"Hello welcome to-"

"Yes, yes, I would like two Happy Meal's; both with different boy toys!"

"Very well that will be twelve dollars and thirteen cents."

"Here's the twelve and here's… the… thir-teen!"

"Your meals are coming!"

"Excellent, excellent," the boy muttered.

"Hey, Nico is that you? Nico Di Angelo!"

"Wha- oh hey Percy, hey Annabeth," Nico said fiddling with his small cups.

"I didn't expect to see you here; we were just picking something up before Wise Girl here goes back up to Olymp-" He got elbowed, hard in the stomach by Annabeth.

"Not in front of the," She looked around and whispered, "Mortals."

"Oh yeah the rebuilding… I forgot." Nico trailed.

"So what you been up to Death Breath?"

"Oh you know stuff and all."

"Wow, you have been busy."

"Yeah, uh hey I'm going to go get my drinks."

"Sure, wait unless you have somewhere else to be, you can eat with us."

"Perce, I really need to get going, you know, things to-"

"Nonsense! Really, your dad can get along without you just fine," Annabeth cut in handing Percy his cup.

'Two Happy Meal's' was heard being called from the counter; distracting the entire small group.

"That's weird," Percy said not noticing Nico looking up toward the counter. "I don't see any little kids anywhere."

"Yeah you won't," Nico told his cousin before heading to the counter to get his meals.

"Oh! Sorry Nico I didn't-"

"Whatever I'm going to-"

'Two Mighty Kids Meal's and a McNuggets' was being shouted from the counter once again interrupted them.

"And that's us Seaweed Brain; I'll go and you get the drinks."

"Come on Nico." Percy said leading the surprised Son of Hades towards the soda fountain.

"Annabeth got the nuggets?"


Nico shook his head, "I should have known…"

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