It was a normal day as usual.. I got up early that morning cause I was going to go to school (yet I hated it so much)the sun was already up, I dressed up as quickly as possible and went out from my dark room.. I wasn't the normal teenager, I was all different from my friends, my room was dark with plenty of pictures of the bands, I liked many bands and loves listening to metal.

My favourite bands were Motionless In White and Black Veil Brides, my "friends" usually thought I was Satanist but they all were assholes, they liked creepy music. I didn't even like going outside , I preferred sitting in my dark room, listening to metal and playing my guitar. Maybe I was different for the pain I usually felt cause my father was dead. He died last year in accident. My mather stayed all alone. She had only me and I was trying to help her. She was very worried about me, worried that I didn't have many friends and I was lonely child. My father tought me not to imitate others and to be myself. He meant everything to me and suddenly he left me as nothing and flew away. Left me all alone with these stupid kids . so I was depressed and so I was very lonely. my friends weren't trying to help me, opposite, they were trying to laugh at me all the time, I was called emo and stupid dorky kid.

That's why I hated school so much. My mom was trying tomake me feel good and to make me see I wasn't alone, and I tried to show her that I was okay, though I was lying. I was fucking sixteen years old yet and I couldn't even imagine my life would be so difficult at age of sixteen when I was still child and when I was just starting my life

So I was a lonely kid with lots of problems. And I hated school very much because of this. I found my inspiration in bands and in metal music, it was vital for me.I was in a bad mood every morning but that day was different.

I went to the kitchen . my mom was already up and she was cooking meal for me. "oh you woke up honey?" she asked looking at me." Yeah hello mom" I greeted and kissed her on cheak. "I've cooked something for you, I hope you'll like it" "I love everything that is made by your hands mom" I said and sat at the table. I wasn't even hungry but I didn't want my mom to be worried about me so I forced myself to eat. "honey" she started "I hope everything will be okay at school today" she smiled at me " yea I hope too, but I hate all my classmates" I said and continued eating." Don't say that, they are your friends" " no they aren't" I said, I was going to stop eating and to go as quickly as I could but then I saw my mom's worried face and said" ok sorry, I'll try" "that's good" she said with smiling and stood up. " yes and don't forget when you come back home to do a revision cause soon you're gonna have exams and you know , okay? "yea, okay,I'll do, just I have to go somewhere, my guitar isn't playing as well as it did before and I wanna check it ok?" " okay honey.. do whatever you want with your guitar" she finished and stood up " now I have to go to work, be careful dear " she said , kissed me and left. She was working in a magazine as a seller and had to go to shop earlier than me. So when I finished eating I stood up and went to school,yet I didn't want but I had to