God, it felt so good. Mindy was on top of the world. She could practically feel Dave behind her, panting and growling. He wanted it so bad.

"Sorry." Dave quickly muttered.

"Huh?" Mindy questioned. "What are you sorry f-? YOU MOTHERFUCKER!"

"I said I was sorry."

"Fuck you, Dave! Fuck you! Fuck your kart! Fuck your motherfucking blue shell! Fuck you so fucking hard you fucking piece of fuck!"

"I win!" Dave beamed.

"I can see that you piece of shit!"

"I thought I was a piece of fuck."

"Don't you get smart ass with me!"


"Damn straight!" Mindy grumbled. "I'll shove that shell so far up your fucking ass…"

Dave had woken up understandably sore the following morning so Mindy gave him a day or two to heal up since she felt a little bad about it, especially after seeing his arm. She thought she'd been holding back more than she had. Once more she had to give props to Dave for being able to handle that much abuse. It was like he was built for torture and just didn't realize it yet.

They spent most of the day just goofing off and enjoying each other's company now with their unresolved issues out in the open. It did feel like a great weight had been lifted off of Mindy. Dave knew how she felt and she knew how Dave felt. He liked her, he just needed some time to come to terms with that. In the meantime…

"How is your dick supposed to fit in my mouth?"

"Dtffftt! What?!" Dave sputtered, pausing the game.

"Like…" Mindy looked up thoughtfully. "I could stroke it with two hands…so how is all of that supposed to fit in my mouth?"

Dave let out another sigh. These questions were going to be the death of him. And Mindy wasn't fooling anyone. She was trying to make him think about her sexually. It wasn't all 'informational purposes'. But they were mostly legitimate questions so he couldn't call her bluff. And what was he supposed to say? 'Don't ask me. Watch porn, you'll figure it out.' Cuz that would totally help the situation, and definitely wouldn't lead to more questions. "Why are you so obsessed with blowjobs?"

Mindy shrugged in reply. "I don't know…they freak me out…"

Dave rolled his eyes. "Mindy, if it freaks you out then just don't do it."

"But you want me to…and I'm sure the slut did…"

"You can't compare yourself to her like that." Dave tried to ignore the insult but he was glaring a little after the shot.

"Why not? You're going to."

Dave sighed. "So…what, exactly? You want to do everything that Katie did? You sure about that? Because Katie wanted me to fuck her in the ass."


"Yeah, that's what I thought."

"I mean…fuck…I…FUCK…okay I definitely think I'll find some way to make it work with my mouth then because…no…just…why would you even want that…?"

"Just stroke it while you suck. You don't have to take the whole thing. This isn't porn." Dave grumbled, answering the less of two evils and picking up the controller again. "Could we just play the damn game for fuck's sake…?"

"Oh…so…is there anything else? Cuz I'm really hoping you don't actually want to cum on my face."

"…please just pick up the damn controller. And I obviously need to look into your browser history."

"Psh! You were the one who said look at the internet. Besides, what do you think this is, amateur hour? I delete that shit before you wake up. Though…if you want to watch it with me…"

"Blue shell."

"…I really hate you…"

Once again it seemed like things were back to normal. Or at least as normal as it could get for the two heroes. Training resumed, and once more she pushed Dave's deviance to its limit. It was much easier without the frustration hanging in the air, though Dave still avoided wrestling, which she couldn't completely blame him for, but she did point out that certain holds work very well on larger foes. He could have taken out Mother Russia with a sleeper hold after all…in theory.

Try as he might, Dave wasn't able to earn another day off, but it was getting into the realm of sheer luck in some cases…or Mindy not only hiding the taser but sabotaging it as well. She did give him her birthday off, however. Despite the obvious bias in this decision, Dave didn't complain. Though after much debate it was agreed that Dave's early birthday gift "didn't count" and despite what Mindy actually wanted as a gift, they compromised with a partial body massage. Dave avoided the fun bits, of course. But all in all, as days off went, it was pretty fun. However, the next day was fun for an entirely different reason.

When they weren't training, Mindy was researching easy make-up techniques. It was another one of the things that made her really miss her father. He was the artist, so he probably would have caught on to all this shit pretty quickly. Once all the disguise equipment arrived, despite Dave's annoyance at needing it in the first place, he was as excited as she was to try it all out.

It wasn't even that big of a box all things considered. Of course, the stuff they needed was pretty small for the most part. Contacts, hair dye, make up, bald caps, prosthetics for Dave's facial hair, and a few new clothes.

Dave's was the more complicated one so they worked on his first. The contacts and facial hair were easy enough, but getting the bald cap on right and blending the make-up wasn't quite as easy as she thought.

