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Promises and Perverts

Part II

"You're going to enjoy this…trust me."

Before Misaki could even take a deep breath, Akihiko's lips were already leaving kisses on the unmarred skin of his neck. With a barely audible moan, Misaki tilted his head back slightly, hearing the rustling of clothes as the buttons of his shirt were being undone. His eyelids fluttered shut in pleasure as Akihiko sucked above his collarbone, gently taking the skin between his teeth.


"Tell me what you feel," Akihiko ordered as he kissed his way down to a perky nipple, running circles around the center of the nub. His hands were on Misaki's hips, holding him firmly to keep him in place.

Misaki bit his lip harshly as his face grew hotter. How could that idiot simply expect him to actually voice his feelings out loud? He'd definitely seek revenge on him once this was over.

Angry thoughts were expelled when Akihiko captured the hardening nipple between his lips and sucked in slow, sensual movements. A high, uneven moan was drawn from Misaki's lips as the author fondled his captive. Little bites indicated that his patience was growing thin.

"I…" Misaki wasn't sure what to say, "Uhm…when you suck on it, my whole body starts tingling a-and—" How was he supposed to explain this? "I start feeling…lightheaded."

Releasing the nub, Akihiko looked up to meet Misaki's gaze. "Do you prefer sucking or licking?" he asked casually, hooking his fingers in the other's pajama bottoms.

"Why would you need to know?!"

"It's easier for me to characterize you in my novels if I know what you like."

Sighing in defeat, Misaki turned his head away in shame. Unaware of his lover's actions, he shuddered when Akihiko started running his tongue over the other nipple, the heat making it harden quickly. His hands unconsciously moved to grasp the soft silvery strands of hair, eyes closing slowly. The cold chain of the handcuffs rested on Akihiko's neck, sending a single shiver down the man's spine.

"Nnh," Misaki moaned quietly, trying to hold back the sounds that threatened to escape.

"You still haven't answered my question," Akihiko pointed out as he placed a chaste kiss on the red nub, "What do you prefer?"

Breath hitching in his throat, Misaki opened his eyes and furrowed his brows in thought. Honestly, he'd never once thought about what he liked more; it always felt good to him as long as Akihiko wasn't too rough.

"Well, actually I don't really know what I like more," Misaki admitted truthfully, his face turning redder as he spoke, "Licking makes me feel warm inside, and it's just gentle; sucking is more arousing, so it…" The words got caught in his throat.

"No hiding, Misaki."

"…It turns me on."

The corners of Akihiko's lips curved upwards. "I see…so licking is more like a loving gesture to you, while sucking is lustful." As Misaki nodded, Akihiko sat up, pulling the brunet along with him as the handcuffs were still behind his neck. He kissed an incredibly hot cheek before gazing into those doe green eyes again. "I guess I'll just have to combine it then."

There was something unusually captivating about the way Akihiko was treating his lover. Misaki was used to being called an idiot or being mocked for whatever reason, but it seemed as though Akihiko was trying his hardest to find out how to please him.

Taking off the shorts, Akihiko kissed Misaki's shoulder, sucking and licking the skin alternately. When the bottoms touched his own knees, he released the fabric and ran his hands down the silky skin of his beloved's upper legs. Teasingly, he allowed his left hand to lightly caress Misaki's boxers every once in a while, causing his captive to arch his back.

Misaki could feel his entire frame tremble as Akihiko touched him lovingly, stimulating him in various ways. The heat pulsing between his legs was the unmistakable sign that his body was surrendering, his fingers gently scratching the skin of Akihiko's nape.

Akihiko groaned appreciatively and kissed the arm on the right side of his head while his fingernails lightly assaulted those tanned legs. He knew that with Misaki's sensitivity, it wasn't hard to send the brunet over the edge. Still, it was nice to try some new things every once in a while, just to spice up their sex life a bit.

