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They want me to talk about what I've gone through, what's the point?
I've already explained what I've gone through, why make me relive those memories? They say if I think hard enough it'll come back, its normal for the victim to block out that's happened.

To be quite honest, I remember every little detail. What happened to me was a blessing and a curse.
I hate therapists, but since you want to know so bad, here it is: It all started at the mall.

A few guys standing around checking out all the girls, girls gushing over the clothes, and make-up, they're going to buy, but someone catches my eye.

It was a man about early twenties, just standing there staring at..me. His eyes grazed over eyes locked, and I immediately felt fear flourish within me. I simply put the t-shirt down , and began to walk away.

He began to follow, and I walked out the front entrance, he's still tailing me, then I began to run.

The concrete blurred below me as a rush of adrenaline filled my veins, the steady thump of footsteps echoed in my ears, beads of sweat began pouring down my forehead, my heart is pounding.

I began running out of options, escapes. Suddenly two arms grabbed a hold of me, lifting off my feet, as I kick the air, trying to escape his iron grip.

My mind began to race, thinking before my body could even react. In my line of sight, a white van pops up, no windows.
The door opens slowly, as if the jaws of a lion was about to camp down onto me.

He began to push me into the van, I began struggling, I sent my foot flying towards his jaw, and ran from the empty parking lot, and into the heavily filled mall.

I began pushing past loads of people, and ran into a woman's bathroom. I mentally kicked myself knowing that would be the first place he would look.

"I have to get out of here." I muttered.
I peeked my head out the window, looking for a back exit or my mom, unknowingly that was a big mistake.

Two hands shoved me into a near by pole, causing me to fall to the ground, bruising my back shoulder onto the hardwood ground.

I turned onto my side in pain, but I won't let this be my defeat.

I began trying to crawl away.

A cloth covered my airways, the chemical was too strong, a simple whiff of it, will immediately make me pass out.
Holding my breath would do no good. I either pass out from lack of air, or this chemical. One breath was all it took.

Little by little, everything darkened.

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