"Join me in my meetings with my Death Eaters. That's all I ask," Voldemort continued, grabbing his chin and making him look at the man.

"You don't want me to be one of your Death Eaters?" Harry asked dubiously.

"No, you are above them," Voldemort answered sincerely.

Harry nodded without further consideration. So long he didn't have to grovel at the man's feet, he didn't mind joining their meetings.


Chapter 7

Harry felt the sudden jolt of magic rushing through his body after he spoke the word, "deal". It didn't surprise him that the Dark Lord had cast the sacramentum charm to keep him by his promise. The sacramentum charm was undetectable. There was no way one could detect the spell cast until the promise was set in place and both parties were bound by the spell. Breaking your promise would leave you in pain equivalent to that of the cruciatus which made the spell illegal, not that the Dark Lord would care.

"Now that you have ensured my abidance to our promise with the sacramentum, may you please tell me why?" Harry asked impatiently.

Voldemort raised an impressed eyebrow and started, "Fourteen years ago, when the war was at its peak, there was a prophecy. Seers and Prophets hold many similarities; both have the ability to speak of the future and have visions of them. However, Seers are the servants of fate. The futures seen in their visions are concrete. Prophets however, simply see snippets of what could be; their prophecies are mostly self-fulfilling."

"Only a portion of the prophecy was delivered to me, however, that alone was enough a reason for me to kill you. Despite so, I was aware that the source of the prophecy was a Prophet. Everyone thought I was going to kill you; both the Light and the Dark. One of my servants, Sirius Black, was in love with your mudblood mother and betrayed me when he thought I would kill you, along with your parents. I do not forgive betrayal." Voldemort hissed.

"It was his betrayal that led to everything." Harry muttered in realization.

"Yes. I planned to take your lives, then his. What happened that night however, I'm sure you know," Voldemort replied as he got off the bed, "Sleep child. There will be a meeting tomorrow at the Malfoy Manor I require you to attend."

Harry tugged the warm duvets around him even closer when all of a sudden, he felt his comfortable cocoon being ripped off his body. A stinging hex was sent to his arse which made jerk up from his sleep. He snapped out of his sleepy daze and grabbed his wand, pointing it at his assaulter. He lowered his wand when he saw those familiar pair of striking red orbs staring at his dishevelled state in amusement. He was tempted to snarl at the man for waking him in such an unceremonious manner but bit his tongue in time to prevent the offensive words from coming out. He was already in a horrible mood, having to wake up at such an unholy hour and didn't want to deal with the Dark Lord's prissy temper.

"We'll be leaving in ten," the Dark Lord said, causing Harry to scowl in displeasure.

Harry spent much of the previous night lost in thought. Even after the Dark Lord left the room, he sat by the same spot attempting to process the load of information he had been made privy to. The Dark Lord had left out many details in regards to the whole incident. The man hadn't fully explained what happened and suffered no repercussions from doing so due to Harry's impatience. Harry hadn't specified what exactly he wanted the man to tell him and it was that ambiguity that allowed the Dark Lord to manipulate the conditions of the promise.

Harry wanted to scream and rage at the Dark Lord, but more than that, he wanted to hit himself for being so complacent. Harry had no one to blame but himself for having let his guard down and the experience he had the night before made him even more determined to win the Dark Lord in this game he had dragged Harry in.

Harry got off his bed and made himself presentable before meeting Voldemort outside his room. Aside from the grand and lavish bathroom accessible only via Voldemort's rooms, there was a much smaller, simple bathroom connected to Harry's room. It was so small Harry hardly had any space to move about. It was a separate room with a mirror on the wall and a shower head. That was it. There were no sinks, no toilets, no soap, shampoo or towels; just a bloody shower head and mirror. Harry had used his own supplies which, thank Merlin, Minny had retrieved from his apartment and hastily showered. No doubt, he could have used the main bathroom, but Harry refused to allow the man to see him in such a state again. He felt naked and unguarded when those red orbs stared at him in his pyjamas and would much rather bathe in the tiny shower than let the Dark Lord see him in such a state of undress again.

He hurriedly grabbed a semi-formal robe before leaving his rooms to meet the Dark Lord. The man was clad in a simple white shirt and black slacks, with a burgundy robe worn over. Voldemort led Harry to the study room where he handed Harry a simple, blood red mask.

"Put this on until I tell you to remove it." Voldemort said before grabbing a handful of silver powder. With a yell of the words "Malfoy Manor", the man was engulfed in green flames. 'Honestly,' Harry thought, 'this man has a serious control complex.' Being ordered around was something Harry did not appreciate. For now, he would listen like an obedient pet. Voldemort had the upper hand here; it was a place he ruled and a place Harry wasn't familiar with; it would be silly for Hary to blindly strut around such a minefield.

For now, he would be docile. Harry secured the mask onto his face before grabbing a handful of floo powder and mimicking the Dark Lord.

He stepped out of the fireplace and removed his robe. With a light pat, all the ash came off his robe. Harry often travelled by floo and the pesky dust was always a problematic result of his travels, which was why all of Harry's robes were dust repellent. Harry followed Voldemort through the foyer of the Malfoy Manor to what he assumed was the dining room.

Every inch of the manor was as Harry expected; filled with everything and anything that screamed "rich".

