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Akashi sat next to his lawyer. He was nervous, and he cringed as Midorima talked and explained, in detail the things that happened. Kagami and Momoi also talked. There were times when he didn't remember half the things they were taking about, but he couldn't be sure that he didn't do them.

Then they brought out the notebook. He didn't know that they were keeping that thing. The only thing that worked in his favor was that all of this went with his insanity plead. He'd been forced to go through a psychological evaluation when he turned himself in.

That doctor was currently talking on his behalf. He wanted to protest at the evaluation, but he knew better than to do so. Besides it didn't take the judge and the jury to decide that they were being told the truth. He didn't like the sound of being committed indefinitely, but he guessed it was better than incarceration.

He was hoping that maybe, he would get to see Nijimura again on day.


"How did you get him to turn himself in?" Haizaki asked. He'd been in the house when it happened, but he didn't hear the conversation that went on.

"I talked to him." Nijimura said.

"You just talked the psycho killer into walking into a police station and turning himself in."

"He's never killed anyone."

"To our knowledge!" Haizaki pointed out.

"Trust me he couldn't."

"So..." Haizaki motioned for him to elaborate on the story.

Nijimura shook his head. He wasn't going to explain it to him. Haizaki could tell this and pulled Nijimura closer despite that fact that the elder was jabbing him in the stomach for grabbing him in the stomach. He'd been worried when Nijimura said that he was going to go out and talk to Akashi on his own. Then again, it was weird that he was here this whole time and hadn't done anything to hurt him. Nijimura didn't even have a scratch on him.

"I didn't know what else to do." Akashi sniffed as he finished explaining his story. "I know what I did was wrong but..."

"No buts. You know you have to..."

"Go back? Even if I didn't want to there are no other possible out comes."


"Why are there no other out comes or why did I do it?"

"A little bit of both."

"I burnt all my bridges and I have no where else to go. As for the last one...he said he loved me. I know it's stupid, but he said that, what I did proved that I loved him to."


Akashi shrugged. "I never asked him, but he was the only person who ever said anything like that to me. Most people wouldn't even spare me a glance, but he loved me" Akashi wore a small smile as he thought about it.

"You never questioned him either?" Nijimura asked. Now that they were really talking he could tell something was wrong with this kid. Forget the devotion that he still had for the guy who had him killing everyone, no one in their right mind would do what he did. This went way passed obsession.

"I did around the end. He wanted me to kill Kuroko. It was weird, my main targets were Kuroko and Midorima, but Midorima healed faster so it was mostly him. Anyways, I couldn't do it, and I told him no. He got this look in his eye, it was really similar to the way my dads face changed before he stabbed my mom. So I cut him across the chest right when he lunged. Graduation was the next day."

"I thought you said you were too little to remember when you're dad died?"

"Sometimes I remember things."

"And you still sought Atsushi out after everything he did to you, and had you do to the others?"

"He was the only one who would want me."

"Maybe if you weren't slicing up everyone you met."

"Even people who didn't know about that didn't like me. I don't know." He sighed before perking up. "But you seem to like me, well at least you don't hate me."

"Are they going to put you in jail."

"If things go well, they want me to seek mental help."

Nijimura sighed writing something down on a piece of paper. "When you get out, call me."


"Yeah. Come on, get dressed so you can go. I'll finish up with lunch first." By the time Akashi got out he would be too old to be put in a home, and the last thing Nijimura was him out in the world on his home. If he ever made it out. He needed someone to rely on, and Nijimura had a feeling he was the only one who was willing to do it


"The insanity plead went through." Kise said. Everyone who had a part in the ordeal were at Kasamatsu's house.

"I hope he gets better." Midorima said honestly.

"Guys, happy thoughts, happy thoughts!" Momoi encouraged. She didn't want to linger on the subject anymore than need be. "Kise I heard you were getting a line of clothing? That's a pretty big step for a model."

Kise paled at Momoi attempts at conversation change. "I was going to bring that up later, but now that you mention it." He pulled out a gift bag that he had hidden behind the couch and handed it to Kasamatsu. "For you my love."

Kasmatsu blushed as he said, "Don't call me that! What's in the bag?"

"Just look."

Kasamatsu pulled out what was inside, to find a pair of pants that was missing the left leg. It was patched and stitched as if it was meant to be like that.


