"Sh-Shin-chan?" Takao whimpered when he felt Midorima pull him close and kiss the top of his eye lid as if he was trying to kiss away the tears. He even removed the glasses from his face to kiss him.

They had lost against Rakuzan. They were so close to winning it all, so fucking close.

It's how Midorima knew they were tears of frustration, not sorrow. At the same time he waned to comfort his boyfriend, and words didn't seem to be cutting it.

Takao seemed to quiet down once in his boyfriends arms, and the kiss was an added bonus. Then Takao's finger gripped his jacket tightly as if he had no plans on letting go.

There weren't that many times when Takao sought comfort from Midorima, knowing that his personality wouldn't allow him to act anything other than cold at times. So having Midorima seek him out must of brought some form of comfort.

"Better." Midorima asked.

"Yeah." Takao wiped his eyes.

"We'll make them pay next year." Midorima promised.