As his eyes were getting used to the darkness, Akihiko could study Misaki's facial expression better. That young face was a mask of rapture, glossy mouth agape and eyes glazed lustrously. It was the face Akihiko loved seeing most. He pecked the sweet tasting lips quickly and then dipped his head to free himself from Misaki's arms. A soft whine came as a protest, causing the author to smirk.

"Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere," he assured his lover as he shrugged off his jacket and vest, revealing a pure white shirt with tiny, transparent buttons. Gracefully, his fingers worked on undoing the buttons one by one. Akihiko couldn't suppress the chuckle rumbling through him as Misaki followed the movements of his hands with his eyes.

Once the buttons were undone, Akihiko sat there without moving, just staring at the other. It made Misaki's face flush, color changing to a mild crimson as he opened his mouth to say something. "Usagi-san," was the only thing he could utter.

"Do you want me to take it off?"

Misaki blinked in surprise before his eyes glazed over. He nodded slowly and watched Akihiko take off the shirt and throw it off the bed with a deft twist of his wrist. He yelped in surprise when Akihiko suddenly gripped his hips and pulled him closer, causing him to lose his balance and fall back onto the mattress. Shivering in expectancy, his gaze locked on to the other's.

"U-Usagi-san…" he repeated weakly, momentarily only remembering that one word.

Akihiko hummed approvingly. "Let's make this last," he whispered into the brunet's ear as his hands traveled down to tug off the shorts around Misaki's knees.

"You're really taking your time tonight," Misaki stated, the words slipping out of his mouth before he knew it. After realizing what he'd said, he cocked his head to the side and clenched his eyes shut.

Instead of teasing him as usual, Akihiko blankly stared at the young male. "You want me to move on faster?"

"N-no, i-it's fine like this."

With a smile, Akihiko slipped his hand into Misaki's underwear, squeezing the tip of the wet organ between his fingers. "You're all wet here…" he purred, collecting the pre-cum with his thumb.

Moaning softly, Misaki began to understand why people liked being tied up like this. It was indeed true that he was more sensitive thanks to the incapability to touch himself or fight back.

"Haaa!" Eyes rolling back in his head, Misaki bucked his hips, thrusting into the large hand that had wrapped itself around his manhood. The comforting warmth of Akihiko's body greeted him, accompanied by a wet tongue tracing his parted lips. Granting his partner access, Misaki moaned into the other's mouth as the invitee gratified him. Lazily yet skillfully, Akihiko stroked his lover while he tasted the unique sweetness on his tongue.

When Akihiko broke the kiss, Misaki carefully opened his eyes. He showed the brunet a warm smile, but his lavender eyes were filled with longing and the same dominance Misaki knew all too well.

"Tell me, do you want me to take care of you with my hands…or with my mouth?" Akihiko asked suggestively, already knowing the answer to his own question. It was simply extremely arousing and satisfying to hear Misaki say it instead of just doing what his lover wanted automatically.

Misaki's face was bright red as he whimpered silently, obviously embarrassed beyond measure by the question. Akihiko ran a hand through his hair to soothe the younger male a little, chuckling as Misaki leaned in to his cold touch. His other hand pushed the other's boxers down to expose his leaking cock.


"Yes?" Akihiko asked impatiently, eyeing his lover's member predatorily.

"I want you to…put it in your mouth." Had he not been tied up, then Misaki would've pulled the pillow over his head as soon as he'd answered Akihiko's question, but he was helpless against the man's actions.

Nodding in understanding, Akihiko lowered himself and ran his tongue over the head of Misaki's pulsing member, tasting the delicious fluid spilling from the tip. As he ran his tongue over the length, Misaki groaned and clutched the fitted sheet tightly.

"Ah! Usagi—"

"Misaki," Akihiko breathed, "You have to tell me exactly how you want it, got it?" He earned a weak nod as a response and then circled his tongue around the tip again. Sweet moans found his ears as his fingertips caressed the rest of Misaki's length.

