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Entry 32: The Law of Puella Magi

I looked around the battlefield. The smoke cleared and I froze as I saw Walpurgis apporaching.

Yuri's sacrisfice was in vain. I cleared my Soul Gem with Yumi's GS. I cried.

"What should we do? Walpurgis is unbeatable!" I said, turning to Yukio. He lowered his head.

"Maybe, there is a way." he whispered.

"How?" I asked.

"Kaen, you know what I am. But the question is, will you trust me?" he asked.

I nodded. I knew who he was, the whole time. He was a demon, or better to say, a fallen angel. THE fallen angel.

"Your Soul Gem is pure and consist now only of power. I guess it will be enough to kill Walpurgis since she was weakened by Yuri's attack. Only, you'll probably turn into a Witch. However..." he trailed off.

"However what?" I asked.

"There's a posiblity to trick the Law of Puella Magi. Your soul is inside the Soul Gem. If I'd extract it, you won't turn into a Witch. Though, you'll turn into a demoness..." he then smiled. "So, want to make a pact with me?"

I gulped and closed my eyes. Turning into a demoness instead of a Witch. My soul will sure burn in hell... but did I have any other choice?

"Do it." I said.

A bright light engulfed us both.


The night sky was bright, without any clouds. Stars were shining.

I looked at it, enjoying it. I had now a new form. My eyes were red, I had fangs and purple-black wings. My fingernails were black and claw shaped. On my right shoulder was a tatto of a black feather.

I was a Demoness, a Messanger of Hell.

Walprugis was gone. Yukio, or should I say, Lucifer, was right, my power was enough to defeat her. The Witches ain't gone, since Kyubey's still contracting new girls.

He told me he was doing this because of the increasing entropy. The death of the universe could only be stopped by gathering Grief Seeds. And since the Incubators were emotionless, they targeted teenager girls.

I was sitting on a building, looking at Kyubey making a contract with an another girl.

The fight countined and probably, even more dangerous Witches will appear. I remembered something my grandmother told me once, before she died of cancer.

Don't forget...

Always, somewhere,..

Someone is fighting for you...

As long as you remember, you are not alone.

And with that in my mind, I sprout my wings and flew towards the night sky.