After a lengthy discussion, Willow and Spike decided against telling the rest of the Scoobies about Lili but just to go to L.A., thinking it would be better if they waited. So Willow went into the attic and scrounged through the boxes until she found a box of clothes from when she had been younger. Carefully, Willow made her way to her bedroom where Lili and Spike were engaged in a tickle battle. Willow laughed and the two looked at her with identical pale blue eyes, the resemblence was uncanny causing her to nearly drop the box.

"What is it, Red?" Spike asked.

"No-nothing," Willow stammered, setting the box on the bed. "Here, these were my clothes when I was little. Choose something to wear until we get to L.A. then we can buy you some, okay, sweetie?"

Lili nodded and the two vampires looked through the boxes. Spike chuckled as he pulled out pink courdoroy overalls with a purple heart on the bib. "You actually wore this stuff?" he asked.

Willow jerked the overalls from Spike. " probably wore even frillier things when you were a kid," she announced and Lili giggled.

"Mummy, donna you have anyfing...not pink? Pink is the awfullest color evers," Lili stated, pouting slightly...she looked like Spike and Willow couldn't deny that. She shook her head slightly, clearing her mind.

"I don't know..." Willow answered.

"How 'bout this, lit'l bit? You can wear my shirt over some clothes until we get you some decent ones," Spike replied and Willow glared at him.

Lili dug into the box a little longer until she found a red velvet dress with white lace accents and a little red rosette on the collar. "Ooh, I wike dis," she chirped, standing on the bed and holding the dress in front of her and a picture fell out.

Spike looked at the picture in its frame and smiled slightly. It was of Willow wearing the pink overalls over a purple striped shirt, her hands in her pockets and her hair in braided pigtails leaning against the moron. She didn't look much older than Lili and had adorable freckles.

Lili set the dress down and searched for some underthings and sighed when she finally found some Rainbo-Brite undies. Spike chuckled, "Rainbo-Brite? And you said the Ghostbusters were stupid..." he stated and Willow's face turned the color of her hair.

"Lili, hun, go change," Willow squeaked, the girl skipped off and Willow scowled at Spike. "You're not very nice."

"And, what, you're shocked and disappointed? I'm evil," Spike rolled his eyes.

"Evil? Nope, you're soft and squishy like...something soft and...squishy," Willow finished lamely causing Spike to smirk.

"I vehemently despise you," Willow muttered, looking away from him, her hair settling over her face.

" don't," Spike stated, brushing the hair from her face. Green met blue and Willow silently begged for him to kiss her, her tongue darted out to moisten her lips and Spike groaned softly. Closer and closer as his lips moved toward hers, so close and yet so far away. Finally, unable to wait any longer, Willow made the move and kissed him. Electricity, every single nerve in her entire body tingled with it and she was alive for once. She needed this, needed him, she realized as she moved closer to his cool, lean body. Her fingers trailed down his back, feeling the hard cording of his muscles, moving lower...

"MUMMY! DADDY!" a voice cried and Spike jerked away from Willow, nearly toppling off her bed.

"Yes, sweetie?" Willow panted, her hair slightly mussed and her face flaming with embarrassment.

"What do you fink?" Lili asked, twirling around, the skirt floating around her.

"You look adorable, princess," Spike answered. "Ready to see Uncle Peaches?"

"I have more uncies?" Lili cheered, jumping onto the bed.

"Yeah, on your daddy's side," Willow replied. "I'm going to call Giles." She left her room, even though it had a phone. She needed to think...maybe it hadn't happened, maybe he hadn't kissed her? Correction, she hadn't kissed him? Willow went into the bathroom and looked at her reflection, her lips were swollen from the kiss. Okay, so it did happen? He's kissed me twice in the past two days? Maybe he likes me? Or maybe he just wants a quick 'shag'... Willow frowned at the last thought. Maybe he's just trying to get into my pants. Oh, yeah, like anyone would want to get into my pants.

She quickly splashed some water onto her face. "Wake up, Willow, no-one, especially not Spike, wants you," she murmured, "remember bottle in the face, having...of you...having me - no, bad Willow. Bad, he wanted to kill you." Willow left the bathroom and walked to the living room, picked up the phone and dialed the former Watcher's number.

"Hello?" his voice came over the line.

"Giles, hi, it's Willow, I just called to, uh, say that Spike a-and I are going to L.A., we'll see you soon, okay?" Willow stuttered.

"Be careful," Giles said sternly.

"Always, Giles," Willow answered, smiling. "Bye."

"Goodbye," he responded and Willow hung up. She straightened her clothes, fixed her hair and composed herself, walking upstairs. If he wants to play 'didn't happen', I'll play too, she decided.

"Hey, guys, I just called Giles and we'll pack and go to L.A.," Willow announced. Spike arched his scarred brow and Willow went to her closet, grabbed a suitcase and began to meticulously place her clothing in it. Spike went to the master bedroom to pack his things.

Some time later, Willow's foot tapped impatiently in the living room as Spike continued to pack, it amazed her as to a guy that seemed to have worn the same outfit for the past three years had so much stuff. Finally, Spike came down and they moved the bags into Spike's black DeSoto. Spike got into the drivers' side and Willow in the passengers' side, while Lili made herself cozy in the backseat.

White knuckles clenched the dashboard for dear life as they entered L.A., Lili kept on cheering and whooping as Willow turned three shades of red, then pale, now her face had a slightly green tinge to it. Smoke rose as the tires squealed to a stop in front of a hotel, Willow raced inside searching for the nearest bathroom. "Hey, Willow..." Cordelia started as she whizzed past him, confused hazel eyes met sparkling brown ones. "What's with her?"

