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I stood in the bathroom, looking at my reflection in the mirror. I looked a mess, as I hadn't slept properly in days. My mind had been whirling with thoughts about the thing that would possibly affect my life forever. Sitting on the counter in front of me was my phone on a timer, and a pregnancy test.

I have to say, I never ever thought I would be the girl that would get pregnant, as I was always more focused on my grades, and extracurricular's than I was boys. Before Toby, I had never really had a serious boyfriend, well apart from Alex, but that relationship didn't last long, we were from completely different worlds.

If you had said to me 2 years ago that I would be pregnant with Toby Cavanaugh's baby, I would have laughed because at the time, Toby was an outsider and I was confident that he murdered my best friend- and enemy- Alison DiLaurentis.

I squeezed my eyes tight, but a small tear still managed to escape from the corner of my eye. The doorbell rang, so I wiped my eyes and went down the stairs to answer it, making sure the pregnancy test was at the very bottom of the bin. When I opened the door, I was surprised to see a delivery man.

"I have a delivery for a Spencer Hastings?" He says, looking up from a clipboard.

I was confused, I hadn't ordered anything recently. "Yeah, that's me" I say signing the clipboard. Out of his van, he fetched a huge box and he helped me push it into the house. "Thank" I say closing the door.

When I opened the box, my mouth dropped. Inside, there were Diapers, and Pacifiers and baby toys and baby dolls and baby clothes. On the top was an envelope with the name Spencer Hastings written on it in swirly handwriting. I opened the card and the front read 'Congratulations!' This couldn't be happening, I thought to myself. I opened the card and to my horror it said:

'Congratulations Mommy! Thought you could do with some of this! Kisses- A'

How could A possibly know that I was pregnant, I had only just found out myself. Sometimes I thought Hanna might be right and that bitch does have superpowers.

I had asked Toby to meet me at the Brew for a coffee so we could talk. I hated lying to people, and I knew that I couldn't keep this a secret for very long. When I got there, he was already in the line, no doubt ordering my favourite coffee. He was such a good boyfriend. I took a seat and once he had the drinks he spotted me and sat down.

"Hey babe" He said kissing my cheek as he handed me my coffee. "What's up? You look worried" his face suddenly changed from happy and smiley to cautious and concerned.

"Well..." I started, not sure of where to begin. "I'm pregnant" I whispered so that no one could here. Rosewood wasn't a very big town, people knew each other. There were already enough people talking about me and my friends without this.

"What?!" He looked around before saying "Are you sure?"

I didn't say anything just nodded. "And then I go this" I pulled the envelope out of my bag and passed it him from under the table. He read it then passed it back to me. I quickly shoved it into my bag before anyone could see.

"Do your parents know?" He asked me.

It was a stupid question. "Of course they don't. You know what they are like. They're going to kill me" I put my head in my hands, and then brushed them through my hair stressfully. "What are we going to do" I said, my voice breaking a little. "I can't do this… I can't…" I was shaking, as was my voice.

"It's going to be okay" he put his arms around me and allowed me to fall into him. It felt good; to have him hold me, and tell me it was going to be okay. But I wasn't stupid, and I knew that for people like me, it would never be a happy ever after.