"Who wants to talk first?" The doctor asked the six teenagers.

Kise looked up. "Is Kasamatsu okay?" He asked.

"And Takao?" Midorima added, "How's he?"

The doctor sighed. "We haven't heard anything yet. Their parents are at the hospital, so they may of asked for confidentiality at this point. If we hear anything, we'll tell you."

Aomine lounged at the end of the couch allowing Momoi to lean on him. Kuroko had finally managed to stop shaking. Murasakibara just stared at the wall. None of them wanted to talk about what had just happened. It was a relief that it was finally over, but still...

Note: All chapters vary in length. This whole story is written and completed some parts are just in different stages of editing. I put a lot of work into this one so I hope you like it as much as I enjoy writing it ^^