Beca slapped her AK 47 against her thigh and took a deep breath. Okay, this is it.

Increasing the volume on her iPod, Beca sat back and stared out of the taxi window, ignoring the driver's half-hearted attempt at conversation.

It's a new year, and Beca had just been accepted into one of the most prestigious universities in the country: Barden University.

She didn't even want to go, not with the plague getting worse. Beca had wanted to move to LA and be a DJ. Apparently her dad had other ideas. Beca replayed the conversation she had with him last week again for the Nth time.

"Dad, please, it's not like I don't know how to differentiate between a triangle and a circle!"

"Beca…"her father, Mr Mitchell warned. "Education is important."

"No, survival is important." Beca snapped, frustrated. This argument had been going on for weeks. "Plus, Barden is in one of the most infested parts of the country, dad, how can you even think—"

"Enough, Beca!" Mr Mitchell cut in, slightly angry at his headstrong daughter. "So what? Barden has dozens of the most skilled swordsmen and guards compared to most schools, and what makes you think LA is going to be any better? It was declared a code blue zone last week."

Beca looked away, seething. "Because I can handle myself," she muttered.

A smile softened Mr Mitchell's features. "I know you can, Bee. But university life, you might not get the chance to enjoy it in the future. Not with the way the plague is turning. They might shut down schools in the future. LA can wait."

"…" Beca scowled fiercely, but the fight had gone out of her voice. "Fine."

As soon as the cab stopped, Beca jumped out and pulled her bags out before the driver even had the chance to open his door.

"Thanks, buddy, I'll take it from here," she told the flustered, acne-ravaged driver who had tried to help her haul her suitcases out of the trunk, only to almost drop it on his foot. Careful, buddy, Beca thought drily. My ammo and crossbows are in there.

With an air of careful indifference, Beca slung her various mismatched suitcase over her shoulder and walked towards the direction of the campus. She could still feel the stare of the taxi driver boring into her toned and muscled back. Beca fought off the urge to flip him the bird.

"Hi, welcome to Barden—"

"Ahh!" Beca yelped and almost instinctively punched the perky blonde girl who had suddenly appeared in front of her. Like, literally. One moment Beca was seeing Baker Hall loom in front of her, and the next, it was blocked by this strange overly-hyper person.

The girl didn't even flinch. Apparently, she was used to almost getting punched or shot. "—University, this is your official BU rape whistle," she smiled brightly as she presented a small silver whistle to Beca, like it was some sort of exotic fruit.

"Don't blow it unless it's actually happening," Perky Lady cautioned, her tone serious. "The sound might attract Zack." Zack. Code word for 'zombies'.

Beca smiled awkwardly and clamped her teeth around her brand new whistle. "Uhm, thanks."

Perky Lady was gone.

Beca shook her head. "Weird," she muttered and went on her way to locate her dorm, avoiding close bodily contact with the other students.

Gritting her teeth together around her keys and whistle, Beca shouldered the door open and dropped her suitcases inside. Finally. Climbing 6 flights of stairs was hard, even for someone like her. Her stamina was fading; she needed to touch up on that soon.

There was a girl already in the room. Beca looked down at her room assignment paper. "Kimmy Jin?"

The girl turned around to glare at her before resuming decorating her side of the room.

Hostile much?

"Uh, hey, I'm…Beca…" Beca trailed off, not knowing how to go on. She didn't need to; Kimmy Jin just continued to ignore her and went on stacking books in Korean on her table. Beca sighed. "Well, nice to meet you too."

Beca began unloading her various items from her suitcases. Her assault rifle, boxes of ammo, her newly purchased katana sword and maces…

Finally, she reverently set up her desktop computer and DJ turntable on her desk. She turned around to face Kimmy Jin.

"So, hey, these are my stuff."

Kimmy just stared at her.

"They're really important to me, so, no touching, okay?" Beca stressed the 'no touching'.

"…okay," Beca answered herself and turned around. Were all Asians this hostile?

Thud-thud-thud. "This is the campus police! Hide all your wine coolers!" Mr Mitchell popped his head in, grinning.

Beca rolled her eyes. "You know, Dad, I could decapitate you before you even had the chance."

"But I'm your dad, so you wouldn't," Mr Mitchell smiled lovingly and came inside, closing the door. Behind them, Kimmy Jin gave a huge eye roll of her own. Beca pretended not to notice.

"If you turned, I would, blood relations be damned," she snarked, and sat down on her bed.

"That's my girl," Smiling affectionately, Mr Mitchell made to ruffle Beca's hair, only to have his hand slapped back.

"University is unnecessary," Beca complained. "All this time I could be using to familiarize with more weapons, wasted. Just to learn how to hold a pen."

"That's kindergarten," Mr Mitchell replied. "You'll see, Bee. University life is fun, if you could just give it a chance. Join a club, make some friends. You'll see."

Beca turned her stubborn gaze away from her father's face and settled on her katana.

Mr Mitchell sighed. "Just give it a try. And, if," he said hesitantly. "If it really doesn't work out, then I'll let you stop. I'll even help you move to LA."

Beca's eyes snapped back to his face. She couldn't believe it. "Really?"

"Yes," her father smiled at her.

Beca didn't believe him. She stared hard into her father's eyes, trying to detect any falsehood.

At this moment, Kimmy Jin, who had been trying to shut them out but failing miserably, stood up and declared, "I'm going to the Activities' Fair."

She pushed her chair back and went over to open the door.

Beca jumped up. "Me too. I'm going to the Activities' Fair with my super good friend Kimmy Jin," she enthused and ran out before her father had time to react.

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