100 Sex Positions of the Kama Sutra

By Dana Keylits


When the doorbell buzzed, their heads snapped up simultaneously, their gaze directed at the bedroom door. Kate smiled, climbing off of his body, her hands trailing down his chest as she went. "Dinner's here," she whispered. She gathered her bathrobe from the chair and slipped into it.

"Wait. Kate. You can't…"

She was already out the door.

Chapter thirty-one: The Reclining Lotus

Castle helplessly pulled against the cuffs, the hard steel digging into his wrists. "…just leave me," he finished, his voice a mewling whisper. He settled back against the pillow, gritting his teeth. "Beckett!"

A few minutes later she sauntered back into his bedroom, the carry-out box of pizza in one hand, a bottle of Pinot Noir and two glasses, their stems balanced between her fingers, in the other. "Hungry?" She asked.

He nodded, gazing at her with hooded eyes. "But, not for food."

She set the pizza and bottle of wine on the dresser and crossed to the bed, the keys to the cuffs in her hands. "Oh, yeah?"

"Mmm hmm," he answered, his eyes ablaze, his heart thumping, his carnal, primal desire more than evident.

She wordlessly shrugged out of her bathrobe, letting it slip to the floor and climbed back on the bed, straddling him, the key ring dangling from her forefinger. With a kittenish grin, she rocked her hips, producing a deep-throated groan from him before she leaned down and kissed him, sipping it up. "Do you want me to take the cuffs off?"

He moaned, his tongue laving her bottom lip.

"Is that a yes?"

"Yessss," he hissed.

She drew his bottom lip into her mouth, over the dangerous ridge of her teeth, nibbling it before letting it go. "'kay," she agreed, rising to her knees to reach his bound hands.

The moment his wrists were free, he lunged for her, grabbing her around the waist with desperate, needy hands and flipping her over with the fervor of a sailor on leave. He was oddly pleased with himself when a gust of air rushed past her lips and the soft light reflected in her eyes betrayed her surprise. He pinned her to the bed, his hands greedily exploring her body, fumbling for a way through her corset until finally she raised herself up, guided his hands to the clasps at her back, and he managed to free her of the binding garment. Her breasts fell freely and he could see that her alabaster skin was marred by angry red marks that crisscrossed over her stomach and breasts. He traced them with his finger.

And, then with his tongue.

As she lay back against the pillow, her eyes burning into him, her lips full and wet, eager and willing, he tossed the corset aside and dipped his head between her breasts, his hands grasping her firmly around the waist, his fingers digging into her sinewy flesh. He curled his lips around one nipple and sucked, relishing the series of moans that came from her throat.


She opened one eye, "Hmm?"

"Your turn," he teased as he rose up and slapped one cuff around her slender wrist.

He watched her, seeking her permission, which she gave with a nod and a crooked smile, her eyes ablaze, her hips wiggling, he reached for her other wrist, slipped the cuffs through the leather strap above the headboard, and bound her to the bed. Then, raising himself to his knees, straddling her thighs, he looked at her, feeling lightheaded and ecstatic as he absorbed with hooded eyes, her heaving, glistening nearly flawless breasts, the forgiving curves and sharp angles of bone and muscle beneath alabaster flesh, the kittenish grin that adorned her lips.

His gaze naturally dropped to the small faded scar between her breasts, the scar that was a constant reminder of how fleeting life can be.

He lowered his head and kissed it, softly, gently, with loving intention, restorative purpose, and then his lips trailed a path down her sternum, to the soft place just below her ribcage, to her naval, to the lacy line of her panties. He gathered the delicate fabric between his teeth and tugged, revealing the downy line of hair that covered her pubic bone. With nimble fingers, his teeth still tugging at her waistband, he slipped the silken underwear down her body, encouraged by the increased cadence of her breath, the strangled moans and whispers rising from her throat.

He nudged her legs open, his hands running along her inner thighs as he watched her watching him. Her eyes were hazy, unfocused, smoldering, and he grinned as she fought against her restraints. His eyes smiling, their corners crinkled, his grin cockeyed and playful, he dipped his head to the softest part between her legs, his tongue darting out to the sensitive pearl hidden beneath her wet supple folds.

She cried out, her voice strangled and husky and it rippled through him like a sonic storm as his tongue swirled around her hardened clit, his hands roaming up her body until his palm covered her right breast, feeling the elongated rise of her nipple against his hand.

"Castle! God!" She gently rocked her hips in time to the rhythm of his tongue and he could taste the change, feel her readiness, her urgent pulsing need, and it resonated within his own body. He flattened his tongue, moving it deliberately from side to side, one hand against her pelvis holding her down. He looked up at her, her arms bound above her head, her swollen breasts gently bouncing, her nipples like pink gumdrops. He pinched one of them, rolling it between his finger and thumb, and she opened her mouth and cried out, his name roaring past her lips, caught in a litany of incoherent words, raw guttural sounds.

He increased the motion of his tongue, sensing that she was getting close, loving how her body responded to him, enjoying the sound of the cuffs as she tried to escape them, the feel of her breast as he pinched and massaged, her breathing heavy and rapid, her moans and whispers, the string of dirty words she repeated over and over as he felt her climb and spiral into orgasm. And, as he pressed his tongue harder, faster, she bucked against him, shouting his name, her voice strangled.

"Fuck. God. Castle!" she cried. And, he could feel the orgasm crashing through her. He held on as she writhed and wiggled against him, replacing his tongue with his hand as he rode out each ripple and wave of her climax. Her soft whimpers indicating she was coming down, the gentle aftershocks carrying her back as he slowly ascended her body, his hands roaming, his lips coursing a wet trail along her salty flesh, until finally his mouth landed on hers and they kissed, their tongues meeting and dancing, traveling from his mouth to hers and then back again.

