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I tried to avoid her piercing stare, but she wouldn't let me. It took me a while to say something, but eventually I said. "Please don't tell Mom".

She looked down at my stomach and I could tell she was disappointed in me. I didn't understand why she was being so nice about it, and why did she cover for me, we weren't exactly close. I was the reason her and her fiancé spilt up, but she was still being kind to me.

"I won't" was her reply. "I did cover for you, didn't I?" She said, slightly sarcastically.

"Why did you cover for me?" I ask her but she shook her head.

"No, Spencer" Is all she said. "I'm asking the questions. Are you pregnant?" She asked me bluntly.

"Sshh... keep your voice down" I shushed her. "I don't want Mom overhearing and asking even more questions!"

"Well you better answer mine then" She snapped at me. I knew that if I didn't answer, she would tell Mom, and I would rather deal with her than my parents.

"Yes, I'm pregnant" I whispered, Melissa tried to interrupt me but I stopped her. "Me and Toby had sex for the first time a couple months before Halloween and-"

"-And you didn't use protection" She accused.

"Well we did at first, but then we became careless" I looked down into my hands, not looking in her eyes. "It was stupid, I know. I just never thought I would be the one to get pregnant." A tear escaped from the corner of my right eye, and I couldn't even be bothered to wipe it away. "I have no idea what I'm doing" I started sobbing now, and Melissa wrapped her arms around me and let me rest my head on her shoulder.

Melissa booked me in for a doctor's appointment later that week. I was terrified but Toby said he would come with us so I tried to think positively. When Toby pulled up on the driveway, Melissa stormed over to him.

"What do you think you're doing here" She yelled at him.

"I'm here for the doctor's appointment" He said, just as angrily but quieter.

"Don't you think you've done enough" She said before pulling me into her car. I was shocked at what had just happened but I didn't argue back. I got out my phone and texted Toby an apology. None of my family liked Toby and it broke my heart. My mother thought I should be with someone more like me. Toby had dropped out of high school, had to go to Judi for blinding his sister- which me and my friends know was not him- and was accused of murdering my best friend. He was not the kind of guy my parents wanted me to be with but I loved him, and he was in my life forever now.

When we arrived at the doctor's office, my whole body was shaking. I was terrified that I would see someone I knew, and they would work out that I was pregnant. Melissa assured me that if that was the case, she would cover for me as she did with Mom until I was ready to tell the truth. But as –A had said, she couldn't cover for me forever.

Sitting in the waiting room was pure torture. There weren't many people inside, just a couple of couples. The nearest too me was a woman and a man I assumed to be her boyfriend. She had a large round belly, an obviously pregnant belly which no one could hide. That would be me soon.

The receptionist called my name and I looked around, checking that no one I knew was here. I was being overly paranoid again. Melissa led the way over to the room. In the centre there was a chair, much like the one at my dentists, but next to it, there were monitors and screens and various tools that I recognised from baby programs. I used to love watching them as a young teenager, my favourite being 16 and pregnant. Not once did I ever think that it would be me on those shows.

I took a seat on the chair, waiting for the doctor to enter. She did and she was very friendly.

"Hi Spencer, I'm Doctor Carol" She said with her clipboard. "Now, your sister explained everything on the phone but I need to ask you a few questions okay?" I nodded. "Right, when was the last time you were sexually active"

I blushed a little. "Ermm. A couple of weeks ago maybe" I say trying to think back. "Yeah, about 2 weeks ago." She nodded writing stuff down.

"And did you use any form of contraception." I shook my head. "Have you ever used a form of contraception?"

"I mean yeah, at first, but we stopped…" She could see that I was getting nervous so stopped interrogating me. She asked me to lie back on the chair and lift up my shirt so she could do an ultrasound. This would help determine how far along I was, and when my due date would be.

She placed a cold gel on my stomach and a device to find my baby. Saying the words 'My Baby' made me shudder a bit. Dr Carol looked strangely at the screen which was showing my stomach and then said. "I'll be right back"

I looked over at Melissa, who looked worried. I was starting to panic a little, even though I didn't want this baby. What if it was dead? But before I could panic too much, the doctor came back in with another man. I assumed he was another doctor, just higher up in the ranks.

"Hi Spencer" He smiled at me. Why was everyone so smiley, just tell me what's wrong with my baby. He didn't say anything, just nodded at the midwife. He pulled over a chair and sat down to face me. "Congratulations Spencer, you're having twins" My mouth dropped to the ground.

Later that evening, while I was curled up in my bed, my phone beeped. Thinking it was Toby I opened it immediately.

'I used to know twins once upon a time… -Kisses A' I closed the text instantly, how pointless.

All I could think about that night, is how I was possibly going to look after two babies. I had no idea how to raise one baby, let alone two.