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Summary: As a teenager I was stuck between fantasy and reality, preferring to read and write then socialize with actual humans. But as I grew older I was dragged away from my dream world and shoved into the real one where everything eventually faded from my mind and I focused on being an adult. When I died at a young age I found myself in my own personal heaven, only to be thrown out and into something I only dreamed of in my teenage years. After a while of being a baby I soon found out my dream had become reality, but that reality was far from any fantasy I had in my head. Stuck with having a baby as a father and being the opposite gender then I was in my past life, I found that this anime was underestimated and was most definitely not just made of hot guys who could kick ass.

{The difference between fantasy and reality}

I had no regrets when I died. I had a wonderful mother and father and a sibling who I found annoying but loved anyway. Though we weren't the richest family on the block, we had our fair share of blackouts and what not, I knew that there were people in far worse situations then I so I just learned to accept it.

Obviously like any person my life was full of its own ups and downs, but that's just part of living nothing anyone can do to change that.

You could say I was rather anti-social, if purposely finding any reason to stay at home and not go out and socialize with humans isn't anti-social I don't know what is. So I stuck to reading and writing in my room, from the scariest of horror stories to the sappiest of romance novels I read anything I could get my hands on. Eventually I found Manga, and the amazing world that it opened my mind to, and took to reading those as well.

Naruto, One Piece, Bleach all those wonderful stories made my imagination soar and my notebooks to be filled with ideas for stories. One of my many ideas was the rather cliché, but awesome nonetheless, idea of dying and being reborn into a Manga. Don't get me wrong I loved living, but being sent to the world of anime where, depending on the book, anything was possible was my ultimate fantasy.

Sooner or later though, a person has to grow up and move out of the stage of teenage-hood and into the dreaded adult period. I was no different, my parents dragged me out of my fantasy world and into the real one where I had to work to have food on the table and electricity running through my house. I soon couldn't find enough time to daydream about the impossible, or scribble down storylines in one of my many notebooks, I was too busy being an adult.

Like all living things though, everything has an end, mine just being one of the less fortunate ones to end sooner than most.

It started with a psycho brining a gun into the business that I worked at, and it ended with more than a few people lying on the ground bleeding to death, me included.

Death is different for everyone, some say you see a bright light, others say you see the person you love the most. As I was slowly weakening I saw all the characters from the animes I watched and the books I read waiting for me on the other side, I was hesitant at first to join them since I wasn't really sure what was happening. Yet as one of them brought out a hand and gave me one of those smiles that only fictional characters can achieve my doubt vanished, I slowly reached out and grabbed their hand feeling myself get tugged forward.

I had only a moment to relish in the complete bliss of being in my ultimate heaven before I was approached by none other than Giotto Vongola himself. He was every bit beautiful as he was in the anime and manga his presence demanding attention yet making me relax at the same time, he gave me a smile instantly making my face resemble a tomato.

"Buona fortuna.*"

I was too busy being dazed by the rich tone of his voice to realize what was happening before it was too late, my body was suddenly falling and I could only stare in shock as the face of the Primo slowly disappeared from my view.

For a moment I was enveloped by darkness, the type where you can't even see your own hand if it was in front of your face, and then the compression started. I was suffocated by all sides, my body forcefully being sent through a tube that was nearly impossible to fit through.

I soon found myself sucking in air that felt like ice, and I was grabbed by giant hands, a shrill wail coming out of my mouth as I tried to voice my discomfort. A bright light from above blinded my eyes as I was passed around, my body being wrapped in a sort of cocoon, before I was finally placed in a warm embrace.

A cooing sound in another language made me pause and look up to investigate the noise, the woman smiled widely as her gaze met mine, and I finally comprehended the situation.

It didn't take a genius to figure out what had happened, with how easily I was passed around, my obviously smaller body and the woman smiling tiredly down at me it was easy to connect the dots.

I was reincarnated with the memories of my past life still intact.

Well shit, life just got so much longer.


Life as a baby can be summarized in three words.

Boring as hell.

With my limbs feeling like led but too weak to even hold my body up, I could do nothing but lay in my crib and cry if I needed something. The first time I needed to be changed I felt so ashamed and embarrassed that I couldn't take care of myself that I promised as soon as I was able to walk the first thing that was to get done was to be potty trained.

But what was even more painfully obvious was that I had changed genders.

The 'delicate girl' had changed into a 'rough and tumble little boy'. When I first found this out I had instantly panicked, making my mother alarmed as I suddenly started wailing in the middle of a diaper change. After a few days I got over it, and instead started stressing on how much more different my life was going to be since I only knew how to be a girl.

As the weeks- or months- passed I was eventually able to turn in my crib and take in my surroundings, I realized that my mother most likely wanted a girl, if the pink walls and stuffed animals said anything. Wherever I was, my mother looked like she was faring well with the money situation since nothing seemed too bad out of shape.

