Mass effect 1

Shepard sighed as he fastened his N7 armour on it was only a few hours ago that captain Anderson came to see him about a new posting on a prototype stealth ship the Normandy SR1. As he was fastening his armour on he couldn't help but look at the number of scars he had got a couple from being shot at going on missions others he got at akuze, he shivered as he remembered akuze a cerburus trap that killed all his squad but he just felt lucky to be alive and after many months of theropy he finally over come his nightmares but it still made his blood run cold when ever he thought about it, he wasn't always this broken man before akuze he was a hero that saved terra nova funny how life turns on you he thought chuckling to himself.

Once his armour is strap on he admires his reflection in the mirror his 6'4 foot form stand strong and his high cheeks and firm jaw broken up by a nose that's been broken so many times in training hes lost count and his standard military cut but even he must admit the thing that stand out are his light blue eyes that he got from his mom captain Hannah shepard. He gathers the last of his gear and picks up his buffle bag which contain his pistle and shotgun standed issue sniper rifle and assault rifle. Upon exting his room he walks to a termainl and hails a cab, the cab arrives after a few minutes he enters it and sits down as it rises upwards he takes his final look at his apartmant on actrusus station. He leans back and relaxes as the sky car takes him to the alliance docks.

After a half hour ride he opens his Omni-tool pays the fair of 15 credits and walks starts to walk to the guards at the door " commander shepard reporting for duty" he says as he salutes the guards salutes back "yes sir please go on through captain Anderson is waiting for you" shepard nods and walks through true enough there is Anderson waiting "commander" he says shepard salutes "sir reporting for duty" he says to his surprise Anderson chuckles " damn shepard how long have we known each other its ok to drop the sir crap son" "then its good to see your old butt again Anderson" they both share a chuckle " now son come on lets go show you the Normandy" Anderson leads shepard to a elevator and pushes to button for top floor, after a short ride the doors open into a small observation deck and beyond that a almost pitch black room as he enters he quickly becomes aware that there's another person in the room a turian with black and red armour on and white face paint " shepard this is Nihlus he's a SPECTRE" strange shepard thinks whats a spectre doing here and more importantly why as if reading his mind nihlus says " commander nice to finally meet you as the caption says im Nihlus, I bet your wondering why im here I cant tell you the whole truth you understand but what I can say is that the Normandy was a joint venture between humans and turains and the council wants me to check on progress and report back" shepard says nothing for a moment " good to meet you Nihlus now can we get moving im aching to get underway" "of course right this way" Nihlus says with fake optimism.

The three walk to the windows and Anderson nods to Nihlus who flips a switch and the lights in the next room slowly turn on as they do shepard breathe hitches in the next room is a sleek and deadly alliance ship all silver and black with thin streaks of red lines " shepard this is the Normandy what you think" " damn Anderson just damn its beautiful" " glad you approve son now lets get going we got to do a pick up on edan prime xo" shepard looks stunned him a XO he almost cant believe it but surpresses a smile and nods "yes sir"

Arthurs notes this is my first story please let me know what you think and how I can improve thanks