100 Sex Positions of the Kama Sutra
By Dana Keylits

Chapter Thirty-Four: The Magic Mountain

"Kate. Please tell me you're not bailing!" Lanie asked, her eyebrow arched with displeasure. They were having a quick lunch at the tiny café around the corner from the M.E.'s office, since most of their nights lately had been otherwise occupied and lunch was the only option if they actually wanted to see each other outside of work.

Kate glanced up at her friend, stirring the two packs of sugar into her coffee as they waited for Jenny to arrive. "I didn't say that," Kate started, glancing sideways at Lanie. "Exactly."

Lanie exhaled impatiently, staring Kate down, her lips pursed, her head cocked to one side.

"Okay, okay. I'm," Kate shook her head, glancing at the ceiling before meeting Lanie's gaze. "Having second thoughts about it."

"Girl?!" Lanie exclaimed, her admonishment sounding more like a question.

"I'm sorry!" Kate apologized, holding both palms out in a 'forgive-me' gesture. "But, we're. It's. Castle. We're having fun, Lanie. And, we're growing closer." She shook her head, pulling the stir stick out of her coffee and setting it on the table where a small pool of mocha liquid quickly formed beneath it. "I never would have guessed it. When he walked into my apartment with that book, I never would have though that it would actually bring us closer, But, it's…" She looked up at the ceiling again, a ghost of a smile curving her lips, lighting up her eyes, she glanced back at Lanie. "It is."

Lanie stared at her friend for a minute, a blank expression on her face, then her eyes narrowed. She held up one finger, wagging it at Kate. "It might be making you closer, but it's obviously also making you," she glanced around, checking for eavesdroppers, she leaned in, "…hornier!"

"Lanie!" Kate exclaimed, chuckling as she brought the white ceramic coffee cup to her lips.

Lanie folded her arms and leaned back, "Well?" she asked, "Isn't it?"

Kate opened her mouth and then closed it, only to open it again. "Yes, I suppose," she acquiesced, feeling her cheeks grow warm. "But, it's more than just that."

Lanie gave her a sideways grin, "Mmm hmm."

Kate leaned back, folding her right arm and resting it on the back of her chair. She rolled her wrist, "And what about you and Javi? Is it making the two of you," she grinned, raising an eyebrow, "…closer?"

Lanie harrumphed. "It's making us something."

"You guys still don't know where you're going?"


"And that's okay?"

Lanie thought for a second, glancing down at the steeping pot of tea the freckle-faced waiter had just set down in front of her. She shrugged. "For now."

Kate nodded, sipping her coffee. "Ah."

Lanie made a face, "And, what is that supposed to mean?"

Kate looked surprised, "What..? I didn't…"

"Sorry, sorry, so sorry," Jenny interrupted, breezing into the little café and plopping down at the open chair beside Kate. "Kevin forgot his lunch again so I had to stop by the precinct and drop it off on my way here," she explained, taking a swipe at the errant strand of hair that had just fallen into her eyes. "What did I miss?"

Lanie chuckled, "Oh, not much." Lanie joked. "Except that Beckett was just explaining how the Kama Sutra is making her horny."

Kate shot Lanie a look, "Lanie!"

Jenny opened a menu, oblivious to Kate's discomfort. "Oh, I know. Isn't it crazy? And, I already had a pretty active libido to begin with," Jenny blurted. "But, ever since Kevin came home with that book, it's like I can't keep my hands off of him!"

Kate and Lanie shared an amused look of surprise. Jenny glanced up at them, startled. "Oh, no, were you just kidding?" Color was rising up her neck as she looked from one to the other.

Lanie leaned over and patted the back of her hand. "Yes, well, no. It is making her friskier, but I had to pull that little tidbit out of her."

"Oh, thank goodness," Jenny breathed. "I'm glad I'm not alone."

"No," Kate shook her head, hiding behind her mug, "You're definitely not alone."

The food arrived and Kate dove into her sandwich, suddenly realizing she was starving. She and Castle had decided to forgo breakfast that morning for six minutes of the Kama Sutra…and then, Kate smiled inwardly as she remembered, twenty minutes in the shower together, so she hadn't eaten anything since the evening before.

The conversation between the three women was easy and fun, something Kate had been craving for a long time. She loved being with Castle, but there was something special about time with your friends.

By the time the tab came, they'd returned to the subject of the Kama Sutra.

"Kate's thinking of bailing on our plans," Lanie announced, shooting a look at Kate.

"Is that true?" Jenny asked, wiping the corner of her mouth with the cloth napkin.

"I don't know. It's just, what will this really do anyway?"

"It'll teach them a lesson about placing bets on our sex lives!" Lanie reminded her.

"Oh, right." Kate remembered, shaking her head.

"We can't let them think we don't know about this, Kate. Besides, making them squirm? Won't it be fun?" Jenny offered.

"Yes, it will!" Lanie answered for her, her lips pursed.

"Okay, okay. Fine. I won't back out," Kate agreed, palms up in surrender. "For how long are we doing this?"

Jenny shrugged, frowning, "A week? That should do it, shouldn't it?"

Lanie nodded. "Okay, a week. Now, where are we? I mean, you know, what position are you both up to?"

"Thirty-four," Kate answered.

"Twenty-five," Jenny replied, glancing up when both Kate and Lanie gasped.

"How? Girl, how are you at twenty-five, already? Javi and I are only at thirty-two!"

Jenny smiled, looking from one to the other, a coy smile tripping her lips. "We're trying to make a baby!" Jenny answered.

"How many babies are you trying to make?" Lanie quipped.

"Jesus, Jenny. How are you even walking straight?" Kate asked, chuckling.

Jenny blushed. "I won't say it hasn't been, ah, challenging," she explained, rubbing the back of her neck, a reminder of their recent mishap. "But, we're getting pretty good at it."

"I'll say," Lanie agreed, shaking her head and laughing.

"Okay," Kate began, pulling out her credit card and tossing it on top of the bill, "A week of no advancement. And no telling them about why, correct?"

"Right," Lanie replied, adding her debit card to the bill.

"Yep," Jenny agreed, pulling out a wad of cash and counting off her portion of the bill. She suddenly looked up, "But, this doesn't mean no sex, right? Er, I mean, we can do other stuff, just not the positions."

Lanie and Kate nodded, Kate adding "We wouldn't want to interfere with your baby-making plans."

"Are we taking bets on how long it takes them to figure out what we're up to?" Lanie asked, handing the pile of cash and credit cards to the waiter.

"Castle will know after a couple of days. Of course, assuming the three of them actually talk about it."

"Oh, they'll talk about it," Lanie exclaimed, looking from Jenny to Kate. "They're men!"

From across the street, Roy Montgomery watched the women stand up, hug, and saunter out of the building, laughing. It was good to see Kate so happy, so light, as though the weight of the world had finally been lifted from her shoulders. He watched through his binoculars as the three women huddled in a circle for another five minutes outside of the restaurant, and then head in different directions. He followed Kate until she disappeared around a corner, her step buoyant, carefree, happy.

He knew it wasn't smart to stay in town. Now that she knew about Shirley, now that she'd put the pieces together, it wasn't long before she'd make the connection to the events in Texas and realize his secret. He couldn't let that happen, but he also was having a hard time leaving. Seeing her, seeing all of them after so long, it was like medicine.

He just hoped it wasn't the kind that would accidentally kill him.

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