More weeks passed, and I listened with growing disbelief as I was able to recognize Namimori and Sawada come out of my mother's mouth.

The first few days I heard this I dismissed it, even if I was reborn that didn't make it a reason to be reborn in one of my favorite manga and anime as a teenager.

Yet my disbelief soon turned to resignation as the words were repeated and I heard Kokuyo land, and Namimori shopping district.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn was something that I was familiar with as a teenager, my love for it even going so far as to buy little trinkets and what not from online. But as many of the manga I read, Katekyo Hitman Reborn was just one of the many that faded from my mind as I grew older, and I found with a feeling of dread that I couldn't remember much that happened.

But if there was one thing I was good at, it was adapting. I've had to be, to live through the ups and downs in my past life, just because I was reborn didn't mean that would change.

So I accepted it, and over the time I was able to grasp onto the fact that I was in Namimori Japan, and that my mother was good friends with Nana Sawada. And if Nana Sawada was alive, then it wasn't impossible that Tsunayoshi was also and that one day a little baby in a fedora was going to be walking around and training him to be the Decimo.

This made my whole gender change a little more acceptable, because Katekyo Hitman Reborn was ridiculously full of males so I guess it would make sense that I too was changed into a male.

There were other things that I discovered, like my name new name-Haruka- I liked it to a certain degree but I was pretty sure it was a feminine name. So either my mother really wanted a baby girl, or it was saying something about how I looked. Which I found myself partially okay with, since I was a girl in my past life, being a feminine boy didn't bother me as much as a girl obsessed mother did.

Before long I was able to sit up and even run around when I was near to a year old much to my mother's delight.

I was also a very quiet baby, not overly fussy or needing attention, something that made my mother worry for a while before she eventually grew to appreciate it. She swiftly came to realize I was smarter than the average kid, at least smart enough for her to be able to leave me alone in my room and potty train myself in record time.

For a while I enjoyed the simple life of a baby, sure I was in the Katekyo Hitman Reborn world but it wasn't like I was in Naruto where at any moment you could be attacked. In fact the only extraordinary thing you could do was join the Mafia, but obviously since I wasn't a big character I was certain I could just stay out of the way and watch from the sidelines.

Then one day, around two or three years after I was born I just happened to pass by a large mirror and found my body frozen in place as by brain short circuited at what my eyes were seeing.

Clear as day I could make out spikey black hair, with matching black eyes that all resembled a certain hitman that was currently my age.

I had heard my mother remark more than once that looked just like my father, and I passed it on as her reminiscing, yet as I gazed at my reflection I couldn't help but agree with her statement. You had to be someone not involved with the Mafia to not instantly connect who my father was.

But as stared I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed that I didn't have the signature curly sideburns that the hitman was popular for, and I could easily compete with Tsuna in a, who looks more like a girl contest.

Now though that my father figure was brought to light, I soon started to think more on the subject.

As far as I could remember Reborn was a well-known ladies man that had more than his fair share of lady friends. But what I couldn't comprehend was, when and how did he get with my mother and not know she had me? How did she hide it from the number one hitman? The only parts of the manga and anime I could remember about Reborn were of him being no older then I was now throughout most of the story. I was pretty sure something changed because I could easily guess as to what he would look like as a grown man. But how and when that happened I was not sure, which sent me into another spectrum of the universe.

How in the world was I going to keep this little 'secret' from spreading to Italy and more than likely sending enemies after me and my mother? And I couldn't even guess how Reborn would react to the news.

What was clear though was that going to Italy was a big no-no and that I had to find a way to hide my looks and somehow defend my mother if enemies do happen to figure out.

The very next day I sought out my mother and declared, "I would like to learn Karate."

A few months ago I had finally gotten control over my mouth, and after having a near spaz attack my mother accepted that she was raising an intelligent child, which really meant she had it easy as a first time mother.

My mother frowned and turned from the dishes looking down at me with critical eyes.

"Why would you want to in the first place?" She finally asked crouching down so she was at my level.

I picked my words carefully, making sure they didn't sound too odd. "I want to protect you… Since father isn't around you need someone to take care of you."

Her eyes instantly softened and I found myself surrounded by a warm embrace.

"You don't have to do that Haru-kun… but if you insist..."

"I do."

Deep down I felt more than a little resentment toward my 'father'. Don't get me wrong Reborn is an amazing character, and his antics of scaring Tsuna shitless and being just plain Reborn made him amusing to no end. But I wasn't really use to not having a father figure, so now that I found myself without one I felt a little frustrated that Reborn wasn't here helping my mom earn money.

I'm sure if he knew about me, Reborn would at least send us the money we needed, but since he didn't mother had to work almost all the day just to make sure the food was on the table. Though, who even knew if Reborn was good with children, he spent most of his time blowing up Lambo and hitting Tsuna with mallets so maybe my life was better without the sadistic hitman.

Finally a few days later I met someone that I had been waiting to meet since the very moment I realized where I was.

{The difference between reality and fantasy}

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