Two redhead twins stepped to the top of a stage, with bright smiles on their face. One wore an emerald green dress that showcased her amazing assets, along with a pair of stockings, and high heel boots. The other wore the same thing in blue.

"Hello I'm Amanda….."

"And I'm Emily….."

"And you might know us from such stories as the Ascension…..and really that's about it right about now," Amanda said with a shrug. "We really need to be in more stories."

"Well there was the original version of the Ascension….."

"WE DON'T SPEAK OF THAT EVER!" Amanda snapped which caused her sister to do a double take. She started breathing in and out. "Seriously, it doesn't exist, author deleted it, it go bye bye, stop asking him for a copy. Plus I was kind of an utter bitch in that one, so it wasn't that good to begin with."


"Yes, Emmy, really," Amanda said with a smile. "Anyways….we're here to tell you that there is in fact a sequel to the Ascension Book One: Bloodline."

"Wow, we're telling this to people two months later," Emily said as she rolled her eyes. "Way to go with the late slip Mandy."

"Well some people might only have the story alert thingy on the story page and not the author's personal page, so they might have gone on to do other things, or maybe they forgot that the story existed in the month gap between book one and book two," Amanda said with a shrug. "I'm sure it's possible."

"What about the people who do know it exists….."

"Well there's no use talking to them anyway, because they already know," Amanda said as she smiled. "Also there have been some really mild editing on this one, kind of like some syndication cuts really, just some content being cut here and there, nothing too major. Nothing that affects the main linear plotline."

"So aren't you going to tell them about the other thing, Mandy?" Emily asked.

"I'm getting to that, be patient, Emmy," Amanda retorted. "In addition to the cuts, there was one line of dialogue added that was not in any of the other cuts on any other websites but fan fiction dot net. I know, isn't it exciting?"

"Thrilling," Emily said as she bounced up and down.

"Well, happy hunting, and remember Ascension Book Two: Eternal is posted, wherever moderately decent fan fictions can be found," Amanda said as she did a radio announcer voice. "New chapters will be posted each and every Wednesday, until the date changes, which is fairly likely but not for at least a couple of months or so."

"So, we're out, catch you on the flip side," Emily said with a bow as there was some applause.

"Yeah, I don't quite know where this is coming from either," Amanda said as she shrugged and smiled at the audience as the twins took a bow towards the fourth wall.

There is a sequel, if you didn't get the memo or haven't noticed in the last couple of months.

Abruptly, a certain Merc with the Mouth turned up and looked around.

"HEY!" Deadpool yelled. "Those two stole my gimmick."