"There's more keep looking!"

Next was a right shoe. There were multiple pairs and pants and single rights shoes in the bag. All of them had been made in to mimic the styles that Kasamatsu normally wears. There was even one of those knee high boots that he keeps in the back of closet, and was pretty sure no one knew about. Kasamatsu was speechless.

"Do you like it?"

Yukio lunged at him hugging him tightly. Ryota hugged him back. Aomine made a comment about baka-couples and Kise stuck his tongue out at him. He could feel Yukio in his arms and...wait was he shaking? The sound of a muffle sob caught his attention.

"Yukio..." The noise continued and everyone was quiet. They were hoping that they were just tears of joy. There was no way to tell from the sound of it and Kise wasn't able to get him to calm down. Hands were twisted in the front of his shirt as Kasamatsu continued to cry.

When the other man did wiped his eyes they were still tearing. "I'm sorry, I just..." He sniffled. "Every things catching up me. Thank you, seriously. I forgot that I even mentioned the stuff about my clothes and you..."

"I started a line of clothing for amputees. You can special order things to fit. They even sell single shoes and gloves." Kise explained.

Kasamatsu leaned against him, pulling himself together. "Thank you."

"This is good." Kuroko said looking at the food. Another attempt at conversation change. "Kagami did you cook all this."

"Nope." Momoi smiled. "I did. Himuro's been teaching me new recipes."

Kagami smirked. "He was the one who taught me to cook."

"She's a really fast learner." Himuro beamed at her and she couldn't help but give him a soft peck.

"I'll kill you!" He yelled. Aomine was out of his seat.

"Sit down." Kagami chided. grabbing the back of Aomine's shirt and pulling him back into his seat.

"You can't talk." Momoi crossed her arms. "You're with Kagami, and I haven't threatened to castrate him yet."

"Then only one thing can be done..."

"Double date!" They said at the same time.

"And another Baka-couple." Kuroko said calmly.

"No, two more." Kiyoshi pointed out. Kuroko smiled up at them.

"Now who's a baka-couple." Takao teased.

"I didn't say we weren't. I would call you guys one but, Midorima is Midorima."

"What's that supposed to mean." Midorima raised an eyebrow. "I've been with Takao before the whole warehouse thing. Before the Winter Cup even." He knew they hadn't said anything until afterwards, but they counted those awkward months when they danced around the subject.

"No way." Kuroko's jaw was ready to drop.

"Seriously," Takao grinned hugging Midorima from behind. "Shin-chan and me are going steady and we're going to get married."

"He's too Tsundere for that." Kise joked.

"He's not. You should of been there when we found out Akashi was caught. Trust me he was anything but Tsundere then."

"Takao..." Midorima was ready to die.

"Damn! Really Midorima?!" Aomine grinned patting him on the back. "Didn't think you had it in you."

Takao turned to Kasamatsu. "I never got to thank you for saving me."

"It's cool." Kasamatsu said.

"No it's not. I would of died if you hadn't pulled me out of there. So, thank you."

"Same for me." Himuro smiled.

"And me." Kagami agreed.

"Your welcome." Kasamatsu shrugged.

"So modest." Kise cooed.

Himuro shook his head. "You almost died saving us and you shrug like it's nothing."

"I try not to think about it that way. It really all happened by chance." Kasamatsu explained.

"We're not talking about that now!" Momoi huffed. "Come on guys. What are some good things that happened recently."

"Well I don't mean to brag." Kuroko cleared his throat, "But Serini almost won the Inter-High this year, and we're going to in the Winter Cup."

"You almost won, because Kaijo went all the way." Kise boasted.

"You guys won!" Kasamatsu eyes widen before kicking Kise in the shin. "Why didn't tell me?"

"You went in for surgery the day I was going to tell you, and after that it slipped my mind."

"Too is gonna win next year." Aomine reminded them.

"Oh yeah!" Momoi perked up. "I petitioned for our school to get a girls team."

Kasamatsu sat back and watched as they all joked around. It was good to see that they had all gotten better and were healing. It made him feel like it was all worth the sacrifice, even as his non-existing left leg started to throb again. Kise was grinning at him and he felt himself smile back, before going back to watching the other kids.


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