They parted, he exhaled, she inhaled, and he reached above her hands to liberate her from the cuffs, grabbing the key from the bedside table and quickly releasing her. She wrapped her arms around him, raked her fingers through his hair as their lips met again, their bodies coiling around each other.

"God, Castle. That was…that was," she gazed into his eyes, "…that was incredible."

He offered her a crooked smile, using one long finger to move a strand of hair from her eyes, and then he kissed her again. She reached between them, taking him into her hand, her fingers curling around his stiff erection, slowly stroking him.

"It's time now, don't you think?" She asked, her fingers warm and coaxing and he could barely breathe.


"The Deckchair," she reminded him, glancing at the open book on his bedside table. "We still haven't done it."

"Oh," he muttered. "Of course." He brushed his lips over her chin, her mouth, along her jawline to her ear, where he whispered, "…the pizza can wait a bit longer, can't it?"

She nodded. After all, they had a bet to win.

"Girl? I'm gonna kill you!"

Kate stopped in her tracks, surprised by Lanie's unexpected presence at the precinct. She threw her bag in the bottom drawer of her battered desk and plucked her empty NYPD mug from its surface. Crisscrossing lines marring her forehead, she jerked her chin towards the break room, indicating the M.E. should follow her. "What are you doing here, Lanie?"

"Agent Shaw asked me to attend the briefing this morning."

Kate quirked an eyebrow.

Lanie held up both palms, "I don't know why. She didn't say."

Kate rinsed out her mug, pulled the nearly empty glass pot of coffee from the burner and dumped it into the sink. Filling a new filter with fresh grounds, she placed it in the basket, shoved it into the coffee maker and poured water into the machine, plunking the pot back on the burner as a stream of mocha liquid came pouring into it. She turned around, crossed her denim-clad legs at the ankle and faced Lanie, who'd taken a seat at the small break-room table. "Now, why are you going to kill me?

"Two words, girlfriend. Kama. Sutra," Lanie said with a smirk, her arms folded across her chest as she leaned back in her chair.

Kate tucked her chestnut hair behind one ear, a gentle smile across her lips. "Javi?"

"I can't get him to leave me alone!"

Kate laughed, nodding. "I know what you mean."

"It's every night!" Lanie exclaimed, her eyebrows shooting up. "Every night, Kate!"

"I suppose the bet doesn't help matters, does it?" Kate offered.


The detective froze, her eyes wide like a deer caught in headlights.



"Kate? What bet?" Lanie demanded, her fingers drumming the top of the table.

"Well, um, the boys,"she thumbed behind her.

"Boys? You mean Ryan is on this thing, too?"

"Yeah, didn't you know that?"


"The neck brace?" Kate asked, incredulous.

"Ohhhh, Javier didn't tell me that's why Kevin was wearing a neck brace." Lanie laughed. "Which position?"


Lanie narrowed her eyes, thinking.

"The Ascent to Desire?"

The M.E. burst into laughter. "Oh my."

"Yeah," Kate agreed, turning around to check on the progress of her coffee. The pot was half full, and she switched out her mug for the pot, letting the java stream fill her mug before replacing the stained pot. She crossed to the table and sat opposite Lanie.

"Alright, girl, give it up, tell me about this bet," Lanie ordered, a disapproving look rearranging her features.

Kate exhaled, running her fingers through her hair. "Castle, Espo and Ryan made a bet to see which one of them would get to one-hundred first."

Lanie snorted, "Of course they did."

Kate sipped her coffee, glancing at her friend from beneath the long fan of lashes that framed her eyes.

Lanie cocked her head. "Kate? What aren't you telling me?"

"Hmmm?" Kate asked, innocently.


"Nothing!" She replied.

"Yeaaahhh, right. You know you can't fool me!" Lanie exclaimed. "What did you do when you found out about the bet?"


"I assume you shut it down, right?" Lanie asked, her voice rising.

Kate hid behind her mug.


"I threw in twenty bucks," Kate confessed.

"You did what?"

"I'm sorry. I got, I was, I got caught up in it, Lanie. Castle's getting really good at it." Kate smiled, her eyes sparkling. "He's getting very bendy."

Lanie shook her head. "I can't believe you."

Kate shrugged, a wicked smile on her face.

"Shameless," Lanie admonished.


Silence filled the space between them until Lanie cleared her throat, her fingertip tracing a lazy imaginary circle on the tabletop. "So, what position are you and Castle up to, anyway?"

Kate grinned, a knowing expression on her face. She sat back in her chair, taking another sip of the steaming liquid. "You first."

Lanie made a face. "Fine. Twenty-nine."


Lanie tucked her chin and looked up at Kate, one corner of her mouth curled up. "Mmm hmm."

Kate bit the inside of her cheek. "Huh,"

"Mmm hmm, be prepared to lose that twenty bucks of yours."

Kate wagged one finger. "You're forgetting something."

Lanie tilted her head, "What?"

"Ryan and Jenny." Kate pointed out. "They're trying to make a baby."


"They're probably doing it as we speak."


"I know, right?" Kate agreed.

"We need to talk to Jenny."

"What? Why?" Kate asked, her face a mask of confusion.

Lanie chin-nodded at the bullpen. Castle had just entered and he was jawing with Esposito. "Don't you want to mess with them?"

Kate glanced behind her, wrinkling her nose as she observed Castle's smiling face. He and Javi were in the middle of an elaborate handshake, laughing about some secret they'd shared. She turned back to Lanie.

The M.E. waggled her eyebrows, "Could be fun," she suggested.

Kate leaned in, a wicked smile on her face. "What do you have in mind?"