faltered a little, before she hid it with a brave smile. "Careful, Komuro. That almost sounds like you're confessing to me," she warned. I smiled at her. "You don't have to keep using my surname like that, call me Takashi. And… I… I am confessing to you, Ms Busujima. I didn't intend to do it now, I mean, we've only met each other the day before yesterday, but I… kind said more than I should, I'm sorr-"

She cut me off with a raised hand. "Don't apologise. I'm happy. You may not have been exactly charming about it, but you're earnest, and told me how you feel. Thank you, I liked that. But, I can't accept your confession, not yet. There are a few things you need to know about me first. When I'm ready, I'll tell you, and then you can make your decision…"