With a blush on his face, Misaki rested his handcuffed wrists on Akihiko's head. Shuddering as teeth grazed lightly, he bit his lower lip while gathering the courage to speak his mind.

"Take it in your mouth," he said hesitantly, gasping as the author obediently parted his lips and slowly slid the head of his cock into his mouth. "Aahh…" The heat of Akihiko's mouth, along with the pleasurable wetness sent a shot of ecstasy through Misaki's slender body, his muscles tensing for an instant.

Akihiko groaned around Misaki's length, his voice creating vibrations that elicited more sounds of appeasement from his partner. He opened his mouth a little wider as he gradually took every inch of that eager flesh in and started to bob his head up and down in slow gestures. He could feel Misaki thrust into his mouth gently, moving his hips so carefully that it was hardly noticeable.

Mewling adorably, Misaki gripped a few strands of hair in his hands and unknowingly pushed Akihiko down a bit, urging him to engulf him entirely. "Oh God…" he whispered, overwhelmed by the pleasure Akihiko was giving him. It was amazing how his lover could always suck him just the way he liked it, moving at the right speed and swiping his tongue all over his manhood.

Speeding up, Akihiko used his hands to caress Misaki's thighs, admiring how they were getting clammy and sweaty from arousal. The way Misaki tugged at his hair only provoked him, spurring him on until he was sucking the brunet off for all he was worth.

Legs clamped around the older one's body as Misaki threw his head back in ecstasy, feeling his release draw nearer and nearer. His mouth was open to let the countless wanton moans escape. Just a little more was enough to send him over the edge.

"Usagi-san, I'm coming!"

Just then, when Misaki was ready to spray into Akihiko's mouth, the man suddenly retracted his mouth and tightened his grip on Misaki's legs. An evil grin played on his lips when he saw the confused and frustrated look in those beautiful emerald orbs.

"Why did you—"

"Let's see how long you can keep it in," Akihiko said teasingly.

"What?! Why?" Misaki wriggled, feeling the pain in his lower regions as it twitched violently, begging to be liberated from the tension. "You bastard! I swear, I will—"

"You will do what? What are you planning to do when you can't use your hands properly?"

Snarling, Misaki attempted to kick the author in the chest, but his legs were only being pressed further into the mattress. He was no match for Akihiko's ridiculous strength, so a different approach was a more suitable option. Giving his most innocent look, he gazed at the other hopefully.

Akihiko purred, happy that Misaki was playing along, and then brought his lips to Misaki's ear. "I'm going to finger you, and then I'm going to fuck you long and hard." His ego was boosted by the sharp intake of breath on Misaki's behalf.

When Misaki remained silent, Akihiko took this as an encouragement and wetted his own fingers. After making sure that they were wet enough, he placed his middle finger at Misaki's entrance, carefully caressing the twitching opening. He gently slid the digit inside, noticing how Misaki's expression changed to one of pain. "Does it hurt that badly?"

"No, i-it just stings," Misaki replied shyly, "Don't move around too much."

Silent seconds passed as Akihiko carefully wriggled his finger, feeling the texture of Misaki's insides on his skin. As usual, Misaki was amazingly tight and still so sensitive, yet it appeared that he had gotten used to the feeling of being penetrated over time. At the thought of this, Akihiko smiled and gently pushed his finger in deeper.

"Nnh! A-ah…" Misaki's body tensed, then gradually relaxed as the irritable pain was replaced by a far more pleasant sensation.

Akihiko was happy to see the positive change and moved his finger around more, pulling it out almost all the way before pushing it in again. His fingertip explored the hot walls around it, and the man could feel his own longing grow as he imagined being inside of his lover with a different part of his body. He shoved another digit inside, but this time Misaki adjusted quite easily.

"You're really enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Like hell I—" Misaki shut his mouth as Akihiko shot him a dangerous glare, remembering his promise. "It's good…I guess." He practically cried out when the fingers inside him roughly moved in, barely missing his prostate. With tear-filled eyes, he looked at his partner. "What the hell was that for?!"