Mindy's on the other hand, wasn't quite as complex. Her make-up didn't need to be as spot on and once Dave helped her dye her hair she was almost good to go. Though it did need to be done twice since she was very particular about it looking natural and Dave missed a few blonde bits.

But after some time and a big presentation, where once stood a short, blonde, blue eyed, possibly prepubescent girl now stood a slightly taller, raven haired, green eyed, most likely underaged girl. "I introduce you to…Samantha Genovese."

Dave was legitimately awed by the difference the little changes made. Sure, if Marcus got a good look at her she'd still be busted but at first glance she was almost unrecognizable. She insisted that once she played around with some different hairstyles, the effect would be even better. She kinda wanted to curl it but wasn't sure that would go well under the Hit Girl wig.

All in all, the disguises looked like they'd be a success. And truth be told Dave was really looking forward to getting out of the safehouse. He couldn't help but smirk as he walked around Samantha and got a good look at her. By the time she knew what was happening, Dave was already copping a feel.

Mindy's eyes bulged as she looked down at Dave grabbing the new boobs her padded bra gave her. "What the fuck, Dave?!"

"What? I was curious." Dave shrugged, knowing full well where Mindy's reaction truly originated. "I didn't think you'd mind."

"If you're gonna grope me, I want to feel it, asshole!"

Dave playfully ran his thumbs along where nipples should have been. The more he teased, the redder 'Samantha' got.

"Hey!" Mindy protested. "Eyes up here and hands off unless you're going to touch me somewhere else."

Dave chuckled, following her instructions. He wanted to tease her more but fact was everything together did seem to age her a few years. That alone, could save them if someone was giving Marcus a description. Ironically when he thought of a disguise that was as effective, it was the reverse. When she was trying to look younger and innocent so she could break into D'amico's place.

They went over a few more specifics in the differences between Samantha and …whatever Dave was going to call himself… before Mindy wanted to start working on the bald cap again. She refused to let it defeat her.

It was another day or two before it was at a level she was more or less happy with. This didn't include her trying to increase her make-up applying speed. She wasn't going to be content until she could do it well, consistent, and quick. Plopping down next to Dave, she saw he seemed to be as mentally preoccupied as she was physically.

"Dave? Question." Mindy looked over at him from the couch.

"Please, Mindy. Could I just…have a break from the sex questions for a bit?" Dave sighed with exasperation.

"It's not." Mindy stated with a slight pout. Dave was like a cheap shower. The slightest adjustment and the water could go from freezing to scalding. You needed to know when to nudge it right to keep it in that pleasant warm and even that didn't always work.

Dave rolled his eyes. "I wasn't aware you had any other kind, lately." Mindy was starting to get a feel for it. However, this was especially interesting. Normally that kind of subtle irritation was reserved for after he checked his phone and slipped into Katie depression. But that was something he hadn't done since before the Times Square battle.

"Fine." Mindy chuckled. "I'll ease up on them."

Dave blew out a puff of air. "So…what would that be exactly? Just twenty a day?" There was an uneasy silence and Dave did a double take when he looked over to Mindy and saw her glaring a hole into him.

"Stop snapping at me and just look at the damn phone, you pussy." She growled. The shock on Dave's face showed that she was right on target. Not that she wanted him getting all lovey dovey for bitch again. But if this was the alternative, she'd take her chances.

Dave's surprise quickly changed to a sullen thoughtfulness. "Mindy…it's not that simple. You don't understand."

"Hug tax." Mindy said, suddenly snuggling up to Dave. It was something she'd started recently. Since Dave was going to subdue her with hugs and petting anyway, she was going to use it to her benefit when he did something to annoy her.

Dave rolled his eyes again with a subtle shake of his head but still wrapped his arms around her. He knew he had no one to blame for the invention of the hug tax but himself.

"Anyway…of course I don't understand. You never let me read the texts." Mindy turned back slightly, flashing Dave a teasing grin.

"Psh! Like you let me read your diary." Dave chuckled.

"Okay, first off it's a journal, you ass." As her voice began to raise, Dave's fingers started going through her hair again, receiving the desired effect immediately as Mindy's body relaxed.

"Pretty sure it's a diary." Dave teased.

"Pretty sure I can kick you in the face from this position." Despite the words, Mindy's tone was too relaxed for them to sound as threatening as she'd intended.

"Pretty sure I could tickle you from this position." Dave stuck out his tongue.

"That's against hug tax rules." Mindy sighed, with her eyes closed, despite Dave's implied threat.

"Is that an official decree?"

"May it live in infamy." Mindy didn't tell Dave but what she loved the most about these moments is that Dave would get lost in them as well. And wherever his other hand happened to rest, usually her belly or hip, he'd unconsciously rub her. Currently, though Dave's hand wasn't moving and merely rested in her hip, his thumb had nudged up her shirt ever so slightly and was running along her skin and over her pants. He was touching the edge of her panties for a fraction of a second each time but it was enough for her to notice.