"Spike must've driven," Angel answered, hiding a smirk.

"Spike...isn't he the one who tried to kill you last year?" Gunn asked.

"He got an implant that keeps him from hurting humans," Wesley clarified.

" we can say anything to him...and he can't hurt us?" Cordelia chirped.

"Cordelia..." Angel stated.

There was a clicking noise as tiny patent leather Mary Jane-clad feet entered the Hyperion Hotel. "Wow, Daddy..." she oohed to the owner of the hand that held hers.

Spike rolled his eyes as his other hand brought the cigarette to his lips and he took a deep drag. "That's Peaches for you, princess," he groaned. "All flash and gelled nancyboy hair."

"Daddy, what's a nancyboy?" Lili asked, wide blue eyes looking up at him.

"Um, nothin' to concern you, lit'l bit," Spike stated, flicking the cigarette away and holding the little girl.

"Did I miss something or did that pretty little girl just call Spike 'daddy?'" Cordelia asked.

"You didn't miss something," Angel answered, his confused look matching the former May Queen's.

"Vampires can't have kids, right?" Gunn asked.

"As far as I know it's never been done," Wesley answered.

Innocent blue eyes widened. "Are you my Uncie Peaches?" the girl asked.

Willow made her way from the bathroom and rolled her eyes at Lili's statement, "I swear, every minute she gets more and more like you," she groaned, taking Lili from Spike.

"And that's a bad thing, Red?" Spike smirked.

"His name's Angel, not Peaches, Lili," Willow stated, ignoring Spike's answer.

"Angel? Dat's a girlie name," Lili replied, making a face.

Spike chuckled, hiding it quickly with a cough. "Hello! In need of information here!" Cordelia cried.

"Oh, yeah..." Willow trailed off.

"She's ours," Spike answered.

"What!?" Cordelia and Angel chorused.

"Can't have kids, right?" Gunn said, arching his eyebrows as he looked at Wesley.

"Um, well...I...I must say, this is quite unprecedented..." Wesley responded.

"Spike! Not ours ours," Willow stated. "We found her and she's ours in that way 'cause we've and me...uh..."

"We haven't shagged, c'mon, Red, you're eighteen, you should bloody be able to say the words," Spike groaned.

"Okay...whose kid is she, then, if you didn't have her?" Cordelia asked.

"We don't know...but she's a vampire. Not an evil vampire, like say an evil vampire'd be, but nice like you and Spike," Willow babbled.

"I'm not nice, Willow," Spike growled.

"Mummy, I want to play," Lili grumbled.

"Gunn, can you?" Angel asked. "We need to talk."

"Okay, Lil, this is Gunn and he'll take you out to play, okay?" Willow told the girl and she nodded eagerly.

"Uh-huh," Lili answered, jumping out of her mother's arms.

Gunn took Lili's hand and led her outside.

"So you're saying, she's a vampire?" he asked. "How long have you had her?"

"Two months and last night she grew to four..." Willow murmured.

"Um, so she was born a vampire?" Wesley inquired.

"I guess so, the note that came with her said she was six days old and nothing about who the parents were," Willow replied. "Can we talk about why we came here in the first place? You know, Darla and Drusilla? I think you guys have some explaining to do as well. Like, how?"

"Lawyers ressurected her, you know, a little more eviler than the normal kind," Cordelia answered. "Did a big spell brought but she was dying with, yuck, syphillis. So Lindsey, an evil lawyer guy, found Drusilla, they, as in Darla and Drusilla, did the sucky thing and - wham, bam, thank you, ma'am! - double trouble. Which is really nasty 'cause, that makes Drusilla her own grandsire and Angel Darla's grandsire, talk about incest. As some guy said, 'what a tangled web we weave.'"

"Okay...thanks for that oh-so-interesting story..." Spike said, rolling his eyes.

"That makes Spike Darla's brother and great-grandchilde, and Angel's uncle and grandchilde, and Drusilla's childe and great uncle..." Willow trailed off at Spike's look, she grinned sheepishly. "I think too much."

"Right, luv," Spike stated.

Drusilla shot up in her bed, a smile brightening her face. They're here! she thought. My Lilith's all grown up and now Spikey, Lilith and me can be a family...

The two months she'd been without her daughter had been the worst she could ever remember. Even more horrible than during Angelus's courting of her. She realized that she would have Spike and their daughter even if it meant killing Little Tree.

Drusilla carefully crept down the hall to Darla's room. "Grandmummy?" Drusilla called, pushing the sleeping blonde, the woman didn't stir and Drusilla pouted before shoving her off the bed. Darla landed with a loud thud and Drusilla hid giggles. Golden eyes glared up at Drusilla. "Grandmummy! I have the most wonderful news!"

The raven-haired clairvoyant began to spin around in tight circles. "My Lilith and Spikey are here...we'll be a family! Through them, we'll get Daddy!"

"Ooh, goodie," Darla said sarcastically. "Maybe you could have told me at night, when we can actually do something about them."

"Grandmummy, don't be cross!" Drusilla scolded.

"Why don't you go play in the sun," Darla muttered as she stood up, wrapping the covers about her like a toga then climbed back into bed.

Drusilla whimpered and left Darla's room. She soon quieted as she thought of her lovely daughter. Lilith didn't know it yet but Mummy was about to come calling...