"It's a punishment, because you keep hiding things from me," Akihiko replied in the most serious voice Misaki had ever heard. As he started curling his fingers to make a beckoning motion, Misaki spasmed and yelped. Darkened purple gleamed as the author repeated this action. "Is that it?" he asked, referring to the spot that made Misaki scream in bliss.

With a quick shake of the head, Misaki temporarily shut his eyes to focus on the feeling of those roaming fingers inside him. They were close to finding what they were looking for; it would only be a matter of time.

As he furrowed his brow, Akihiko accepted the challenge to find that special spot. "Hmm…maybe here?" he questioned, rubbing his fingers over a different spot.

"Yes!" It was supposed to sound like a normal answer, but the spark racing through him caused his words to be accompanied by a lustful moan, far too erotic to Misaki's liking. He arched his back as his sweet spot was being abused, gasping and throwing his arms back against the headboard. He battled with the handcuffs, but they still wouldn't come off.

Akihiko gave his lover a fleeting smile, moving his hand faster as he licked the skin of Misaki's heaving chest. "You know, I always wonder how I manage to fit in that tight ass of yours," he admitted huskily, his tongue massaging one of Misaki's erect nipples.

"Pervert!" Misaki scolded through his moaning, "Don't say such things."

"Really, why do you want me to stay quiet when those words turn you on?" Akihiko's tone was confident and arrogant as he easily slipped another finger in, the three digits stretching the brunet's eager rectum. His other hand—the one that wasn't stuck in Misaki's body—began playing with the other nipple.

"Aahhh!" Fingers dug deeper into the helpless young man as his most sensitive spots were given attention, except for that one place that was simply craving Akihiko's masterful touch. Misaki knew that he was doing it on purpose, but he refused to give in. Even if he'd made a promise, he would not beg for it.

It became harder for Misaki to think straight as his orgasm approached once more, his entire being working on bringing him to his peak. Perhaps, if he didn't tell Akihiko that he was about to cum, the man wouldn't stop touching him again; Misaki wasn't sure if he could handle that pressure for a second time.

Unfortunately, Akihiko could read Misaki's body language, which told him that the brunet was ready to blow. He smirked as he noticed how vulnerable Misaki looked, not being able to take care of himself. As much as he wanted to hear his lover cry out, he still had some other plans for their experiment. Fingers stopped moving before Akihiko began to pull them out slowly, earning a shocked look from Misaki.


Akihiko looked unfazed as he took a bottle of lube from the dresser. "If you want to cum, you'll have to ask for it," he stated calmly, studying the label uninterestedly.

"What?! You can't be serious; I'm not going to beg!"

Eyes returning to his partner, Akihiko laid the lube on the sheets as he hovered over his captive. His look was alarmingly serious, irritation visible in those pools of lavender. "Don't you remember the promise you've made, Misaki? You would tell me everything, the things you want or feel, without resisting or disobeying me."

Misaki clenched his eyes shut. This was exactly the reason why he hated making promises; Akihiko always made him do things he didn't want to do. Didn't his lover already know that he wasn't the kind of person to speak about such things so openly?

"Y-You're taking things too far!" Misaki protested, opening his eyes again, "This is disrespectful."

"How so?"

"You're talking to me like I'm some sort of slave!"

Hurt by his lover's words, Akihiko slowly shook his head. "Misaki, in the four years that we've been together, you've never once told me that you want me," he spoke softly, running a hand through those damp brown locks, "I just want to hear you say it once."

Silence fell upon the two as they looked at one another. Despite the confidence he showed earlier, Akihiko still had some desperation lingering in his expression. It made Misaki feel guilty; he knew that he didn't have to say it since Akihiko always knew that he wanted him, but if he really wanted to hear it…

Throwing his cuffed hands over Akihiko's shoulders, Misaki tried to pull his lover closer. As Akihiko complied, the young male looked at him shyly.