"I guess that's fair." Dave responded.

Mindy had become so distracted by Dave's thumb that she didn't even remember what it was that they were talking about and replied to the first thing she could recall from it. "I don't actually care if you read my journal."

There was another pause before Dave chuckled again. "Sounds like a trap to me."

Mindy shrugged. Dave's surprise had stopped his thumb so she could focus a little easier. "I don't have anything to hide. Just give it back when I need to write in it." As she said the words, she realized that they were absolutely true. Not only did she have nothing to hide, but she wanted Dave to read it. She wanted him to know just how intense her feelings for him were. She wanted him to know everything.

"I'm good. Thanks for the offer though." Dave responded, with a smile.

"You're not even curious?"

"Nope. Not even a little." Dave's eyes suddenly bulged as he felt Mindy's hand moving to his groin and her fingers wrapping around him again through his pants. "Mindy! What the shit?!"

Mindy slowly turned back. There was something off about her smile. "What did we say about you lying to me?"

That was when Dave got the situation. Mindy wasn't gripping him for sexy reasons. A jolt of fear went through him. "You know, if you hurt me, I'm going to get a complex or some shit about you touching me there."

Neither Mindy's grip or expression changed. "You're not even curious?" Mindy repeated. It was clear that this was a take two for Dave's benefit. The 'or else' was implied.

Dave sighed. "Fine. I'm very curious. I've even been tempted to peek. I just have a good idea of what's in there and I don't want to embarrass you."

Mindy released her grip and turned her body to face Dave more directly. "I want your dick in me. You know I want your dick in me. You know I want your dick in me bad. You know I hate Katie. You know I hate Katie because you've had your dick in her. There's nothing left in there for me to be embarrassed about."

Dave let out a nervous cough. They danced around the issue usually so he still wasn't quite used to Mindy being so blunt about it. "That's easy to say but it's another thing entirely having me actually read it."

This time, Mindy's eyes bulged. "You think I'm going to pussy out?"

"I give you two pages before you start flipping your shit."

"Bitch! You are on!" Of course Dave was probably right, now that she thought about it, but now it was a challenge. Besides, Dave's cocky assurance was pissing her off.

"Okay, let's see then." Dave chuckled and made his way to the bed and grabbed the notebook. "I don't have to tell you what I think about it though."

"The fuck you do!" Mindy protested.

"Then you'll be bugging me about it every page and a half."

Mindy crossed her arms and looked up, thoughtfully. "Okay, fine. But…you have to tell me after you're done."

"Deal." Dave said, lounging on the bed and starting to read the first page. "Also I didn't say you could look at my texts."

Mindy's eyes bulged. No he didn't. "You asshole." Dave didn't reply, he just kept reading. He also made a rule that Mindy couldn't just stare at him while he was reading. Apparently this should have gone without saying. And Dave stayed true to his word about giving Mindy nothing as far as his opinions went. The one exception being when he commented on how ridiculously good Mindy's memory was when it came to dialogue.

"Not everyone is conveniently bugged…you have to try and remember as much of what is said as you can…" Mindy blushed. "It's probably not exactly word for word…"

Dave nodded and turned another page. She had to admit that it was driving her crazy. Not that Dave was reading it but that he wasn't making comments. It was like he was just quietly reading a book and chuckling every now and then. She wanted to know what he was laughing about. Why was he smirking? Was that a frown? Why were his eyebrows raising? Why did he keep telling her to stop staring? She wasn't staring, she was just…being observant…and just happened to be looking in his general direction. She's a superhero, she's supposed to pay attention to details.

Eventually it was time for bed and Dave still hadn't finished. How long could it take him to read? It wasn't that much. She thought he might have been reading slow on purpose or something. She wanted to ask him so bad what he thought but she said she wouldn't, so she simply took it back and wrote how big of an ass Dave was being and even wrote a little message to him about her desire to shove her foot up his ass. Feeling pretty proud of herself, Mindy closed the journal and looked over to Dave, who surprise, surprise had his face in his phone. Just great…

Only the more she looked, the more she realized that something wasn't right. This wasn't his usual Katie depression. Mindy got up and walked towards her partner, each step seeming longer than the first. Something was wrong. Very, very wrong. Dave looked on the verge of tears and exploding in homicidal rage at the same time.


Dave took a very deep breath. He was at the edge of losing it altogether. "…Marty was there…"


Dave sniffled, his body trembling with emotion. "Times Square…Marty was there. He's...in a coma."

Mindy was trying to piece what Dave was saying until it all clicked. The hardest part was why Marty would have been at Times Square but once she put that together…

She'd never given a more unfulfilling hug in her life.