A.N. - This is from Season 2, from "The One With Two Parties"...one of my favorite Chandler/Rachel moments happened in this episode. It made me certain that they were meant for each other!

The One With the Moment

"…But then when the fireworks started, everybody'd just shut up, you know, and it would get really cold, and we would all just sort of smush under this one blanket…'cause it never occurred to anybody to bring another one," Rachel said, tossing her hand in the air. "And now it's just…"

She waved her hands in the air and Chandler felt his heart reach out to her.

"Yeah, I…I know," he said, and then reached out for her physically and drew her into a hug.

Something warm and reassuring filled both of them as he held her and she held him back. It was more than just a moment between friends. But she was already in a relationship with Ross.

Chandler waited for Ross to come out into the hall, as he was her boyfriend and would have picked up on the fact that she was upset, but nothing happened. Instead, Chandler continued to hold her, and the longer he held her, the more he felt the need to act on his feelings.

Slowly he pulled back and caught her eye.

"Divorce sucks," he said giving her a grin, and then he added, "But you know, it's better than having two parents screaming at each other all the time. Trust me. I know."

She gave him a half-hearted smile, and he gently reached out and brushed a rogue strand of hair out of her face.

There was a long moment of silence…and then she leaned in, and Chandler didn't know what to do except to react. Her lips were on his and he was suddenly certain that he'd found a bit of heaven on earth in that instant.

He returned her kiss wholeheartedly, all logical thought jumping out of the window, leaving no forward address.

God…she tasted amazing. Rachel tasted absolutely amazing.

And at that thought, his common sense was suddenly back in his head, screaming at him, What the hell are you doing?! Ross is going to kill you!

He pulled back in a sudden movement, pushing away from Rachel with a hand on each of her shoulders, trying to figure out why he had just done what he had just done. There had been a look, and then she'd leaned into him and then there'd been kissing…oh, not good, not good!

Suddenly, Ross walked out into the hall and Chandler quickly tried to cover it up.

"…And that's why divorce sucks!" he said, pulling his hands from her shoulders and gesticulating wildly in the air.

Rachel seemed dazed, and he knew it was from the kiss, but Ross didn't know that, so he gently turned her over to him and ran back into his apartment, trying to calm his racing heart…and then Joey handed him the tray of jello shots.

"Hand these out, will you?"

Chandler smiled and began to circle the room, tossing back one of the jello shots with ease.

Mmmm. Lime!

The End