Mass Effect Shepard Rises.

The rest of the day was boring he had checked his weapons at least twice and cleaned his armour to a mirror shine, at the moment he stood behind Joker "you know commander I enjoy your company but you don't have to just stand there is creepy." he rubs his neck "sorry Joker guess I'm just trying to kill time, I'm not good at doing nothing." he watches as Joker turns round in his chair, "ok so you need anything?" he thinks for a minute "so Joker why the nickname?" he watches as Joker chuckles "well commander its easier than saying Flight lieutenant Jeff Moreau." he chuckles "I guess it is although you still haven't answered my question."

"look one of the teachers in flight school called it me and it kind of stuck." "so what else should I know about you?" he said and watches as something flashes in Joker's eye's "ah I think I know what's this about." taken aback by Jokers sudden anger he goes to speak but joker cuts him off "this is about my condition isn't it I will tell you what I told Anderson, you wanted me hell I'm not even good I'm the best damn pilot in the alliance." he raise's his hands in mock surrender "I didn't no about your condition Joker." he looks at Joker and watches his face go red "ah crap, you mean you didn't know. Well this is awkward" he smiles and chuckles "look commander I have got a condition called Vrolik syndrome, I am what the doctors call a category two, my bones didn't develop properly and when I was born I had multiple stress fractures."

"you going to be ok flying the ship." he says "put the Normandy in my hands sir and I will make it dance, just don't ask me to dance unless you like the sound of shattering bones." he chuckles "ok Joker I get it now I believe its lunch time so stick the auto pilot on and lets get some food." he watches as Joker turns round presses a few buttons and slowly gets up.

As he and Joker were slowly walking to the mess, he sent all the ground team a message to meet for lunch and in a bold move added a kiss at the end of Tali's message, he turned at the sound of Jokers voice " so commander inviting all the ground team huh," he nods "yeah give them a chance to talk and hopefully get them working together better." he says with a smile "ah so that's your game huh." joker says as the pair walk down the stairs to the mess "its not a game Joker." he watches as joker holds his hands up in surrender and they continue on in silence.

He watched as his ground team came round the corner one by one a smile spread his face at Tali and nodded as they all took there seats "right people I got some wine and beers for everyone, including you Garrus and Tali so you don't feel left out, now lets eat" he watches as Tali cheers and Wrex smiles. As the mess sergeant gets the meals out and hands them to everyone he looks around the group watching as the team become a little closer, he turns to Tali "so how's the turian wine?" he says and watches as she pulls the tube from her mouth piece "really good john thank you." he waves her comment away "don't worry Tali, so you ready for the mission tomorrow?" he watches as she nods "yes I have taken the liberty of upgrading the ground teams shields to be more effective." he nods and with his hand under the table reaches across and grabs her leg causing her eyes to widen "I am glad you're here Tali and I swear when we get the chance I will find you a pilgrimage gift."

Tali face flushes she looks around to see if anyone has seen as john places his hand on her leg as her mind races and face flushes his words caught her off guard " I-its ok I-I mean if we find something great but if we don't…." she trails off and shakes her head and feels john apply more pressure to her leg. "come on miss nar rayya don't speak like that it will happen I swear." she smiles at him and he smiles back.

He sighed as he lay down on the bed today's dinner had gone by perfectly his team were slowly becoming friends but best of all was his time spent with Tali, he smiled at the thought and remembered how he touched her leg it felt good setting his alarm he turned over and closed his eyes.

A soft beeping noise woke him up, slowly he sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes he lifted himself to his feet and stripped off his cloths and entered the shower. After a few minutes in the shower Jokers voice sounded over the com "commander we are two hours out from Feros" he nods "thank you joker tell the team to gear up and meet in the briefing room." after drying himself he put on his boxers and armour underlay and fastened it up, he picked up his boots and slipped them on feeling as they automatically tightened around he foot and shin, next he placed his knee and thigh pads on and felt them tighten, he then slipped his arms in the armour and felt as it locked around his arm and upper arm lastly he picked up his chest plate and back plate he felt the magnetic locks lock and tighten around his chest moving his arms and feet in a test he found everything right and headed to the briefing room.

By the time he arrived the room was full with his team "right we have no idea what we will be walking into so I am taking everyone of you with me, and if the need arises we will split up into two groups, I will take Tali, Wrex and Liara we will be team alpha the rest of you will be team omega any questions?" he asked no one answered so he continued "each team have a tech expert and a biotic so no one is without now re check your gear and meet me by the airlock in two hours dismissed." with that everyone left.

Two hours later He watched as Joker expertly landed the Normandy in the docking bay "your good to go commander." he nods and him and his team pile into the decon chamber. They stepped out the Normandy and he motioned for weapons free and pulled his assault rifle out, he turned a corner and a man spoke "I am glad you're here go to the colony quick and speak to Fai Dan." he nodded but when he was about to speak he watched as a metal hand popped out right were the mans heart was and lifted the man into the air "Geth kill it." he ordered he watched as his team blew the Geth apart "commander there are more of them." Ashley shouted "Wrex on me." he charged forward and shot the first Geth blowing a hole in it's chest, he felt bullets hit his shields so he ran faster and ducked behind cover "Wrex take the one on the left, Tali overload it shields." he watched his team follow his orders perfectly once all the Geth were down he stood up and smiled "well done now lets go."

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