"I want you." It was no more than a whisper, but it was enough for Akihiko to regain his arrogant behavior and lust. Kissing Misaki's lips, Akihiko undid his trousers and pushed them down along with his underwear. He took the bottle of lube and let the fluid spill over his entire right hand.

"Do you want me inside of you?" he asked in a sultry voice, rubbing his own hard cock as he continued kissing the brunet into submission.

Misaki moaned into his mouth, blushing from head to toe. Even though he was super embarrassed, it was pleasing to see the genuinely happy expression on Akihiko's face. Once his lips were released, Misaki breathed out softly.


"Good boy. Now that wasn't so hard, right?" Akihiko used his free hand to pull Misaki's boxers further down before taking them off. The slender body beneath him shuddered as he groaned appreciatively, still lubricating his own erection as he took in the sight of his naked partner.

Feeling nervous, Misaki tried to ignore the hungry look he was receiving, but in the end it only spurred him on more. Cold hands spread his legs before he felt Akihiko's heat between his legs, the sensation making him feel light-headed.

"I'm putting it in," Akihiko warned, taking his member in hand as he put it to Misaki's quivering entrance. While he pushed his way inside, his lips caught the skin of Misaki's neck and sucked on it.

"Aahhnnn…" The sucking worked as a distraction, drawing a longing moan from Misaki as he felt his lover enter him slowly. Misaki pressed his body against Akihiko's as he arched of the bed. When his lover was all the way in, Misaki whimpered softly.

Akihiko leaned onto his elbows to study the younger one's face. "Does it hurt?" he asked, sounding both concerned and horny as he asked this question.

"It hurts a little, but not as much as usual…" Misaki's arousal grew as Akihiko let out a lusty groan while staring at him with that predatory gaze. It was then that Misaki realized that he had truly fallen prey to Akihiko's plans. The idea of being unable to push the man off, to hold on to him—it was terrifying and exciting at the same time.

With a chuckle, Akihiko claimed Misaki's lips, kissing them hard and hungrily as he began to thrust slowly. Tongues and teeth clashed as the kiss became more passionate and desperate, even Misaki being unable to resist anymore.

As Akihiko picked up the pace, he could feel and hear Misaki's muffled moans. Smirking, he broke the kiss to stare into those beautiful watery eyes. Misaki's skin was flushed and slick.

"I thought you said that it hurts," Akihiko teased, running his tongue over the other's red swollen lips.

Misaki mewled and turned away, causing a trail of saliva to lead from his mouth all the way to his neck. "I-it does hurt…but it also feels good."

"Hmph. I always knew you were a masochist."

"Shut u—nnaahh!" Misaki failed to speak properly as Akihiko pounded into him harder, "Shut up! If I'm…a masochist, then you're a sadist."

Clucking his tongue, Akihiko kissed the young male again. "Perhaps, but it's mainly your fault; you're just fun to tease." He groaned as Misaki's insides tightened around him. Even though he was teasing the brunet, Misaki was still terribly sensitive to every touch.

"Haa! Usagi-san, I can't…hold it in…" His voice was desperate, his need to finally reach his climax obvious to Akihiko. Misaki feared that his partner would once again pause his advances to torture him. However, much to his relief, Akihiko just nodded and continued moving in and out of him. He nearly raked his fingers over the man's back as his powerful orgasm washed over him, the intensity of his release far beyond normal.

White threads of sticky semen trickled down Akihiko's stomach as he watched his beloved pant heavily, his entire body going limp after using all his energy to come. Misaki's eyes were closed in a relaxed way, his chest moving slowly as he breathed and his heartbeat calming down.

As he came back to senses after falling from cloud nine, Misaki's sensitivity returned to normal and he could feel Akihiko inside of him once again, the feelings eliciting loud groans and ecstatic sounds of satisfaction. His insides were tingling, even burning, but it just felt too good.