The dinning room was rather simple in comparison to the foyer and hallways, but the furniture and cutlery left one no doubt with the Malfoys' financial status. In the centre of the room was a table that stretched longer than the entire length of Harry's room. At the end of the table, where the head of the house usually sat, was an empty chair, no doubt left open for the Dark Lord. There were fifteen chairs, fifteen people in the room. All fifteen stood up and bowed to the Dark Lord as the man entered the room. Harry followed the man, ignoring curious stares being shot his way and stood by the seated Dark Lord.

"Narcissa, vacate your seat." Voldemort commanded with a wave of his hand. Harry glanced at the woman, sitting on the left of the Dark Lord as she got up. Next to her was his fellow Slytherin, Draco Malfoy.

With a graceful bow, the woman replied, "Yes, my lord."

The Dark Lord motioned for Harry to sit on the now empty chair which Harry assumed to be Mrs Malfoy's. The moment he sat, breakfast appeared on the table. Harry ate his breakfast without trouble, despite the constant stares he received; after all, fifteen pairs of eyes were nothing compared to the hundreds he received back in Hogwarts. Harry let his eyes wander down the table as he observed the various men and women. Harry could recognize a handful of the room's occupants; the Azkaban escapees, the Malfoys and much to his surprise, Severus Snape.

The moment the Dark Lord put his knife down, an overly enthusiastic voice asked, "My lord! May I ask, who that is?"

The owner of the voice was a witch who sat next to Draco Malfoy. She had thick, curly layers of pitch black hair that contrasted with her pale, white skin. Her features were sharp and defined. She was undeniably beautiful, but in a chaotic manner. Her dark blue eyes held a deranged air that screamed danger.

"Such impatience, Bella," the Dark Lord chastised mockingly, causing the woman to pout. Disgusting, Harry thought.

"I am sure that you have all heard of the disappearance of Mister Potter as reported by Severus yesterday," Voldemort said nevertheless, "Our dear friend here, happens to be related to his little disappearing act. Harrison," he said, beckoning Harry over.

Annoyed at being treated like a pet, Harry shot the man a glare before getting off his chair and walking over. Harry could see the widening of eyes and shocked gasps as most realized who he was. Voldemort stood up and took Harry's mask off, revealing the boy's face to the whole room. Other than silent gasps, the room was cloaked in a deafening silence. Harry had to bite his lower lip to stop himself from chuckling in amusement from the reactions his revelation met with; especially Snape's. The man's eyes seemed to be bulging, his face an ugly shade of purple. Shock morphed into disbelief and then into outrage. The amount of emotions the man displayed within that split second was more than the the amount Harry had seen over the past four years in Hogwarts.

There was an ugly scorn marring the face of Bellatrix Lestrange's face; but it was quickly replaced with a small frown and a look of deep thought.

The reaction that got a small choke of laughter out of Harry though, was Draco Malfoy. The boy's ajar jaw and arrant shock was simply a reaction too ostentatious compared to that of everyone else. He looked like someone just told him that his whole life was a bloody lie and Harry just couldn't hold back his laughter.

Other than his laughter though, the whole room was pin-drop silent. Questions were burning in the throats, but everyone knew better than to interrupt the Dark Lord and demand for answers.

"Harrison is under my protection. He will be attending all meeting with me, of course with his identity hidden." Voldemort announced. The message was clear: No harm was to come upon Harrison and no one was to speak of him.

"Yes, My lord." The room chorused.

"Draco, come." Voldemort ordered. All colour seemed to drain from the boy's face as the Dark Lord addressed him. Lucius hid his nerves and worries behind his well-constructed mask of nonchalance while Narcissa looked as if she was clamouring in anxiety; she had thrown aside her poised mannerisms. She was about to stand up in protest before Draco quickly got up and shot her a glare. Narcissa seemed to deflate in defeat as her son strode in false bravado to the Dark Lord. He squeezed her arm reassuringly as he passed her, an action that although subtle, was still caught by the Dark Lord and Harry.

The whole scene made Harry want to regurgitate his breakfast in disgust. The way Narcissa, a lady of such poise and stature, had her common sense hazed simply because of something so minuscule was repulsive. The Malfoys were loyal servants of the Dark Lord, no? Shouldn't they not be fazed by such a summon? It was pathetic how family made had the Malfoys gripping in distress.

Harry glanced over at the Dark Lord and by the look of annoyance the man wore on his face, he was rather sure the man felt the same way. Did they really have to kick such a big fuss over such a small thing? Harry couldn't help but sigh and roll his eyes at the excessive dramatics.

The boy followed the Dark Lord and Harry to the foyer of the manor where Voldemort hissed, :I assume you have your wand with you?:

:No, I think it's stuck up his arse,: Harry replied, pointing to Draco who looked as if he were constipated, :I think that's why he looks like he's going to faint any moment.:

The Dark Lord raised an amused eyebrow and smirked at Harry's joke, causing Draco to tense up even more.

:Perhaps you might want to check your own arse, maybe it's the reason why you were so grumpy when you woke,: Voldemort teased, causing Harry to growl in annoyance.

:That was beca-:

:Hush child, I do not have time. Tap the ring with your wand a say home. It will bring you back to my manor. The Malfoy spawn will explain to you whatever you wish to know about the Death Eaters. I have matters to attend after which I will check on you.: Voldemort interrupted.

With a nod, Harry grabbed onto Malfoy's arm, as he tapped his wand on his ring saying, :home:.

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