Mario and Peach Make Sex


Mario was coming home after beating bowser and freeing the princeess once more he whent into his house and wased the blood from his hands. "It's bean a long day killing evil bad guys" he say "and now I'm a going to see if the princess will have a sex with me"

MArio oped the front door of his house and whent in "Oh princess" he yelled in sexy voice, "yes mario" the princes said "are we going to make sexy timee" Mario asked back "you bet mario" the princess responded.

So Mario whent up the stair and told Yoshi and Marios cousin Frank Ryanson who was an ex poilce officer and now author but was always ready for killing bad guys to watch out for any bad guys. He whent into his bedroom and put on his msot sexy outfit had to make him look cool like Vin Diesel and whent into the princess room where she was wearing a really sexy corset that made her look really Rihanna almost like Rihanna (who I have a crush on). Thoguh not really as she had her air in pigtails

"Come hear you sex beast" Princess Peach saided "mewow" Mario said back and the kissed like romeo and juliet. "Lets have sex now!" MArio said and they stated take off their clorthes. Mario feeled the Princess big boobs and she rubbed his member.

They were kissing and rubbing each over and than mario said lets a make iscream and started rubbing Peaches boobs so much that they made milk. The milk flew into the freezer and made icereame. "Oh MARIO your so noughty" Peach said "that is just the star of it, now I'm gonna put a spanner in the works" Mario said and pulled down her thong. He put his peeanus in her vigna and started going in and out. He was sexing peach realy hard and she was say "yes more more! this realy sexy".

They were having great sex when princess Rosalina cames in wearing a sexy nurse outfit which made her look a bit like Kelly Brook, "did some one call a nurse" she said in an ultra sexy voice. Mario slaps his hand to his head "mamma mia lets have a threesome!" he say and started feeling both their boobies. He was having sex with both of them at reaily sexy pace and feeiling their boobis and drinking their titty milk.

They did all pages of the karma suitra and wrote their on pages, their did it in the sower the bath and on the bed again. It was really sexy but just then Mario was comeing my "mamma mia MY PIPES ARE GOIN TO BURTS" he yelled and filled both with his sperm and semen which they really felt was a sexy finle.

They had video tasped the how thing and sent a copy to Toad and he was shocked "oh my he said and spilled his tea".

They had a really sexy and good time and MArio felt that it was a great reward for his victory but than later he found ou that he had gotten both Rosalina and Peach pregnet with twins. He saw them knckoed up and grasped hands to head "MAMMA MIA!" he yell.

The Sexy Ends.

Athours notes: Ok I know the ending wasn't very sexy but it was funny puch line dont you think. Thoguh Also preggetcy is sexy in a way so it might be still sexy, tho I don't know but I don't really want to say that cause its weid and stuff. I also dont find it that sexy jsut a bit you know all the changes and that. I ramberling So ill just leave it their.