A new story! This is supposed to be humour, I though perhaps a break was due from my usually heavy, hurt/comfort stories.

Summary: A collection of planet-exploration missions that went really wrong. Light-hearted humour and drabbles.


"Yes, Captain?"

"Is it just me, or did this plan not go so well?"

"Negative, it is not just you. However, after a year of serving under you, one becomes used to such fruitless endeavours as to try to get you to think logically."

"Why, Spock! I believe you just used humour!"

"It is not beyond me, Captain. But that is entirely illogical and beside the point. If we are to escape, we must do something rather drastic."

Spock twisted from around, taking in everything from his vantage point of hanging by his wrists. He was used to Kirk's far-fetched plans by now, but this was one of the worst. How could anyone see logic in trying to offer flowers up to slavering monster? He honestly didn't care what book Kirk had read it in, double-headed, fire-breathing snakes did not take kindly to flowers, except to incinerate them.

"Soooo..." it was Kirk again, "Do you have any mathematical calculations about how long it's gonna be before this thing tries to eat us?"

"Approximately 2.7 minutes, Captain."

"Well, you didn't HAVE to tell me...I was just, um, wondering..."

"You asked. I simply supplied you with the data that I had collected, as is my..."

"You say duty one more time and I'll shoot you with my phaser once we get back on the ship, you hear me?"

"Indeed, it would be unwise to trifle with one as dangerous as you right now."

Spock raised an eyebrow, taking in Kirk's bloody form.

"That's two jokes in one day, Spock! I believe you've set a new Vulcan record!"

How do you like it? This one wasn't very good, but I swear it will get better later on. Please, reviews are welcomed and treasured.