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Chapter 13

M turned over in bed the next morning to find James fast asleep beside her, she slid out of bed and had a quick shower and got dressed. When she came back through to the bedroom, James was still dead to the world. She went downstairs and grabbed 2 aspirin and a glass of water and took it back up stairs. She sat if down on the bedside cabinet beside James and placed a small note beside it. She looked down at him and brushed a few hairs from his forehead before checking his temperature, which had gone down a little. She leaned down and pressed a small kiss to his cheek before grabbing her bag from the chair and leaving for the office.

Eve and Bill were in M's office, Bill placing small kisses to the side of her neck when M walked in. They clearly hadn't heard her until she cleared her throat, causing them to jump apart.

"Oh my god, M we weren't expecting you back today." Bill said, a little flustered.

"Clearly, nice to see you're up to date on everything. I can assume that all work that needs to be completed has….yes." She asked, her voice commanding.

"More or less…"

"Meaning no, so you have time to canoodle with your Girlfriend but clearly not enough time to get your reports done. Miss Moneypenny, wait outside please."

"Yes Ma'am…sorry Ma'am."

She gave a sympathetic look in Bill's direction before she rushed out of the room, leaving Bill looking more than a little scared. Bill moved out-of-the-way as M came to take her place behind her desk.

"Sit down Bill." She ordered.

Bill quickly sat down opposite her, feeling like a naughty school boy. M moved the files that were in front of her before sitting down, her cold stare going right through Bill.

"What in the hell do you think you're doing?" She demanded.

"Ma'am, I am so sorry, I just….."

"This is a place of business, your personal life remains at home, you….."

"Ma'am it will…"

"DON'T Interrupt me….you are a member of MI6, you have a reputation to uphold."

"I understand Ma'am."

"What do you think would have happened if it had been Mallory who'd walked, what then huh."

"It was a stupid thing to do and I apologise Ma'am."

They both remained silent for a few moments, Bill's stomach churning at what M would do.

"If I could, I'd suspend both you and Miss Moneypenny for a week without pay but as you're both vital to the daily running of this office, I will have to make do with the warning."

"Thank you Ma'am, so much and I…"

"If either of you ever…ever do anything like that again during working hours, I'll fire you both without hesitation..understood?"

"Understood Ma'am."

"Get out."

Bill got up and walked over to the door, turning back to her but she'd already started working. He went out and closed the door behind him to see Eve waiting nervously for him.

"Well, what did she say….are we fired?"

"Luckily no but it was damn close. She said if she ever catches us like that again…we're gone."

"Wow, that was a close shave."

"Anyway, I better go and start those reports I should have done earlier, I'll see you later."

"Bye." She smiled.

James woke up and stretched out, quickly realising that M wasn't lying next to him. He sat up but regretted it immediately as his head began pounding, he rubbed his temples before glancing to the side and noticing the water and pills ready for him, leave it to M to be prepared he thought smiling to himself. His bones still ached a little so he decided to have a warm shower. He took the pills in his hand and quickly swallowed them. He saw the note at the side and began to read.


Decided to go into the Office for a few hours, I'll be back around 2pm. Take your pills and get some sleep…you need it.

Love M xx

James smiled at the note, he always knew deep down she had a heart. He got out of bed and had a quick shower or at least as quick as he could, as he still felt a little weak. He phoned a taxi and gave him the directions to the nearest stop from MI6. He got out and walked along the street, the fresh air making him feel a little better. He got to MI6 and made his way into the building, stopping to show his id to the security at the door. He went up stairs and found Eve at her desk.

"Hey gorgeous." He smiled.

"James, I thought you were in bed resting." She said, coming over to hug him.

"I got bored and I though the fresh air would do me some good."

"You're really not good at being ill are you."

"I think I prefer a bullet." He joked.

"Oh poor thing."

"Is she busy."

"Aaah, she is but I think she'll see you. Maybe you can cheer her up a bit."

"Why what's happened?"


"Eve, what's happened?"

"She kind of walked in on Bill and I when we were in her office."

"Walked in on you….doing what?"

"Well what do you think."

"You little minx."

"Yeah, well anyway….she caught us and gave Bill a right going over. I'm still waiting for my telling off."

"Well that'll teach you both."

"It certainly has, anyway…get in there and try, please to cheer her up.

James gave Eve a small grin before knocking on M's door and entering on her command. His head appeared around the door as M looked up from her desk.

"James." She smiled.


"What are you doing here." She asked, getting up and walking over to him.

She took hold of his hand and guided him over to the couch in her office.

"You should be in bed resting, did you take your pills?"

"Yes Boss, I took them."

"How are you feeling?"

"Not too bad."

She reached up and placed the back of her hand on his forehead to feel his temperature.

"You still feel a little warm."

"It's this office, the heating in this place is insane."

She got up and turned on the air conditioning before taking her seat beside him again.

"There, that better?"

"Yeah, a little…thanks. So, I hear Bill and Eve have been messing around in your office."

"Don't even get me started on those two, honestly. You would think they'd have more bloody sense."

"Hey, they're in love."

"There's a time and place James."

"So I take it then that my fantasy of takes you over your desk is out of the question then?" He smirked.

"That will never ever happen."


James leaned back against the couch, tugging M's arm to join him. She leaned back and lay her head on his chest, letting out a soft sigh.

"I bet you're wishing you hadn't come in this morning then?" He asked.

"Perhaps I over-reacted."

"At least it was you who caught them and not Mallory."

"That's what I said, oh I'm sorry…I should be cheering you up."

"Believe me, you have. Your smile alone cheers me up."

"Aren't you sweet."

"Why don't we go home and let Tanner finish off here, that could be his punishment."

"Good idea, you should be resting." She said, sitting up.

"Actually I have another idea in mind that might brighten me up a bit."

"Oh, what?"

He sat up beside her, leaning in and gently kissing the side of her next before moving to find her lips in a loving kiss.

"I just gave Bill a reprimand for this."

"Yeah, but we're heading home to finish off."

"You're a rascal 007, but that's why I love you." She smiled.

"I love you too, so much."