Okay, this is my first longer non Digimon fanfic. I had this in mind since I started to watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica, but had no time to write it since I was too busy with my other fanfics, namely Digimon Shadow Tamers and Shadows of the Demon Lords.

The fic is taking place in a fictional city, but not in the Madoka Universe. However, I will use the Witches from the anime, manga and PSP game, including Walpurgis.

Also, you can send me your OCs, but it'll be limited as I will accept only 5. Here're the informations I need:

-Age: between 12-18
-Appearance: Normal/Puella Magi/Witch Form (well, I think they'll all turn into witches, sometime -shrugs-)
-Appearance of Soul Gem (normal and jewel form)/Greif Seed
-Extra (some extra information about the OC)

Entry 1: Why are you doing this to me?!

Hi, I'm Shirohane Kaen and this is my story. I always thought Mahou Shojo are heroines, saving the day and beating up the bad guys. Now I know that TV lies. Coz I became one, and it wasn't much like I thought. I don't think I would've made that wish if I was a normal girl. But I ain't. I used to have a normal life before though. However, it all changed on my 13th birthday. I and my friends were alone at home and we found a book in the atic of my house. It was about demon summoning and communicating with them, but since no one of us believed it, we deceided to try it out. We made a circle, turned on some candles and turned off the lights. The book said we mustn't break the circle or something bad would happen. We started to chant, as suddenly the windows started to shake. My friends, despite the warning, broke the circle. I was the only one left, since I knew I had to finish the chant so it won't get worse. I finished it and the candles got blown off. We were standing in pitch black darkness and I saw two red glowing eyes. It got pretty cold. Suddenly, the eyes dissapeared and it turned warmer and we turned on the lights. We were sceared and hid the book back in the atic and forgot about everything. After a few days, nothing happened and I was glad about that. However, bad things started to happen to my friends. One got a sprained ankle during the vollyball practice, the other got her school uniform ripped off, the third's pet dog got overrunned by a car... such things. Nothing bad happened to me though. However, they accused me that it was all my fault for the bad things that happened to them, calling me a witch and abadoning me. My parents, who loved each other, started to quarrel like crazy. Then, they got divorced and my father moved away. I and my moved to Akari City, but she had many job trips that she couldn't stay with me, sometimes working overboard. Even after I got into a new school; when I made new friends, bad things started to happen to them and they left me quickly.

I lost my friends, my family,...my whole life! Thanks to someone a met after my exfriends accused me for being a witch. It was a boy, about my age, with dirty blonde hair, red eyes, a fang popping out of his mouth and a muscular body; he appeared regulary every evening in my room. I was first afraid of him, thinking and telling myself it was my imagination, but deep in my soul, I knew it wasn't. He was simply staring at me. I knew he was stalking me since I met him on my birthday party. He didn't say anything, he just stared at me. After some time, I ignored his presence. Then, after my parents divorced, I finnaly spoke to him.

He was in my room, watching me silently, with that devious smile on his face, enjoying my dismay. His red eyes were glowing with an unnatural light.

"Why are you doing this to me?!" I finnaly yelled at him. "What did I do to you?!"

"Poor, little Kaen. You summoned me and I need to pay you back for that." he replied.

"Just leave me alone." I said faintly. I was sick and tired of everything.

"Why should I? I enjoy this so much, I think I'll stay here a bit longer." he said and dissapeared with a laughter.

Do you now understand?

After that, I knew I'd do everything to get rid off him. I got that chance. However...something went wrong.

I warn you guys: