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The door opened revealing a lone woman relaxing in the huge tub. The man's eyes settled on his wife. He frowned.

"Stahma! What do you think you're doing? A Castithan woman bathing alone, what will the servants think?"

"Datak I-" Stahma was cut off.

"I know about your little excursions to the NeedWant. I've known since the first time you set foot in that filthy place. You of all people should know I have eyes everywhere. Fucking that whore!" he shook his head.

Stahma paused for a moment taken by surprise.

"Your whore," Her voice dangerously low pulling out each word long enough for Datak to flinch.

Datak grabbed her wrist. She yelped as pain shot up through her arm.

"Datak let go, you're hurting me"

"Oh I'll do much more than that"

Stahma looked at him, her eyes digging daggers into his skull. "I think you're forgetting who got you onto the council, who gave you your shot at becoming mayor. What is that phrase the humans say?" she paused for effect "Behind every man there is a woman"

She pulled away her wrist and started to walk out.

"You try and take me down Datak, and I'll make sure you follow me straight down to hell," she smiled before the doors slammed in his face.

The NeedWant was bustling. Kenya came up and sat besides Stahma.

"I can push my next client?" she raised her eyebrows.

"No, not today. I'm only here for a drink" Stahma held up her half empty glass.

Kenya took Stahma's bruised wrist in her hand. Her touch was soft and cool, nothing like Datak's.

"He hurt you"

Stahma pulled away her hand and looked away. "It's nothing"

Half an hour later Stahma left Kenya's room smiling. The night porter had a way with things; her soft hands delicate but firm. She always managed to lift Stahma's spirits. She made her feel more alive than she ever.

Datak stood at the door watching his wife descend from the stairs. A deep frown etched into his face.

"You'll pay for that you little bitch," he hissed in his native tongue as he hauled his wife towards the car.

Stahma only smiled wryly and cocked an eyebrow. "Are you threatening me?"

"No" His eyes settled on the woman watching them from above, "I'm threatening your toy"

"Oh you wouldn't dare, Datak. Killing the mayors sister would only stir up sympathy for her, leaving the election one sided. And we both know who'll come on top of that"