Sounds of skin slapping against skin along with the scent of sweat filled the bedroom, a smell unmistakably stimulating as Akihiko continued to fuck his lover, leaving tiny bite marks down that creamy neck. Misaki moaned and shifted, but didn't protest or even utter a single 'stop'; he knew that he wouldn't achieve anything that way.

Akihiko placed his hands on the back of Misaki's legs, pushing them down to align them with the rest of that hot body beneath him. The new angle made Misaki shudder as it allowed the author to penetrate him deeper.

"Nnh!" Misaki bit his lip when Akihiko gave a deep, rough thrust, causing pained pleasure to race through him. He could feel himself harden again as Akihiko growled into his ear, the sound feral and dangerous. It was things like these that made Misaki think of Akihiko as some wolf trying to devour him.

The word 'devour' was emphasized by the way Akihiko's mouth played with Misaki's nipples, greedily taking each bud in his mouth. His rhythm was steady and fast, his cock constantly pressing against Misaki's prostate. Of course, with Misaki arching his back this had become a lot easier.

Misaki could feel his reawakened manhood twitch with need, and he was more than grateful when Akihiko took the pink flesh into his big hand. Keeping his legs in place, Misaki watched as Akihiko began to jerk him off.

"Oh God!"

Glancing up, Akihiko bit on Misaki's nipple and then smirked at him. "Is it that good?" he asked presumptuously, deliberately driving into Misaki with more force and speed. His grip tightened around the other's cock, his eyes longingly gazing at Misaki as his prey nodded weakly. Even the proud young man couldn't resist the pleasure any longer.


Crashing their lips together in a heated kiss, Akihiko moved inhumanly fast as he could feel the heat coil in his abdomen. One hand gripped Misaki's hip tightly as he pushed his lover into the mattress, sweat slithering down his body as the heat radiated from the both of them. They were entranced, impassioned, blinded by longing and desire.

Saliva ran down Misaki's mouth as his tongue battled with Akihiko's fiercely. In the four years they'd been together, the sex had never been so intense and wild; Misaki wasn't one to let his lust control him, no matter how much he was into it. Then again, he had also never been handcuffed before, which was mainly the cause of his horniness.

Despite the lack of oxygen in his lungs, Akihiko continued kissing Misaki's lovely lips. He groaned hoarsely into the brunet's mouth when he was sent over the edge, feeling the muscles of those tight insides clamp around his girth.

Breaking the kiss, Misaki gasped and came over their stomachs again. His entire body tensed, but he could still concentrate on the warmth of Akihiko's milk as it filled him up. His arms lifelessly rested on Akihiko's broad shoulders, and they fell down onto his own stomach when the author freed himself and pulled out of him. White juices slowly found their way down his abdomen.

"Well then," Akihiko said breathlessly, "I think I've gathered enough information for my next novel."

Rolling his eyes, Misaki turned his head away. "To be honest, I still don't understand why you needed this from me. It feels as though you're using it as an excuse just to do this kind of stuff with me."

Laughing softly, Akihiko rose from the bed to get a towel. "It's important for me to know what my Misaki likes and how he feels during our lovemaking. Besides, you can't deny that you enjoyed this."

Misaki growled as he noticed that usual smirk and rolled over. "For your information, I'm never, ever doing this again!" He didn't want to admit it; Akihiko would only want to do it again if he gave the man a positive answer.

Akihiko walked back to the bed and started to rub the towel over Misaki's body. "Need I remind you that this wouldn't have happened if you hadn't picked that booklet and told that damn mangaka that you were going to move out?"

"I never told him that I was going to move out! Have you even listened to anything I sa—" Noticing Akihiko's skeptical look, Misaki decided to give up and stop talking back. It was impossible to explain the situation to his lover, especially thanks to Ijuuin's appearance that day.

Once he had calmed down again, Akihiko caressed Misaki's cheek gently and his gaze softened. "I love you," he said sweetly as he kissed his temple.

"That escalated quickly," Misaki muttered.

"So…when are we doing this again?"

"Baka Usagi!"

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