Okay, so I received a request from Ancelin who wanted either James or M, or both injured or sick at separate times. Not sure how this will turn out but for you my darling I have given it a go. Hope you like it xx

What Is This Feeling


Chapter 1

It had begun as a fairly normal day for James Bond. He had just stepped off the plane bringing him home after a 3 month mission in Cuba. He went straight to his lock up and picked up his faithful Aston Martin and drove to MI6 Headquarters. He walked up the stairs, leading him to M's office. All eyes looked up when James entered the room.

"Hello you two, miss me." James grinned.

He noticed the concerned looks on their faces when he greeted them.

"What's the matter with you two, you look as though someone's walked over your grave."

M's right hand man Bill Tanner and her faithful secretary Eve Moneypenny exchanged the same looks.

"Alright guys what's going on." James demanded.

"We tried to call you." Eve said.

"Call me….about what, what's happened.

"Bond, there's something you should know….it's about M."

"M, what's is she."

Eve stepped forward and placed a gentle hand on James arm before speaking.

"James, M's in the Hospital."

"Hospital, I don't understand. How, why."

"Bond, M was involved in a car accident at the weekend."

"A car accident…deliberate."

"The police assessed that it wasn't a deliberate attempt on her life. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"How serious is it…honestly."

"James relax, she was very lucky….considering. She has a broken leg and a few bruised and a small cut to her forehead but other than that, she's okay. They say she can be released tomorrow." Eve spoke, gently.

"You could have made more of an attempt to contact me….both of you."

"We did try Bond."

"James, M wanted you to complete your mission, she didn't want you to leave what you'd started."

"That's M, business first and foremost." James replied.

Eve could see the worry on James face even though they had told him she's be fine.

"She's at the Royal is you want to go and see her." Eve smiled.

"Yeah, I think I will. I'll get my report typed up later if that's okay Bill."

"That's fine."

"Thanks, I'll see you later."

They watched as James walked away or rather rushed. Eve turned back to Bill and handed him some reports.

"Poor James, did you see the look on his face." Eve asked.

"What look."

"He blames himself."

"He wasn't even here."

"Exactly….oh you know what James is like. He likes to think that he's the only one capable of protecting her."

"Well then he's right, look what happens when he's not here. It's always something."

"He cares about her Bill."

"We all do."

"Yes I know that but didn't you notice how reluctant he was to go away for 3 months on another mission. I think that after everything that happened with Silva…well the idea of anything happening to her again scares him."

"She scared all of us that day." Bill said, quietly.

"Hey, you okay."

"Maybe it would have been a good idea if she had retired. Perhaps this job is getting too dangerous for her."

"Bill, I can't believe you just said that. It was a random car accident and she is nowhere near ready for retirement. I never want to hear that from you lips ever again, got it."

Bill watched as Eve stormed off, leaving him speechless.

James arrived at the Hospital an hour later and made his way to reception. He was approached by the receptionist at the desk, a small rounded lady in her mid fifties.

"Can I help you Sir."

"Yes, I need to see my Boss. She was brought in 3 days ago, a car accident."



"Yes Sir, I need her name so that I can tell you which room she's in."

"Here's the thing, I don't actually know her name, at least not her last name."

"She's your Boss and you don't even know her name, just started working for her have you."

"7 years, give or take."

"Can't be that close then."

"It's kind of hard to explain. Look, you seem like a lovely woman and I'm sure you can give some leeway here. All I can say is that her first names Emma and she's in her late sixties, she was brought in 3 days ago after she was involved in a road traffic accident, she has a broken leg and…"

"Oh Mrs Bently, of course."


"Older lady, white hair….moody, doesn't like to take orders."

"Yeah, that's her, so can I see her."

"Second floor, room 12."

"Thank you very much….Linda." He smiled, noticing the name badge.

The woman gave him a small smile before he rushed away to find M.

To Be Continued…