June 1999: Brazil

The stars sing...such a lovely little tune, I sing with them as they tell me their secrets. There will be a baby. My Spike and I are to have a little girl in half a year, a pretty thing with Spike's eyes...I so love his eyes. I carry her in my tummy as I dance in the garden. I cannot keep her; Daddy will hurt her when I go to see him, so I must give her away. I know who I must give her to: Little Tree.

My head sings her name. Willow. The tree that bends but never breaks, such a pretty name for the pretty little redhead. My Spike's heart is full of her, even though he doesn't believe...oh, but he will. My Lilith will bring them together, I know it. I kiss Spike's forehead as he lay on our bed. "Goodbye, my Spike," I whisper as I look at the fungus demon who will protect Lilith and me until she comes. "I am ready."

He nods and we leave. I feel a momentary sadness, Spike was my favorite childe but his heart belongs to the witch. I place my hand over where my baby grows and hum a lullaby my mummy used to sing me before Daddy killed her.

"Run and catch, run and catch, the lamb is caught in the blackberry patch..." I murmur.