Authors Notes

Drabble on Tumblr for the prompt:

(I won't say) I'm in Love - my character falls in love with yours, but is too afraid to admit it.

Pairing/Characters: MonetxCaesar (One sided?)

Monet had come across some startling things in her life. Realizing how delicious french fries tasted when sprinkled with a bit of garlic seasoning, and seeing Baby 5 attack their lord for the first time and him brush it off like it was nothing. Things didn't surprise her anymore, she was born in the New World and took it all for what it was worth. Things came and went, tides changed and the sun would come up in the morning no matter how confusing times could be.

She didn't factor in falling for her Master as something she could cope with.

The most baffling thing was she had no idea how it happened.

One day she'd been cleaning up behind him in the lab, finally alone and choosing the take the moment to tidy instead of doing the rest of her paper work. Her Master had just stormed out after his most recent failure and she didn't figure he'd be back for some time.

Just as she got the beakers and test tubes back in their rightful place and was carrying them back to their spot, the door had burst open and her Master has strode in with a spectacular grin on his face. His cheeks were red and his face absolutely gleeful as he prattled on about what he'd done wrong and how he had just realized it, being the genius he was.

Monet had laughed along with him and nodded, thinking about how adorable he looked and how easy it was to fall in love with someone who had such confidence.

Her blood had ran colder than normally as what she'd thought hit her like a ship with the wind on its side.


There was no way she loved her Master.

It would be unprofessional and such feelings could lead to jaded thoughts concerning her mission. Sympathy and concern that went beyond the line of duty. She cared for him in a way she wasn't assigned to, of course, being around a man for so many hours a day would warrant some feelings of some kind—but love?

Love was useless.

This type anyway.

It was a mistake. Her thoughts had slipped from too much work and not enough entertainment. Her brain was fading away into mush and concocting such things as love for her Master. Tonight she would slave away at her books and reorganize the whole lab to get such silly things away from her thought process.

It was a mistake.

Not a thought she would dare letting herself repeat.